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Aug 2 jezbian commented on It Could Happen to You: King County's Plague of Excessively Sticky Election Envelopes.
i used to work at KCE and when i tasted that most vile of envelope gum i texted a friend who still works there asking if they had switched up who they got their envelopes from - my friend didn't think so, but after asking someone else she found out that yes it was a different supplier. i was told that that supplier would not be used again.

that was indeed the rankest lick-to-seal adhesive i have EVER tasted.
Jul 14 jezbian commented on The Monday Morning News.
what @7 said. but with much more shaking of head and wondering when EVEN FEMALE ARTS CRITICS will finally start labeling female genitalia correctly.
Jul 11 jezbian commented on Tonight in Music: Peter Matthew Bauer, West Seattle Summerfest and MOTOR XIV!.
"newish"??? hmm...this link says it has been going on for 29 years (and the article is from 2011, so 32 now?)…
Jul 11 jezbian commented on Meet Ms. Pak-Man!.
i want a double bill of her and dina martina.

and maybe have betty bowers emcee.

that would be my perfect triumvirate of hilarious stage ladies.
Jun 23 jezbian commented on In Culture News: New Shabazz Palaces, New Art and Cultural Center in Pioneer Square, and a New Pollinator Pathway.
the name JANDS isn't explained??? i would put money on *J*ohn *AND* *S*hari
Jun 12 jezbian commented on Siren, the New Dating App That's Art.
oh and siren appears to only be for hooking up people in search of het relationships. at least okcupid let me look for other females - and almost two years later we're engaged!
Jun 12 jezbian commented on Siren, the New Dating App That's Art.
i adore toni collette and oliver platt, and haven't seen thomas hayden church in awhile, but i fear that "lucky them" doesn't appear to have a snowball's chance in hell of passing the bechdel test. *sigh*
Jun 7 jezbian commented on Steve Scher Abruptly Parts Ways With KUOW After Nearly Three Decades.
@2 i doubt cliff mass will be back - KPLU snatched him up after his "dismissal" from KUOW by SS
May 22 jezbian commented on Tonight in Music: Iggy Azalea, Perfect Pussy, Ramsey Lewis and Sean Lennon!.
love this article:…

"Yes, making a name for yourself in hip-hop as a woman is laudable. But lauding Iggy Azalea here is ludicrous. The author seems not to understand the fact that it is precisely because Iggy Azalea is white and blonde that she has “made a name for herself” in hip-hop. White privilege has successfully floated her to the top of a genre where black women have fought for decades to be represented: her presence (and success) in hip-hop isn’t a shining beacon for feminism, but for the power of whiteness and what it can accomplish."
May 5 jezbian commented on Drink and Spin: Gary Reynolds' Revolver Bar to Open May 8.
snoose junction part dieux (RIP - now the space is the second location for the alibi room) had hundreds of vinyl that the bartenders could play - they even had a cinyl menu which you could leaf through while sipping your drink an waiting for your food.

i wonder where all their vinyl went to.

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