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Apr 26 thelyamhound commented on #ShoutYourAbortion and Civilization Have Won a Webby Award.
Life is probably the only phenomenon that matters, if any phenomena matter, but that last proposition is doubtful enough in itself that I can't get too worked up about "killing a living being." Eating food kills a living being; unless you were one of the first life forms, or one of the organisms that lives along the rims of underwater volcanoes, anything your body recognizes as food is, or was somewhat recently, alive.

As social mammals, it's probably important that we recognize human life as uniquely deserving of our protection, but we already stratify the way we apply that, by way of such beloved institutions as war or capital punishment. The other rights that flow organically from the valuation of life are not even applied equally and evenly to all "born" beings; rights that we claim belong to all "individuals" almost invariably apply exclusively to adults (and, in some cases, only to adults of means, and in others, only to white, heterosexual, cis men).

I don't have a problem with ending a human life (granting arguendo that abortion does so) when that being is not only dependent on the mother as a member of the household, but as an inhabitant of her body. Honoring the autonomy of the cognitively functioning, legally competent being's body strikes me as a more direct corollary to the valuation of human life than deferring to the sanctity of the pre-born homo sapien's right to a willing host. I could be receptive to arguments in the other direction, but they would have to me more compelling than some facile "Abortion Kills" sloganeering, or appeals to how future generations will look at me. Future generations may look askance at my eating meat, as well; I'll never know because I probably won't be here to see it. So I'll take my slab of possibly sentient mammal (if sentience is even a thing) medium rare, and the women in my life legally empowered to determine who or what gets to take up residence in the womb.
Sep 13, 2016 thelyamhound commented on Is the Media Fair in Covering this Presidential Race, Wonders Media.
@18 - Exactly. Accusations that one is "only being academic" usually amount to a complaint that one is being factually correct.
Jun 2, 2016 thelyamhound commented on A Grown-Up Emo Kid Braces for the Coming Wave of Emo Nostalgia.
I'm one of those cranky old guys who still thinks, when I hear "emo," that we'll be talking about Rites of Spring, Fugazi, Juno, and Sunny Day Real Estate. Ah, well.

Y'all don't have to get off my lawn, or anything, but I wish you'd water it before you go.
May 25, 2016 thelyamhound commented on Clinton Winning Washington State Democratic Primary.
@24, I agree that there can be extenuating circumstances, but if your work is on-call, or you're a single parent whose child can't manage in a crowd (I think caucuses should - I admit I've no idea if they do - allow single parents to bring children, if they have to), then you can, for all intents and purposes, file that conflict under whatever category comes closest and file in advance; after all, no one is even looking for proof that your conflict is legitimate. It's like a primary with a less clear "send by" date.

Obviously a primary would be better, and would better serve those with the aformentioned contingencies. But you could say the same about voting in a booth vs. voting by mail, and a lot of people in a lot of states are still expected to do the former. Caucusing by proxy is no more of a pain in the ass than dealing with an absentee ballot.
May 25, 2016 thelyamhound commented on Clinton Winning Washington State Democratic Primary.
I support a primary over a caucus, but ... I had to work during the caucus, so I printed out the required form and sent it in. I'm not sure where this notion that anyone's being shut out of the process comes from. Hell, the form didn't even require me to specify whaty reason for unavailability was.

Now, I had to do that significantly before the caucus date, and I only knew that because I'm lucky enough to have politically motivated Facebook friends posting links; for that reason, I would prefer a primary, where we can all go, "Ah, fuck, I forgot to vote!" on Tuesday morning because we have lives outside of public policy. But the degree of difference between the processes, as far as inconvenience is concerned, while real, is small.
May 25, 2016 thelyamhound commented on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Lead in Pointless Washington State Primary.
@10 - While my grammatical indoctrination still cringes at it, the informal use of "them" as a gender-neutral singular pronoun has more or less officially gained formal approval. It certainly makes it easier when referring to those outside of binary gender norms. Yeah, it makes it hard to discern whether a speaker is referring to an individual or a group, but there are advantages.

Not to say that's what Undead Ayn Rand is doing, but I think your pedantry reveals more about you than any pronoun in @6.
Apr 8, 2016 thelyamhound commented on The NIMBY, Part One: Why a Sense of Community for Homeowners Is the Same as Prostitution.
@4 - The whole process of property values is problematic on its face. Housing is the only necessary commodity that we seem to want to rise in value beyond the median capacity (wage or salary) that would allow one to acquire it.

@6 - Everyone I know who is too broke to own a house (which is nearly everyone I know) has accomplished more for the good of humanity than you will by the time they lower your crumbling bones into the earth. They may not have achieved much economically, but economic achievement is generally a matter of how well you flatter your materially wealthy but spiritually dead and functionally impotent overlords.
Apr 6, 2016 thelyamhound commented on Bernie or Hillary or Both.
Clinton, x-goldwater girl, social liberal, the grateful heir to the civil rights movement for women, knows how washington works. Is she perfect? No. But I have confidence right now she knows more how to pull the levers of power to move the country left than Sanders.
My question is, will she start from a position far enough to the left that the inevitable compromises will still leave us with liberal policy?

My guess is that she might, if and only if a close race with Sanders scares her leftward. That's why the current momentum is important. I'm not bothered that the math might not work in Sanders' favor; that may arguably be a good thing, though I'm less convinced than you that Sanders won't play nationally (I actually think there's a "secret middle" made up of blue collar Trump or Sanders supporters so disenfranchised by neoliberalism that they could be as much the key to the national election as the 401(k) holding, comfortable-with-corporate-capitalism "moderates" favored by the party establishment). Because I WILL vote for Clinton if she's the nominee, and not terribly reluctantly, but I will be considerably more enthusiastic if she's scared leftward by the realization that this contingency does wield some power.
Mar 30, 2016 thelyamhound commented on Assassins at ACT Theatre Is Really Good—Especially These Two Performances.
@4 - I think it appealed so much to the martial artist in me that any intimidation I may have felt as an actor melted away.

Interesting about loss or immersion in character. Proscenium stages make the theatergoing experience more like cinema to me, emphasizing all the things that cinema can do that theater cannot (be convincing about location, isolating and directing visual interest, and, to a degree, immersion in character), where theater in the round emphasizes those things that make theater unique, that theater can do better (admission of artifice, proximity, danger).
Mar 30, 2016 thelyamhound commented on Build It.
I support this all in principle, and will surely support it with my vote(s). It kind of sucks, though, that I'll be getting senior discounts before travel to West Seattle or Ballard becomes something one can do in reasonable time by transit.