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Apr 8 six shooter commented on Seattle Times Endorses Slashing Metro Buses.
@111 -- come up with a system where you extract no more benefit from the buses and the people who ride them, and I will come up with a system where you don't have to pay any more for buses.
Apr 7 six shooter commented on Seattle Times Endorses Slashing Metro Buses.
Still have yet to hear anyone explain why bus/transit riders should not pick up at least a majority of the cost for the bus service they are using.

Name a single transit system where users pay for the majority of the cost to build and maintain, and we can have a fair argument.

Every mode of moving people and goods from one place to another costs more to buy, build, and maintain than the people who use it pay. This is the nature of commerce. Its been this way at least since the first government built and operated the first light house.

I bet somewhere there may be a ski-lift or maybe a private toy train where fares cover cost. I bet even the elevator at the Space Needle loses money.

Outside these very specific examples, your people-mover system costs much more than you pay to use it. The private car system hides those costs and is super inefficient. I understand this creates the illusion you're paying your share because you have to pay so much for insurance, gas and tabs.

The fact is, the single occupancy car model, while fun, convenient, and super individualistic, is incredibly expensive. You should feel some shame asking us to pay for your gas habit while also refusing to pay your share for an alternative.
Apr 6 six shooter commented on Brit Diver Tom Daley Isn't Bisexual.
@51 - Straight girls may have a molting stage where they date women long enough to transform into butterflies.

Apparently some time in the 90s straight girl development cross-contaminated with the gay male larvae stage; you know, that stage in every pretty man's development when he breaks sensitive girls' hearts and creates new hags.

I don't know the biology of it all, but I suspect dance / euro music and strap-on dildos play into this mutation.

As to craigslist m4m... every honest straight guy I know admits a "Brad Pitt exception." If suddenly these men become bi at middle-age because they're willing to admit they wouldn't turn down free blowjobs from a Greek gods, then we're all bi and the word becomes meaningless.
Apr 6 six shooter commented on Seattle Times Endorses Slashing Metro Buses.
I wish we could vote to subsidize the Times with an increase in car tab fees. I wonder if they'd endorse that bill. Maybe they'd demand they cut their own costs first and insist on a completely progressive tax base before taking (more) free money from the State.

Can we structure transit funding so it looks more like the cost of doing business (tax breaks and general fund expenditures) than tax increases, like all the other services Government is supposed to provide?

Stop it with the fare increases, idiots. No one seriously advocates a carbon tax on your precious self-serve gasoline or a new toll every time you want to complete a round-trip.

In an ideal world, drivers should pay me to ride the bus.
Apr 5 six shooter commented on SL Letter of the Day: Math Is Hard!.
@3 & @12 -- Thank you.

If I ever learn calculus, can we three get into some kind of hyper-polynomial addition/subtraction kind of relationship?
Apr 4 six shooter commented on Science Can Tell If You're A Conservative?.
@25 -- Spankings!
Apr 4 six shooter commented on Science Can Tell If You're A Conservative?.
Most people consider me liberal and Left-minded. I do not want anyone to control my thoughts, speech, or my sources of entertainment.

Where do I fit into collectivism_sucks universe?

@11 -- that's hilarious, but you forgot the microphone. Libertarians love their soapboxes.
Mar 28 six shooter commented on Jim Pugel's Gracious Farewell to the SPD.

I hope you're wrong and I am right. I don't know how anyone can argue that SPD rots from within and above.
Mar 28 six shooter commented on Jim Pugel's Gracious Farewell to the SPD.
If you believe for a minute that everything is status quo at the Seattle Police Department, you depend way too much on the Stranger for your news.

The new police chief did not unpunish anyone. He put the responsibility for the SPD's reprehensible record firmly where it belongs: with the Department Leadership.

Imagine you're a line officer hired into a department with a culture of bigotry. You're not a bigot, but you sure notice that bigots don't get punished at your work place. The bosses either don't notice or don't care.

The SPD is run in para-military fashion. The leaders encouraged, allowed, or overlooked bigotry and other abuses for decades. Line officers -- the officers Dom is so hungry to punish -- share as much responsibility for their bad behavior as Lynndie England shares with her commanders.

I wouldn't have either over for dinner, but I don't place all the blame on their feet, either.

By changing punishment into training, the new chief meant to communicate "We need to reteach our officers. This is our (SPD leadership's) responsibility."

He bugled his first public crisis. He's not the toady to SPOG Dom wants to paint him as.

I tried looking up apparatchik on Bing!, but all the definitions include phrases like "unquestioningly loyal." I've commented on this forum for years, and this forum displays a record of everything I've ever posted. A quick scan of my public record will dispel any myth of unquestioning loyalty. Maybe this word means something else I don't understand?
Mar 28 six shooter commented on Jim Pugel's Gracious Farewell to the SPD.
Pugel handled the transition as well as anyone could ask. Its a shame someone had to take the sword on this.

Dom, as usual, is wrong on the reason for his ouster. He's a great guy, a good admin, but he's tried and true Seattle PD. He's a result of the system Dom decries. He's too of the cops to effectively lead reform efforts.

Murray's instinct to bring in new leadership is sound and solid. The racism and bullying in the SPD comes from on high and from deep within their culture. Someone needs to take over the department and make unpopular decisions.

Unpopular leaders rarely get compliments from toady, grudge-bearing reporters. As we're fed a story-line about the evil SPOG controlling a mayor our reporter didn't endorse, please remember our reporter's unending track-record of misinterpreting politics, cops, unions, and pretty much everything else he reports on.

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