Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Aug 27 levide commented on What Kind of Idiot Gives a Nine Year Old an Uzi?.
"Bullets and Burgers". That's all you need to know.
Aug 13 levide commented on "Theater Etiquette".
If they don't offer to let you join, then management, absolutely.
Aug 13 levide commented on Photo of the Week: Chicago Dogs.
Aug 8 levide commented on Rand Paul Had a Terrible Week, and That's Good News.
@7 "And there was this terrible Resistance"
Aug 8 levide commented on Rand Paul Had a Terrible Week, and That's Good News.
@3 Thank you. As the Amazon cancer grows, the city will lean more rightward, and it's scary. I did a stint in the Kindle Marketing division (not the worst job I've had, but up there), and actually overheard an executive (mind you) small-talking about a WWII movie she had watched the night before, saying "and there was this terrible Resistance", not even considering what the Resistance was resisting (never mind her abject, deplorable ignorance), just the very idea of opposition being a bad thing. We cannot let these fucking popped-collar douchefucks steal our city.
Aug 4 levide commented on In Culture News: Free Moss, a Chat with Francesca Lia Block, and a Poll About Cinerama's Future.

A proper Cinerama screen designed for the format is technically hundreds of vertical strips angled toward the audience for light reflection, so technically the Cinerama screen already is multiple screens.

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