Mar 13 Sir Vic commented on The Morning News: Trump Voters in Rural PNW Will Be Hit Hard by Trumpcare, Motorcyclist Falls to His Death from Viaduct.
@2 No need for socialist healthcare when you have the power of prayer! Magic spells cure all, dontcha know? It says so right there in "Two Corinthians" somewhere.
Mar 8 Sir Vic commented on Adventures in Microdosing.
My experiences with LSD led me to the conclusion that the effect on the mind is to break down the normal patterns of thought. This allows for new conclusions to be reached from the same source material. Instead of your normal thought chain, A->B->C, you get A->Q->L->, where "Q" and "L" would seem to have no relation to "A". New connections are formed, which changes the perceptions of not just "Q" and "L", but also your ABC's. That's why psychiatrists were so intrigued by the possibilities of LSD as a therapeutic tool: they might be able to restructure a patient's troubled thinking patterns into something more "normal".
Feb 23 Sir Vic commented on Films for the Trump Era: The Running Man.
@1 Good point. That part really makes or breaks the movie. If it was done with too much camp, it would undermine the life/death seriousness. The game show angle forces some corniness, but Dawson displays some real evil in his eyes that makes him very scary.
Jan 27 Sir Vic commented on Nearly One Year After a Natural Gas Explosion Rocked Greenwood, Local Business Owners Are Still Struggling.
@6 If you had bothered to read any part of the article, you would know that these businesses did indeed have insurance, as almost any licensed business does. You would also know that the insurance companies are stringing them along, as every insurance company does. Insurance companies make their money by collecting premiums, not by paying out claims. Suing PSE would cost them more money in litigation than the claim itself, so it's more profitable to let the businesses sue them instead.
Jan 25 Sir Vic commented on Seattle Mayor Ed Murray: "We Will Not Be Intimidated by the Authoritarian Message Coming from This Administration.".
Since the SPD's funding seems to be the most vulnerable here, and they are the ones who will have the most power to subvert the "sanctuary" policy, we should expect them to establish a back channel with the local ICE goons. Magically, undocumented folks will get picked up by ICE shortly after an interaction with the SPD.
The new AG Sessions is going to eliminate the federal oversight and tear up the consent decree, so the SPD will be free to revert to their jackboot roots. They have given the citizens of Seattle absolutely NO reason to trust them to be anything other than self-serving authoritarians.
Jan 18 Sir Vic commented on Chelsea Manning Gets Her Sentence Reduced Courtesy of President Obama.
Still no punishment for the incompetents who allowed then Pvt. Manning access to classified materials in the first place? We know that background checks were being falsified by the thousands, and people who were dealing with serious interpersonal issues should have been screened out instantly. This is exactly why those background checks and psych profiles are important.
Jan 17 Sir Vic commented on Crowd At MLK Rally Boos Cathy McMorris Rodgers.
Who needs insurance or affordable health care (two very different things) when you have online prayer circles? We're talking about adults who truly believe that if enough people say the same magic spell enough times, cancer goes into remission. Of course they are going to buy a load of BS from someone who claims to believe in the same magic.
Jan 12 Sir Vic commented on In Case You Were Wondering How Cold It Is This Morning....
Is Seattle now going to need a fleet of Zambonis?
Jan 5 Sir Vic commented on Fox News Replaces Megyn Kelly with Bow-Tie Wearing Pile of Moldy Laundry.
After paying out millions in settlements for sexual harassment already, FoxNews may just avoid hiring women in prominent roles altogether for a while. Broads bring nothin' but trouble, you know.