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Apr 11 Bauhaus I commented on The Morning News: A Papal Ask, A Lab-Grown Vag, and Almost-Yoga-Mat-Free Bread.
I always thought a gram of coke should come with Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman so that we, the audience, could enjoy it along with the writers and actors.
Apr 11 Bauhaus I commented on Coachella From the Comfort of Home.
AXS is fantastic. And...they show the closing weekend of the New Orleans Jazz Fest (this year 5/1-5/4) live. I watched last year, felt the humidity, and smelled the Chicken Tasso.
Apr 11 Bauhaus I commented on Broadway and U-District Banks Robbed.
Welcome to the New Depression. This one - unlike the other one - isn't where most everyone has no money. This one is where most everyone doesn't have enough money to pay for rent, food, utilities, etc.
Apr 4 Bauhaus I commented on Get Ready for More Campaign Finance Laws to Fall.
...and another thing. Now that George H. W. Bush is nearing his time on Earth and twenty plus years have passed, you hear talk about how not-so-bad he was. This always gets my dander up because we can thank George H. W. Bush for Clarence Thomas. That's enough to condemn him forever in my eyes.
Apr 4 Bauhaus I commented on Get Ready for More Campaign Finance Laws to Fall.
The Supreme Court has made some (historically speaking) really embarrassing, short-sighted decisions and the country has survived, but why does it seem like those four conservative justices are out to abolish our democracy? And something else has been pointed out to me: The four never vary (the Affordable Heath Care Act notwithstanding) from their dogma, and are nearly perfectly predictable in their decisions way before their decisions are handed down - way before hearings even begin. Has that ever been the case historically?
Apr 2 Bauhaus I commented on Glenn Beck Loses His Shit Because Seven Million Americans Have Access to Health Care.
He (Beck) "loses his shit" over universal healthcare just like almost every Republican congressman/woman loses his/her shit over universal healthcare because they are lackeys for Big Pharm and medical corporations who are VERY interested in keeping the status quo. When your paychecks are signed by CEOs of Pfizer or HCA or Humana, etc., well...is it any wonder that you're going to be vehemently against reform?

I keep hearing that the Dems are going to lose the Senate this November. How is this possible when you have greedy men and women in opposition to (almost) universal care - which means that people can no longer lose their houses due to an illness, one can see a doctor if one is very sick, and insurance companies can't cut you loose if you get cancer?

Wow. This county's in a lot of trouble. And apparently, we keep electing officials who don't have our interests at heart.
Mar 10 Bauhaus I commented on HBO Releases The Normal Heart Trailer.
Barbra had this property for years and years. She wanted to direct it so badly. Couldn't drum up any interest in it from the majors, and she probably - after a decade plus - lost interest. As much as she loved the project, she knew better than to use wholly her own money for it. Note that it is an HBO production, which might mean there's still no interest in it as a cinematic release. Of course, that's perfectly OK with me. I love most of what HBO does - and it saves me a trip to the theater.

Does anyone go to the theater anymore over the age of 25 or 30?
Feb 28 Bauhaus I commented on Who Do You Like To Close Out The Oscars' Dead Movie Stars Montage?.
and @ #4:

There have been proposed changes in the AMPAS system, and tweaks have been made here and there - like when the Academy decided to revert back to the beginning years and nominate up to ten films a year for best picture after years of just five. This was intended to give the Oscars a more popular appeal. You'll always find a box office blockbuster among the ten now.

But to open it up to everyone who sees all the films? Hmmm, I want to make sure that if changes are made, those changes will give voice to those who really love and admire film. You can see a lot of movies, but not everyone is a student of the arts and crafts of film-making. Your point is well-taken though. For years, it has been rumored that more than a few Academy members don't vote or worse, they hand their ballots over to wives, husbands, or friends who may not have seen all the nominated films. It has been proposed that possibly that is the reason some of the acting awards have been (what's a kind word?) questionable.
Feb 28 Bauhaus I commented on Who Do You Like To Close Out The Oscars' Dead Movie Stars Montage?.
Yeah, put me in the Peter O'Toole club. Nominated eight times for a competitive Oscar and never won (there was always some other actor who was more popular that particular year - which is the weak link in the whole Oscar set-up IMHO....Cher? Nicholas Cage...really?). He got a lifetime achievement award which, of course, means the Academy holds him in highest regard, and his body of work is - well - stupendous.
Feb 6 Bauhaus I commented on The Morning News: Invisible Computers, Youth In Revolt, Alley Fighting.
Sochi hired a pest exterminating company to rid itself of the many stray animals within the city. On Tuesday, a couple of stray dogs even made it out onto the ceremony field during rehearsals. Sochi (Putin) wouldn't want that happening during the real show - so, dogs are being fed poison meat and shot with poison arrows. It's estimated that up to 7,000 dogs have already been killed. The International Olympic Committee, who has a grand tradition of looking the other way, states that the dogs are being captured by veterinary personnel, tested and evaluated for health, spayed/neutered, and released - this in the face of evidence to the contrary.

I've heard a lot now about the shortcomings of these Games: unfinished hotels, inadequate plumbing, bathroom stalls for two, toilets that can't handle toilet paper, etc. But the thing that closes the deal for me is the capture and killing of non-feral stray dogs (easily captured because most seem to be lost or abandoned pets who don't fear people). That would be enough for me to pack my bags and leave Sochi on the next flight out. For those athletes who insist on staying and trying to win a medal, fine. Stay. But officially? I think this country should take a very strong stand against the mass slaughter of animals without first trying to find caring homes for these poor animals. And poison food and poison arrows? That's not even close to being a humane way of putting animals down. Imagine the suffering.

That's it for me. I won't watch these Games. I can't.

Why isn't this getting more press? Does anyone know?

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