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Jan 21 Bauhaus I commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: We're Not Moving To Canada (Yet).
I admire those who say they want to stay and fight. Bravo! But at some point along one's timeline, you get tired of fighting battles and want to declare some things won. Seemingly everything that I have fought for is in jeopardy AGAIN. But now it's up to the younger folk to carry the banner. My marching days are coming to a close. That's why Canada appeals to me, Rights and privileges there don't ever seem threatened or in peril.

I love how people say, "I'm moving to Canada," without ever checking out what is required to do so. You've either got to be someone that Canada would love to have (like Nelson Mandela or Mother Teresa), someone who has skills that are needed but are in short supply (like a brain surgeon or a physicist), or have a buttload of money - enough, say, to start a business and hire Canadians. People over 55 need not apply (unless you have that buttload of money). Canada doesn't want you moving there and soon becoming a burden on their Medicare.

So, moving to Canada is very difficult for us regular folk. Dan's right. The paradox is clear. The people who can afford to move up north don't have to. Wealth insulates them from the shit that the rest of us have to eat.
Jan 16 Bauhaus I commented on Wait, Why Did Washington Senators Vote Against Importing Cheaper Drugs from Canada?.
When some of the Republicans in charge started assuring Americans that the ACA would be repealed but not before putting something better in its place, my first reaction was, "Yeah, that's likely." I've now come to believe that they will probably repeal and replace. They are going to replace healthcare for millions of Americans with $250 co-pays and $10,000 deductibles. Just watch. Any they will call it "freedom of choice."
Dec 21, 2016 Bauhaus I commented on Fuck The Nutcracker: Why You Should Go See Every Ballet But This One.
First of all I want to say that I would never force a son or daughter into dance unless there was real interest in it, and then I wouldn't have to force anything. I don't know if you begrudge your ballet training, but you shouldn't . It trains the muscles to move with a certain and unmistakable grace (if you are in it long enough) for a lifetime. I can spot an adult former ballet student from 100 yards away.
Dec 12, 2016 Bauhaus I commented on Moonlight Winning Big Awards and Nominations. Will the Oscars Follow Suit?.
Birth of a Nation (2016) failed for a couple of reasons...and failed movies very rarely make it to the red carpet. The Oscars are voted on by industry people, after all. Nobody wants to celebrate a financial bloodbath.

I think people stayed away from the movie for the same reasons they stay away from Woody Allen's films. Whether it is justified or not, there is some righteous indignation going on. Furthermore, I think going with that title was commercial suicide. It carries too much negative baggage. Even today, people are reluctant to see Griffith's original. Maybe it's white guilt. Can't say for certain, but even as a serious student of film, some sequences get me squirming. So to associate one's new film with that is, I'm thinking, not a good idea.
Dec 12, 2016 Bauhaus I commented on Congressional Leaders, aka Republicans, Call for Investigation Into Russian Hacking.
The Republicans will circle the wagons as they always do. Mitch McConnell as the voice of moral, ethical justice? Please. And little Paulie Ryan will only do what Atlas Shrugged tells him to do. Funny how someone, whose family once depended upon public assistance, can have such a hard-on for keeping it from other people in need.
Dec 12, 2016 Bauhaus I commented on Trump Names Walter White Head of DEA on This Week's SNL.
Still not in the mood to laugh about it, although I dug the satire. Really, more and more of my sense-of-humor wanes as January 20th approaches.
Dec 6, 2016 Bauhaus I commented on How Trump Turned Christmas Films into Horror Films.
Wow, Cholly. I'm bitter, too. I'm bitter because I probably have only a few more years to live, and I'm going to have to spend them under a Trump administration with a Trump-appointed Supreme Court majority-making justice. Christmas should be my oasis, but it won't be.
Dec 5, 2016 Bauhaus I commented on The Morning News: Housing Crisis Helped Cause Deadly Fire in Oakland, Studios Still Affordable in Tacoma, Video of Women March.
I adore Seattle - or at least I adored what it once was, but I think I probably could be happy living in Tacoma, especially with its lower cost of living. $550-a-month is so much sweeter than $1450-a-month. You start feeling like you are signing your paycheck over to the landlord. But I see no point at all in moving to Tacoma and having to come back up to Seattle to work every day. That's too long a commute, even in a car, even in a dedicated train. Believe me, I've had very long commutes and very short commutes and short commutes win hands down. You have all that extra time to enjoy what you are working for.
Nov 15, 2016 Bauhaus I commented on Kshama Sawant and the Socialist Alternative Should Not Lead the Anti-Trump Protests.
One of the best things you've written, Cholly, and I couldn't agree more. I hope I'm, I hope I am dead wrong, but I see at best, uninspired, at worst, very sad times ahead.