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May 20 Bauhaus I commented on Remembering Chris Cornell When He Was on the Brink of Soundgarden Dropping 1991's Badmotorfinger.
I take exception to the pronouncement that Seattle was a shitty town in 1991. On the contrary, I felt it had a wonderful right place/right time vibe - like Paris in the 20s. I'm so happy to have experienced it. Seattle was never more cool without even trying to be.
May 17 Bauhaus I commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Getting Off with a Selfish Top.
I kinda hate it that non-monogamous gay men are fucking around without condoms again. Jesus-titty-fucking-Christ! Have we learned nothing?
Apr 12 Bauhaus I commented on Girls Recap Episode 9, “Goodbye Tour”: Randomized Grenades of Hostility.
Didn't I hear Hannah say in a recent episode that she was going to be thirty? Or maybe I heard it on one of those post-show breakdowns. Anyway, given that she graduated Oberlin at 21 or 22, that would be a 7 to 8 year time frame in NYC.
Mar 15 Bauhaus I commented on Time Out Discovers What We Already Know: the Re-Bar is Awesome.
Oh...and I can't wait till people start moving into those condo towers and begin complaining about the noise.
Mar 15 Bauhaus I commented on Time Out Discovers What We Already Know: the Re-Bar is Awesome.
Unfortunately, clubs and restaurants have a shelf-life, but the Re-Bar is more like a town hall for the rest of us. I hope the same amount of stink will be raised when Re-bar's impending doom approaches as was raised when the Croc was in jeopardy. Otherwise, I may just have to turn my back on Seattle. BTW, I never thought of Re-Bar as a dance hall, but I guess it is for some. I was a Sunday night devotee in the 90s and it was, after all, Queer Disco.
Mar 15 Bauhaus I commented on Is Colin Kaepernick's Pro-Football Career Over Because of Racism?.
Not that it isn't a very serious matter, but all social issues aside for a moment: No one making $50K or less a year, paying $150-250 a ticket, wants to see some cat making $5-10M a season grandstanding about social equality. Owners know this. So is a decision not to pick up a player who might potentially piss off fans a racially-biased one or a business-based one?
Mar 7 Bauhaus I commented on I, Anonymous: Park Pooch.
Awww, I love it too, #1. Hate the opening scene though. which reminds me of something - how much we've changed our attitudes towards animals (although there is still a lot of cruelty around). I recently was trying to watch the 1961 film Mondo Cane. I couldn't get through the opening credits. People used to treat animals (dogs, in this case) as something much less than a life, a sweet life, a feeling life. And other people could watch the abuse pretty much without comment. If there's one thing we do better now than in the good old days, it's that. Go ahead. Try watching the movie. It's on Youtube. I saw it in its entirety as a youngster. Can't and won't watch it now.
Feb 15 Bauhaus I commented on Anti-Trans Activists Will Soon Start Gathering Signatures for Their New Ballot Initiative.
You guys are going to have to do something about Washington State's continuing history of allowing hate-based ballot initiatives on your ballots. After all those shit initiatives in the 90s over gay rights, there must have been something learned, right? You don't put civil rights up for a vote. Ever. They are guaranteed. The Secretary of State should put the kibosh on those initiatives from the get-go, signatures or not, and let the petitioners take the overrule to the courts. I mean, DAMN. Could I get an initiative on the ballot proposing that Jewish people and black people cannot use the libraries on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's a complete waste of time and money and it demeans elections to allow hateful shit like that on the ballot.
Feb 9 Bauhaus I commented on Senator Jeff Sessions Is Now the U.S. Attorney General.
Was there ever any doubt that Sessions would be confirmed? Man, the congressional Republicans who were so "anyone but Trump" before the election have their tongues so far up the President's rear that they can taste his gall bladder. It's not about love of country anymore. It's about power and keeping it;
Feb 7 Bauhaus I commented on Girls Has Been a Gift—a Gift with Baggage, but a Gift Nonetheless.
I'm a sixty-five-year white male and I think the series has been great. I feel as though it has given me some insight into this generation that I would have otherwise never had access to - even if I had been a parent. And the insight doesn't come from just the characters. It also comes from subject matter and dialogue choices. I'm looking forward to the last season. I wanted to throw Hannah (and Lena) a ticker-tape parade after the Season 5 finale.