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1:10 PM yesterday lark commented on Wine Tour Company Apologizes for Kicking a Book Club of Mostly Black Women Off Its Train.
Good Afternoon Charles,
I am definitely going to contend with you on this posting. I strongly disagree with the statement:

'The fault in this case is the staff, whose astounding cultural and social and racial stupidity could have cost innocent people their lives.'

No, it isn't. It isn't culturally, socially and racially stupid or insensitive to tell/instruct other humans in a community environment, a train, bus or plane to 'quiet down'. Neither of us were there so we must rely on 3rd party narratives (the staff who called the police and the women on the train from the reading club) to understand. Not surprisingly, they are at odds.

I can say for myself, that I have been on a train, ferry or bus with obnoxiously loud and profane people. I don't care what gender or race, telling them to pipe down isn't stupid. In one case on a bus here in Seattle, a loud black woman on her cell phone got into a heated argument with another white woman passenger for the latter telling into her to quiet down. The bus driver intervened and as I recall the police weren't called. In another, the ferry after a Seahawk, Sounder or Mariner game there were plenty of loud, drunken white guys. They were told dutifully by security or crew not be that loud. Clearly, the police weren't called it was a ferry.
For what it is worth, 'guns' weren't introduced into the situation. The police were. Virtually every law enforcement officer in the nation from an FBI agent to a local police officer is armed.

Finally, I read about this story over the weekend and thought it very insignificant. I wondered why editors thought t necessary to publish. Then I pondered did the racial insensitivity/police response angle have anything to do with this? I can only conclude, yes. I found that foolhearty especially considering today's horrific crime in Virginia:…

The perp was a black male and his two apparent victims, white. Both shot in broad daylight on live TV. The former was a disgruntled former employee who had a most shocking manifesto. Is this tragic story about 'race', 'racial insensitivity' etc.? No. But the first story wasn't either. It was a petty story and race didn't have to be brought into it. I blame the editors.
Aug 25 lark commented on Soldiers Are Fighting Climate Change in Central Washington.
Good Afternoon Charles,
Your comments were interesting.

Just wanted to add that 'war' rhetoric is common language for intractable foes ('war on poverty', 'war on drugs', 'war on women', etc.) real or perceived. It gets people's attention whether genuine or not (I've never declared a 'war' on women).

Personally, I'm well aware of the disaster unfolding w/o that vocabulary. I saw the haze Sat. & Sun. I can only support the brave efforts of the firefighters be they civilian or soldier. It is most unfortunate.
Aug 24 lark commented on Punk Place Market: Stooges Tribute/KEXP Benefit Show Raw Power Was Raw, Powerful (But Coulda Been Louder).
That's a humorous anecdote about the little girl and her Dad. Yeah, I was there all right. A good but short set. Two things: I was puzzled at why Arm kept his shirt on and why they didn't play 'Raw Power'. The event was called 'Raw Power' after all. Meh, no problem. Arm's voice sounded remarkably like Pop's.

Nice to run into friends from Michigan appropriately enough. Also, I'm proud to have viewed the Stooges themselves 10 years ago at Bumpershoot with Mudhoney backing them up.
Aug 22 lark commented on Ferguson Transformed Marissa Johnson in a Good Direction, but Her Use of the Phrase "White Supremacy" Is a Big Problem.
Good Morning Charles,
Bit late to comment but I thought I'd contend with you regarding this, excerpted from your posting:

'Not all major events open our society and force it to face some hard truths. There are events that actually close it and increase the nation's ignorance; 9/11 was such an event. It did not reveal truths about American foreign policy but instead led to the fabrication of a whole narrative about Iraq's involvement with the terrorists and its possession of weapons of mass destruction. This country paid dearly for that fiction. (And so did Iraq.)'

I might remind you that BLM, whatever its merit is based on a false narrative as well:…

I recall something Mark Twain once remarked 'Rumor goes around the world before the truth gets a chance to put its boots on.'

As I recall, the citizens of Ferguson, MO paid dearly for this fiction (that Micheal Brown was shot & killed unjustifiably). The DOJ cleared Officer Wilson.
Aug 19 lark commented on Ferguson Transformed Marissa Johnson in a Good Direction, but Her Use of the Phrase "White Supremacy" Is a Big Problem.
Well put.

I mentioned in another thread that what Johnson did at the Sanders rally was unnecessary. They got attention all right. But it may have come at a cost to BLM & the Democrats (note Clinton's video also posted on SLOG).

I do agree with Charles somewhat that the use of the term 'White supremacy' is problematic. To me, it is a nebulous term. And incessantly demonizing an opponent not agreeing with the phrase 'Black lives matter' or worse calling him or her racist won't get a conversation going.
Aug 13 lark commented on Why Bernie Sanders Is Only Preaching to White People.
I agree with you. Charles' premise/posting title is mistaken.

Three things:

1) I don't agree with Sanders. I'm not a Socialist. But, he's a US Senator running for POTUS. He deserves to be heard/read. I disagree with the BLM protesters at Westlake.

2) I categorically disagree with Charles that Sen. Sanders only speaks to whites. He largely speaks to whites. But so did Obama and even Jesse Jackson when they ran for President. All candidates do by & large. The audiences may be ideologically diverse or not. It will depend.

3) Agree with you that African-Americans anymore than whites or others don't necessarily vote in their best interests. Up until roughly the 1930s, they voted largely Republican. Now, they vote largely Democrat. I think the reason you cite in your second paragraph is accurate.
Aug 11 lark commented on Op-Ed: This Seattle Times Editorial Got Everything Wrong About Sex Work.
Ms. Matisse,
Completely agree with you & AI. I read this fine piece yesterday:…

Indeed, I wonder if Mr. Holmes ever viewed a pornographic film produced under the law in the USA? For the record, that's sex work i.e. prostitution. They are paid performers. We get the word 'pornography' from the Greek word for prostitute, 'pornos'. The profession not that I endorse anybody doing it still should be legalize. Straight or gay, male or female 18 y/o and older. Regulate & tax it. Be vigilant at looking for underage (under 18 y/o) providers and coercion. The Australian model is a good example.

It's foolish and somewhat contradictory to persecute sex workers when it actually is being conducted here in the USA under the law. I hope Mr. Holmes reads this.

Aug 11 lark commented on Will the Outcry Over Cecil the Lion Hurt Conservation Efforts?.
Yeah, I am not surprised by this at all. 25 years ago when I lived in Africa, an American ex-pat told me that hunters, largely European and American are the best conservationists in Africa. Why? I asked. Because of the enormous fees they pay to hunt the critter. Those fees pay for conservation of parks or reserves (where the critters thrive) and the park wardens' salaries. They, the wardens prevent poaching. It's similar in N. America. Ducks Unlimited, a hunting outfit restores wetlands, the habitat of ducks. By cultivating them, more ducks are available to hunt. Sure, it's counterintuitive but it works.

Trophy hunting or fishing doesn't appeal to me. But, I have no problem with this approach. As for Cecil, the lion. His killing was exacerbated by the largely American and European tendency to endear a creature AND social media. Regarding the former, Africans were largely puzzled as to why we, whites like creatures and feed them when they think animals largely utilitarian and they, Africans need to be fed before an animal. Needless to say, Africans don't take food for granted. Regarding the latter, it's because of technology or social media that anything whatsoever was mentioned about Cecil, the lion. I had never heard of him until 2 weeks ago. I think the outcry is a bit of a stretch.
Aug 10 lark commented on Seattle Is More Islamic than Dubai, According to a Muslim I Met This Weekend.
Good Afternoon Charles,
Not sure if 'Seattle is more Islamic than Dubai', but I contend that immigrants for a couple hundred years now still come to America, in general because of it's largesse economic or otherwise and not necessarily because of religious or racial tolerance. We're still a work in progress. Clearly, this Lyft driver feels it's better to be here than in Dubai.

Aug 10 lark commented on Seattle Rock Royalty Will Play Stooges Songs on Pike Place Market Roof for KEXP.
I am going to see this show. I've seen both Mudhoney & the Stooges at Bumbershoot oh, 10 years or so ago? I dig both bands. I think 'Funhouse' (1970) to be the greatest R&R album ever recorded. At least, it's my personal favorite. Rage Against the Machine covered 'Out in the Street'. And, I have 'Raw Power' as well.

Ought to be fun.

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