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Jul 8 Bauhaus I commented on Why Are Conservatives Fighting Contraception?.
Amend the Constitution so that Supreme Court justices retire after 20 years? Seems fair. After all, how long did justices live after being appointed back in the late 18th Century when the Constitution was written?
Jul 8 Bauhaus I commented on Frustrated By KUOW?.
Yeah, yeah.....I know. Everything comes and goes, but I sure miss what Seattle used to be.
Jul 8 Bauhaus I commented on Sarah Palin Now Going Door-To-Door Trying To Shock People.
I just read that Rosie O'Donnell is heading back to The View, and that the producers are very close to closing a deal with Palin. Can you imagine? Think there were fireworks with Rosie and Elizabeth Hasselbeck? Hard to imagine O'Donnell would walk back into that kind of shit. Harder still to imagine that viewers of The View would have any interest in anything Palin has to say about anything - outside of some strange anthropological curiosity.
Jul 5 Bauhaus I commented on Tonight in Music: Steely Dan, Aan and the Notwist!.
...ain't never goin' to do it without your fez on. Well, only a fool would say that. California tumbles into the sea? That'll be the day I go back to Annandale.
May 10 Bauhaus I commented on Tonight in Music: Danny Brown, Branford Marsalis, Tyvek and More!.
Jeepy's looking pretty good.
May 5 Bauhaus I commented on Suddenly Pharrell's Obnoxious "Happy" Isn't So Bad.
Pharrell is never obnoxious, but I love seeing some happy dogs (and the cat looks pretty cool about it all, too).
Apr 24 Bauhaus I commented on Saints Preserve Us.
I'm sorry. I seem to have such a loathing for the Catholic church - even the supposedly good guys like that goon running for Pope in New York. They act so entitled. So enlightened. So morally superior. And now they are making a saint out of that old crank JP II. John XXIII? Well, he did some good, I guess. It is my sincerest hope that one day, people, most people, won't give the tiniest little shit what Rome has to say about anything.
Apr 11 Bauhaus I commented on The Morning News: A Papal Ask, A Lab-Grown Vag, and Almost-Yoga-Mat-Free Bread.
I always thought a gram of coke should come with Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman so that we, the audience, could enjoy it along with the writers and actors.
Apr 11 Bauhaus I commented on Coachella From the Comfort of Home.
AXS is fantastic. And...they show the closing weekend of the New Orleans Jazz Fest (this year 5/1-5/4) live. I watched last year, felt the humidity, and smelled the Chicken Tasso.

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