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Jul 29 Sir Vic commented on Republicans Attack Democrat for Being Too Republican.
According to Fnarf, Matt Isenhower is not only a true blue dem, he's been a progressive leader since before Andy Hill was even born. Isenhower organized Seattle's first Pride Day Parade, was McGovern's state campaign manager, and personally shuttled dozens across the country for the March on Washington. Before that, he founded a union for WPA workers at Grand Coulee.
Jul 28 Sir Vic commented on Slog Poll: Are You Ready for Another Try at a Seattle Monorail? Because It's Gonna Be on Your Ballot This Fall.
If it gets close enough to the stadium district to act as a feeder for game day traffic, then this might be useful. Not as useful as a Lander Street Overpass for the Port, but still useful.

However, $2.4B is pretty silly. $24 Billion, at least. That's not exactly Las Vegas terrain being traversed, and there are the inevitable real estate hustles to start it all off. Seattle got off lucky last time to only lose $120M, shutting down the project so there wasn't massive exposure when the Recession hit.

With the Bertha Boondoggle likely to be fresh in folks' minds for a while, getting another fancy transportation project started isn't going to happen.
Jul 28 Sir Vic commented on NRA Spokesman Reportedly Compares Washington Gun Control Advocates to Nazis.
And here I thought European Jews came to America to flee violence and find peace.
Jul 25 Sir Vic commented on Rand Paul Is Dangerous Because Rand Paul Is Occasionally Right.
Wasn't this just a segment on The Daily Show?

That's some pretty sharp politics by Rand.
Jul 25 Sir Vic commented on State Representative Mike Hope Resigns After Someone Notices That He Registered to Vote in Ohio.
What a terrible time for Dan to be on vacation. This story, and most importantly that pic, is the reason he loves his job.
Jul 25 Sir Vic commented on Canadian Music Festival Bans Aboriginal Headdresses.
Somebody remember to tell Macklemore this before he steps in for the Nuge @ the EQC.
Jul 23 Sir Vic commented on Meet Frank Montoya, Jr., New Special Agent in Charge of the FBI's Seattle Division.
@12 Stopping the smack might also lead to that corruption stuff he's talking about. Because it's imported, it will often lead to crime syndicates.
Jul 22 Sir Vic commented on Jazz and Classical Musicians Gripe About Pitiful Trickles of Money from Streaming Services.
Actually, technology was extremely kind to the music industry, in the second half of the 20th century. The technology available to the consumer (radio & phonograph) was only usable with content from the music industry, which controlled the production technology. This created an aberration in the music profession, perverting the role of the professional musician from performing artist to business opportunist. No longer did musicians make their living by playing gigs for live audiences - they gave one performance and tried to live off that in perpetuity (Frampton Comes Alive). Low-talent hacks (KISS) made getting rich & retiring to a tropical island the goal of being a musician, not creating fresh art. With the guiding hand of the lowest form of human life, the record executive, the music business made its own grave by constantly going for the easy money. Playing gigs has always, save a brief recent period, been the life of the professional musician.

Ask yourself this: If Da Vinci had charged people every time they looked at the Mona Lisa, in perpetuity, would he be considered an artist or a holding company?
Jul 21 Sir Vic commented on A Note from the Trenches of Microsoft's Vendors and Permatemps.
I spent two days in a MSFT testing closet with 5 other people who were proud of their 100hr/wk timesheets. Between the crippling headache caused by 50 PC's in a tiny room and an obvious workplace harassment suit waiting to happen, I couldn't run away from that place fast enough.
Jul 16 Sir Vic commented on Clinton and Warren Supporters Declare Their Readiness.
@3 That's the first reasonable suggestion regarding Sen. Warren I've heard: a job for which she is truly qualified.

Most of her supporters sound like former 3rd string Occupy protesters, with their wild projections of what she can do and what can be done.

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