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Aug 25 K commented on OH NO! The Erotic Bakery Is Closing.
TIL 1986 is "old Seattle." I guess that would make me "old Boston." Except no, that would be preposterous. Oh, you West Coast and your young little cities....
Jul 15 K commented on Who Should Win: Democratic House Speaker Frank Chopp or Socialist Challenger Jess Spear?.
Fuck Frank Chopp, he meddles in local politics and ends up screwing up elections. Why join your local party when Frank Chopp knows what's best for you district? Just sit back and let Frank bankroll a moderate for you!
Jul 9 K commented on Black Kids in White Houses.
The current young generation is headed forward a post-racial society, and will succeed, as long as us cantankerous, bitter old fogeys don't fuck it up for them.

Of course, that assumes any of us actually WANTS a post-racial society. And I'm starting to think an awful lot of us don't. And boy, does that suck.

So much for one man's dream. We could have it, if we'd quit bickering.
Jun 12 K commented on King County Executive: Metro and Sound Transit Should "Act As One".
Also, make ORCA cards cheaper or free (or free for first) and make youth cards WAY more accessible.
Jun 12 K commented on King County Executive: Metro and Sound Transit Should "Act As One".
The whole Washington model of separate transit systems for each county is the most cockamamie thing I've ever experienced. Adding a sort of "overlay" system only makes things more ridiculous.

Dump CT, MT, and PT, and have only ST cover them all. (And dump that retarded subarea equity crap.)
Jun 5 K commented on How Amazon Buys Seattle's Silence.
Amazon has merely monetized what Google was going to make an eventuality anyway. E-books expand the availability of literature to more people and with less effort; libraries would be all about it, if not for the DRM and other hidden costs, and they still somewhat are despite that. And besides, books kill trees. How can Seattle say no to trees? It's much more a crunchy eco-green city than it is a dusty crackly paper city.
Apr 29 K commented on Parents Call Police on Kids Giving Sherman Alexie's Book Away at a Book Giveaway.
And these people fucking consider themselves patriotic Americans, and think us idle-hand librulls are the ones keeping people from being "truly" free.
Apr 21 K commented on Screw Comcast and CenturyLink.
I thought those meters sent their signals directly back over the same power wires they are metering.

I don't understand the whole discussion of needing another solution. You've already got freaking wires right there.

Alternatively, slip a SIM in there and work out a deal with a cellular provider.
Feb 27 K commented on Mayor Freezes SPD Misconduct Settlements, City Can't Find Paperwork to Back Up Claims of Mayor and Chief.
It's as if Seattle is not capable of having a sensible police chief.

BTW stop looking at John Urquhart that way. You can't have him. He's ours.

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