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Jun 26 lark commented on Charleston Police Officer Fired for Posting Pic of Himself Wearing Confederate Boxer Shorts on Facebook.
Good Afternoon Charles,
Indeed, this police officer was a fool. Clearly, it was the technology that did him in not necessarily his sporting of the Confederate Battle Flag as an undergarment. He could still be wearing the garment & have his job without posting a photo. Whatever his motivation to post this photo he, along with millions (?) of others cede their privacy. Yep, it's Technology 1, the private citizen nil.

You have a good point. However, I find it disarming how consumers are still wanting to post compromising pictures of themselves (selfies) for all the world to know and for eternity to keep. To me, that's damn foolish. Sure, I use the technology but judiciously. I usually post photos of my travels for example.

At the end of the day, we need to control the technology not have the technology control us. This police officer found out the hard way.
Jun 23 lark commented on Walmart [and now Amazon] to Stop Selling Items with Confederate Flag.
Good Afternoon Charles,
Indeed, I am for removing the Confederate Battle Flag (vs. the first flag of the Confederacy or "stars & bars", see below) from the South Carolina statehouse. The fact that it was a "battle" emblem first still, to me connotes "rebellion" rather than "pride" (Southern, white etc.). I would have agreed to that before the massacre.

I still think it a modest gesture though. When it is taken down and after this news cycle, this incident will be forgotten by most Americans. I will then ask myself "will America's "races" be any more harmonious?". I doubt it. I believe much more needs to be done. Starting with a conversation with say, ideologues of both the Left & Right asking uncomfortable questions. Or getting uncomfortable answers. Demonizing your political foes isn't gonna get dialogue. Nor will just removing the Confederate Battle Flag from the SC statehouse either.

Jun 18 lark commented on Suspect in South Carolina Shooting Got a Gun for His Birthday.
Good Afternoon Charles,
First of all, my condolences to the families of the victims of this barbaric mean-spirited crime. Most senseless.

Regarding your observation and idea. You have a point. Guns like cigarettes are dangerous to public health. Cigarettes have burdensome taxes. Those taxes certainly don't stop ALL smokers but it's enough of dent in their pocketbook to give them something to think about. It may not get far in Congress or at the state level but taxing some firearms (handguns, automatic weaponry or assault rifles etc.) could have an impact.
Jun 16 lark commented on Why Is the Biggest Golf Tournament in the World Coming to Tacoma This Weekend?.
News Flash! The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last night!
Jun 13 lark commented on I Have a Proposal for Rachel Dolezal.
Disagree. Race & gender are analogous in most cases. The first article by Meredith Talusan isn't tenable. The second just discusses MRIs and transgender subjects. It mentions nothing about race.
Look, I have no problem with Dolezal & Jenner. The former being black & the latter a woman.
I just think Dolezal should be genuine on her applications and Jenner be treated fairly as woman. But that doesn't make Jenner a hero.
Jun 12 lark commented on I Have a Proposal for Rachel Dolezal.
Yeah, Rachel stirred a tempest all right. If she claimed false statements about herself and on application(s) then she should be held to account. Especially to the NAACP.

Otherwise, here's something to ponder:


Jun 9 lark commented on Fox News Reporting that Aggressive McKinney Cop Involved in the Pool Incident Has Resigned.
Good Afternoon Charles,
Have to admit that roll was weird. Just strange.

Given that the police are under intense scrutiny, it's not surprising that he resigned.
Jun 9 lark commented on In Music News: Kanye's New Album Might Go to Apple Music, Taylor and Katy's Cat Fight, Your New Sex Pistols Credit Card.
Indeed, I agree. I don't think I've ever seen a smile on Kanye's face. He sure looks irritated.
Jun 8 lark commented on In Writing News: White Men Can't Write, Cinema Books Is Closing, and Seattle Is Being Poetry-Bombed on Thursday.
I sure will miss Cinema Books. It's an institution. Good Luck to Stephanie.
Jun 8 lark commented on Lawyer Says Olympia Cop Shot the Two Unarmed Black Males "In the Back Multiple Times," Although Investigators Disagree.
@16 libertine,
For the record, I didn't declare "anything" wielded as a weapon. Just a skateboard, possibly in the Olympia case.


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