Dec 7, 2015 --MC commented on Antifascist Groups Are Organizing a Protest Against the Alleged White Power Rally in Ballard and Capitol Hill.
"Property damage and grafitti" ... my god, alert the media, the anti-Nazi protesters bent a shrub!

If the goal of the Stormfront post was to raise awareness of the anti-fascist groups in Seattle, and to get them out in the street in a show of strength, it worked quite well.
Oct 28, 2015 --MC commented on Here's 7 Tips to Help You Navigate Short Run Festival 2015.
And also, don't read an entire minicomic from somebody's table, then toss it back. If it interests you, spend the two bucks and take it home!
Mar 19, 2015 --MC commented on Don't Forget to Remember Tom Jones's Killer TV Show.
His albums from that era are mindbenders. I commend to you his Live From Las Vegas set, which includes his big hits but also throws in some tunes for the older crowd he's singing to, including "Brother Can You Spare A Dime" and "My Yiddishe Mama".
Jan 14, 2015 --MC commented on Harry Nilsson Tribute Night Rescheduled for February 2 and Moved to Wildrose.
If any of these bands cover "Don't Forget Me" and use the rewritten line that cuts out "When we're older and full of cancer", there will be mayhem. Mayhem, I tell you.
Jan 6, 2015 --MC commented on The Table of Contents Is Better Than the Book.
Let me have a chapter! I'll write the hell out of it!
Dec 29, 2014 --MC commented on Benedict Cumberbatch Can't Quite Save The Imitation Game.
We have to take the filmmakers' assertion that Turing is gay in the film, they seemed uncomfortable with the idea of showing grown men interacting that way. Better to show a budding schoolboy romance, a little Damon and Pythias. And that was Tom from Downton Abbey there! I wondered what he did during the war. You know who would have loved the film? Phil Dick. The business with the crossword puzzle echoes "Time Out Of Joint", where a guy solves daily newspaper puzzles that help the army defeat enemy invaders.
Nov 27, 2014 --MC commented on Home For Thanksgiving and Not Interested in the Game, Your Cousins, or More Pie?.
The hell? I took the whole survey and it didn't tell me whick Punk Rock Icon I am.
Nov 26, 2014 --MC commented on Ho-Ho-Holy Shit: Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas Is Fucking INSANE!.
The film is only opening on two screens in the area? Compare and contrast, when the biopic of Cantinflas played here, it opened on four screens in the area.
Nov 18, 2014 --MC commented on Grappling with Post-1970 Frank Zappa.
I agree with @10 about One SIze Fits All. The space stoner blather of "Inca Roads" .. the incendiary guitar solo that plays out "Po'jama People" ... the surprisingly moving and absurd "Sofa #2". Most of the albums from that period find me with my finger on the FF button, but the only weak track on this one is "Andy", but some people like it, who knows why.
Nov 14, 2014 --MC commented on It's a Savage Lovecast Christmas.
Ooh, my soul. I thought that said "Savage Lovecraft Christmas". I'm a little disappointed.