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  • If you found out you were going to have a pit-bull baby, would you have an abortion?: Yes
  • What's your biggest grammatical pet peeve?: they're are many
  • Dan Savage or Charles Mudede
  • What helps you sleep?: beer & weed
  • If you could bring one dead person back to life, who would it be?: Stevie Ray Vaughan

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6:57 AM Sir Vic commented on Jazz and Classical Musicians Gripe About Pitiful Trickles of Money from Streaming Services.
Actually, technology was extremely kind to the music industry, in the second half of the 20th century. The technology available to the consumer (radio & phonograph) was only usable with content from the music industry, which controlled the production technology. This created an aberration in the music profession, perverting the role of the professional musician from performing artist to business opportunist. No longer did musicians make their living by playing gigs for live audiences - they gave one performance and tried to live off that in perpetuity (Frampton Comes Alive). Low-talent hacks (KISS) made getting rich & retiring to a tropical island the goal of being a musician, not creating fresh art. With the guiding hand of the lowest form of human life, the record executive, the music business made its own grave by constantly going for the easy money. Playing gigs has always, save a brief recent period, been the life of the professional musician.

Ask yourself this: If Da Vinci had charged people every time they looked at the Mona Lisa, in perpetuity, would he be considered an artist or a holding company?
9:50 AM yesterday Sir Vic commented on A Note from the Trenches of Microsoft's Vendors and Permatemps.
I spent two days in a MSFT testing closet with 5 other people who were proud of their 100hr/wk timesheets. Between the crippling headache caused by 50 PC's in a tiny room and an obvious workplace harassment suit waiting to happen, I couldn't run away from that place fast enough.
Jul 16 Sir Vic commented on Clinton and Warren Supporters Declare Their Readiness.
@3 That's the first reasonable suggestion regarding Sen. Warren I've heard: a job for which she is truly qualified.

Most of her supporters sound like former 3rd string Occupy protesters, with their wild projections of what she can do and what can be done.
Jul 16 Sir Vic commented on Andrew Sullivan on Israel and Gaza.
"At some point the childish attachment to fairy tales about magic people from a time long ago, in a land far away, needs to be addressed as urgent educational matter."

There's your real story, Andrew. You can't expect people to solve complicated problems if they can only approach the matter with "Jesus Saves!" or "Allahu Akbar!".
Jul 15 Sir Vic commented on Let's Make Airplane Seats Even More Uncomfortable!.
How exactly is this supposed to work in Obese America (tm)?
Take a look at some of the heavily sloped seats on Metro buses that were designed in Europe. They are severely underestimating the girth of the average american.
Jul 15 Sir Vic commented on Weird Al Always Make Me "Happy".
Awesome cast! Schaal, Black, Tyler, Cho, Stonestreet .... and that American treasure, Yankovic.
Jul 14 Sir Vic commented on Church of England Approves Female Bishops.
Rather convenient that God only requires a 2/3 majority to change divine law.
Jul 11 Sir Vic commented on A Year Without Eyman.
A Horse's Ass! (duh)
Jul 10 Sir Vic commented on Video of Oscar Perez Giron's Fatal Confrontation With Police at Sodo Light Rail Station.
@43 You won't lower yourself to their level by calling them all incompetent racists, which is exactly what you've done. At least they're not defending a habitual piece of shit.
It's OK to disown a relative who is a violent criminal. And it's mandatory to respect the rule of law in this country - you can't just ignore the law until it's time to abandon the ruins for another country.
Jul 9 Sir Vic commented on "If We’re Serious About Reducing the Number of Guns in Our World, Then We Also Have to Reduce the Number of Guns in Our Movies.".
@6 & @7 You realize the Catch-22 involved here, right? No such empirical studies exist because the NRA pays substantial bribes, er, lobbyists, to make sure no such studies can be conducted. It's a convenient way to be able to ignore the growing body count in our streets.
It's the same circular logic that used to be employed against pot. "We just don't know what the long term effects will be - there are no studies!" In lieu of such studies, it was pretty easy to see that old stoners weren't suddenly dying off 20 years after their last joint.
It's also pretty easy to see how the combination of a free-flowing gun trade and a popular culture that glorifies gun violence leads to anti-social young men shooting up schools and theaters. Sadly, the only "studies" we get on that situation are post mortems.

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