Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Aug 8 DeanP commented on And They Will Know We Are Christians by Our....
I'm finding it really hard to get upset about this. This is exactly the sort of thing the Jesus Goblins use against us: "Look, the gays DON'T just want civil marriage, they want to force churches to marry them and bury them and let them take communion." Yeah, it's sad and shitty, but what do you expect from Baptists?

but of course the gays always want to find a hill to die on.
Mar 19 DeanP commented on Boy Pussy Gets Its Anthem.
This also sort of shows that there is zero musical value in rap. This is rap, right? In whatever "musical" genre this purports to be.
Apr 25, 2013 DeanP commented on SL Letter of the Day: Wrong To Completion.
The number of my straight friends who have thanked me for giving their girlfriends blowjob lessons is legion. . . it's amazing how little clue they have. USE YOUR HANDS! Guys want pressure! Enthusiasm is key, too - a perfunctory blowjob is worse than no blowjob at all.
Apr 2, 2013 DeanP commented on SL Letter of the Day: Her Little Pudding Pot.
Anyone have a good recommendation for fiber pills?
Mar 21, 2013 DeanP commented on SL Letter of the Day: Gay Husband Single On Grindr.
@1 - that's a preposterous thing to say. What, there are no straights with open relationships? There are no straight marriages in which the man WISHES he could have an open relationship? There are no straight swingers? Sorry that the gays don't comport to your Norman Rockwell vision of marriage.
Jan 28, 2013 DeanP commented on SL Letter of the Day: Be a Little Selfish.
Could you also ask her to send along pictures too?
Aug 31, 2012 DeanP commented on Lying Liars and the Television Critics Who Enable Them.
I think half the problem is the balkanization of the media in the US. Here, liberals can go to MSNBC, conservatives to Fox, and if entities like CNN start asking tough questions, politicians just won't talk to them. So CNN etc have to be bland and boring, because otherwise they lose access.

Contrast this to Canada/UK/Australia (for example), where all politicians of all stripes HAVE to answer to the CBC/BBC/ABC. I have heard interviewers from those entities say to sitting Prime Minsters "How can you say that? That's patently false" or "you have to be crazy if you think people will believe that."

If the media here were able to ask tough questions and actually call people on their lies, the lies would stop. But where politicians can just ignore media organizations that are too tough (recall Bush's interview with that Irish broadcaster), then they can lie with impunity.
Jul 26, 2012 DeanP commented on SL Letter of the Day: Massive Generalization Alert.
Wait. Why on earth did you not give this writer sh*t for her "he was cheating because he talked to girls," thing? This sounds like my parents--the minute you're in a relationship you are to have no contact with the outside world and especially not with people of the opposite gender. The woman needs to chill out generally. Or rather, she needs a GSCUTA. (good stiff c*ck up the . . .) to relax
Jul 11, 2012 DeanP commented on Romney Booed at NAACP Convention.
I do sort of give him kudos a bit for showing up. But at the same time, holy tone deafness, Batman! It shows how Republicans are out of touch with the non-white non-rich-old-men segment of the population; Romney thought that he should show up and spout his stump speech to that audience. Why not try to tailor the message or talk about how you're going to help poor black people?

Of course, the fact that Republicans have no plan or desire to do so sort of hobbles him, but, who's counting?
Jun 18, 2012 DeanP commented on Don't Take Sex Advice from Cosmo.
I cannot think of anything more gross that covering yourself in food. I mean, I get ice cream on my fingers and no matter how hard I lick it off, it's still sticky. And not in a good sticky kind of way. But annoying. Nothing gets in the way of good friction like ice cream/honey/chocolate residue.

This is sort of reason number 572 that I am glad I'm gay . . .

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