Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Aug 14 --MC commented on I'm Still Coming To Terms With The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.
A cool friend cut me a mix cd of the highlights of the SAHB's catalog, all killer and little filler. It's true that a lot of the band's stuff sounds quaint to the modern ears. But there's "The Tale of the Giant Stoneeater", which starts out like a kid's radio story and winds up a ranting indictment of our oil-mad culture -- in the mid 70s! ; there is "Anthem", a beautiful song that I will have played at my funeral; and there is his searing cover of Jaques Brel's "Next", which is punk rock a couple of years early.
Aug 7 --MC commented on Seattle Repertory Theatre Hires Marya Sea Kaminski as Associate Artistic Director.
My congratulations to Marya -- she's an incredibly nice person, and she does great work.
Aug 1 --MC commented on This Dumb-Looking Robot Once Terrorized Me.
#9, #10 (hey!) -- Kelly Freas was a brilliant SF illustrator who also did covers for MAD magazine. His Alfred E. Newman was probably the one that Lynda Barry's brother was inexplicably terrified by.

As a small child, the cover of "Stereo Dynamics! To Scare Hell Out Of Your Neighbors" used to terrify me. Two skeletons in irons hanging from gibbets ... And it featured a track called "Hitler - Conqueror of Ages" that sounded like Laibach with less sense of humor.…
Jul 23 --MC commented on Little Walter Tunes Up Some HEAT!.
His version of "Boom Boom Out Go The Lights" will make your skin creep.
Jul 22 --MC commented on The Lives of the Artists, in Comic Form.
This Is ... Henry Darger
Jul 21 --MC commented on Which Was Your Favorite New Weird Al Video?.
"Foil" was pretty good. I liked the video for this one best. But "Sports Song" is a great stand-alone song -- it's not a parody of a recent radio hit and, as I've been writing all week, somebody early in the process (forget who) said they wish they had heard this in high school so that they and their nerd chums could learn all the lines and sing it at lunchtime, annoying everybody.
Jul 18 --MC commented on RIP: Blues Guitarsonist Johnny Winter.
Rick Derringer wrote "Hoochie Koo" and had the hit with it mid 70s, so I don't know it Winter was known for his version of it as much as that. In later years he and his brother were mostly known for their lawsuit against DC who turned them into murderous worm-humping cretins in a Jonah Hex series.
Jul 15 --MC commented on Meth Banshee Found Under Bed in University District.
I saw some meth people yesterday. Had the windows open, and heard them trading yells. She looked like if Dorian Grey had been a woman and had her picture painted in 1983 -- she looked like the picture. He was a bald pitbull of a man. They weren't happy with each other, and as she griped at him her hands soared and jittered around her body like bats.
Jul 10 --MC commented on Obama Offered Hit Off a Joint in Colorado.
He's all, Nah man, I don't do that no more. It makes me too paranoid.
Jul 2 --MC commented on How's Georgia's New Open-Carry Law Working Out?.
At the end of the Trayvon Martin controversy, I remarked in an online thread that Zimmerman had achieved the American Dream: he shot and killed somebody and got away with it. I got death threats for saying it.

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