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10:51 PM yesterday Jude Fawley commented on Formerly Homeless Man Sues Seattle Police Officer Who Punched Him in the Face.
"One day without pay" for committing assault is a travesty.
Apr 25 Jude Fawley commented on Stopping By Magus Books on a Weekday Afternoon and Running Into Someone Unexpected.
Much of my early, lonely adolescence was spent at Magus, Beauty and the Books, and the U Bookstore.
Apr 24 Jude Fawley commented on Can Someone Remind Bernie Sanders That Abortion is an Economic Issue?.
The reaction to Bernie on places like twitter is weird; why is it suddenly hugely important to call Bernie out? If I didn't know better, I'd suspect someone of using social media to foment artificial rage about a minor issue to divide and distract the left from something much more important, but I can't imagine that ever happening.
Apr 14 Jude Fawley commented on Declaration of Seattle Principles for New Out-of-Town Hires at The Stranger.
An old high even for the Seattle Weekly.
Apr 6 Jude Fawley commented on GOP Goes Nuclear.
Can we refer to Gorsuch as the "permanent Russian Appointee to the U.S. Supreme Court" for the rest of his life?
Apr 5 Jude Fawley commented on Pepsi (and Kendall Jenner) Just Eliminated Police Brutality!.
This ad was so terrible, I feel like I need something to wash the taste out of my mouth; something refreshing, something cold, something... revolutionary (in a beverage-sense)... something in a blue can. Only one thing will cleanse my proverbial palate.

I'll get one for my girlfriend, too, and we'll laugh, and laugh, and cheer, and post instagram photos of how dumb this ad is, and we will both be THERE, when it all happened, thanks to Pepsi.
Mar 21 Jude Fawley commented on Six Questions for the Girl With the Blue Green Hair Who Walked Around Our Block 100 Times.
Is it me, or is Dan frequently drawn towards vaguely spunky or eccentric young women? I'm thinking short-haired, ukulele playing YouTubers he's promoted over the years. Would he have done a double feature on a 63 year old lady doing the same project? I don't know. (I'm not saying this as a critique, just an observation. An interpretation might give us some additional insight into one of our local celebrities.)

Also, following off of Anna @3, the phenomenon of young women, even up to the age of 33, referring to themselves as "girls," seems worthy of some sociology dissertation. Maybe that's what the TV show Girls was commenting on, I don't know because I haven't watched it.
Mar 19 Jude Fawley commented on A Ride the Ducks Truck Smashes Into Yet Another Car.
Remember when SUVs were always being criticized for being unsafe for others (cars, pedestrians) due to their size, height, etc.? Ducks are like SUVs on steroids. I agree with @3, why are the driving on busy city streets?
Mar 16 Jude Fawley commented on Matt Hickey Has to Pay $332,000 for His Fake Porn Scam, Judge Rules.
@4 and @6, well thanks for looking that up for me. Sounds like he's gong to be paying this off for the rest of his life.
Mar 16 Jude Fawley commented on Matt Hickey Has to Pay $332,000 for His Fake Porn Scam, Judge Rules.
Can Hickey just declare bankruptcy?