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1:32 PM yesterday lark commented on Two Unarmed Black Men Suspected of Stealing Beer Shot by Police Officer in Olympia.
Good Afternoon Charles,
While this incident in Olympia is most unfortunate, I am going to wait for more info before I render any opinion on it. I do hope the citizens especially those that protest keep basic human civility in mind. I also hope both men recover.

Also as @5 mentions, the DOJ effectively endorsed Officer Darren Wilson's version of what happened that tragic day in Ferguson last year. It was most unfortunate for Michael Brown but Wilson appears to have justification in shooting Brown. I would be careful using the Michael Brown narrative in "police shooting unarmed black men scenarios". There were no heroes that day in Ferguson. Only victims.

May 19 lark commented on Many Claiming Bias in the Coverage of the Biker Shootout that Left Nine Dead in Waco.
Good Morning Charles,
I'm not going to "wade through the flood of tweets connected with the hashtag #Waco, ". This massacre is so ghastly that it warrants only the fullest of investigations by Texas authorities. This horrible event has less to do with race/ethnicity than the fact it was just plain, mean-spirited brawl between rival biker gangs. It's clear to me that there is a distinction between this tragedy and the riot in Baltimore. The former was a gang battle (much like the Mob) that took several lives. Waco citizens and their businesses weren't the targets. The latter was indeed, a riot in the wake of at first, peaceful protests but that unfortunately, turned into full scale destruction and looting. Clearly, some businesses were the target of some. And that's a shame. The authorities in Waco were preparing for a confrontation between the two gangs which they had hoped wouldn't happen but alas, did. Whereas in Baltimore, the police were merely trying to keep under control what was supposed to have been a peaceful demonstration. That went amok.

I don't believe "that the police often fail to discriminate between non-criminals, minor criminals, and violent criminals. All are met with the same force." Actually they aren't. I get that too many young unarmed men, yes African-American men are killed by the police. That warrants a far closer examination of "tactics". And in addition, a much better rapport is necessary between the police, of all stripes and the citizens, of all stripes that the police are supposed to serve and protect. But we also need all citizens to respect private property and biker gangs to chill. The massacre was bloody senseless.

May 15 lark commented on Why Black Slave Liberator Harriet Tubman Should Not Replace Slave Owner Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill.
@31 herrbrahms,
Excellent point. I wholeheartedly agree.
May 14 lark commented on Why Black Slave Liberator Harriet Tubman Should Not Replace Slave Owner Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill.
Good Afternoon Charles,
I just read about this movement to replace Jackson on the $20 note last week. It was a little surprising. I haven't read Jones' article and pretty much just have what you wrote to go on. As a result, I don't have an opinion yet.

Your argument against is indeed, Marxist and intriguing. However, the only thing I'd comment on is that Ms. Tubman and her Underground Railroad (I learned about her in HS) were to me, human rights' heroes first. They were extremely brave. I believe they believed they were "fighting" the slavery system which was definitely embedded in the Capitalistic system.

But, I think it was the Civil War and the law that ultimately removed human beings as commodities for purchase, trade or exploit in the USA. Capitalism adapted. Granted, it was Ms. Tubman's efforts among others that contributed to abolishing that horrible "peculiar institution" in this country. But, the law made it unequivocal that humans were never to be "property".

Other societies used slavery without or within the Capitalistic system. I part with you that Capitalism is necessarily synonymous with slavery. Human bondage has been around an awfully long time. Alas, human beings have been exploiting each other for millennia.

If she does make it to the $20 bill, I think it will because of her extraordinary human rights work in this country. Not as a symbol of Capitalism.

May 13 lark commented on New York Is the Worst Megacity in the World.
Good Morning Charles,
I challenge Kennedy's assertion. Comparing NYC with ALL other cities including underdeveloped ones like Calcutta (I like the old spelling) on the planet is foolish and unfair. Clearly, he hasn't spent time in Lagos, Nigeria or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The title of your posting couldn't be more wrong.

NYC is worse than Johannesburg or Mexico City? Huh? Although Rio is cleaning up in preparing for the Olympics, its water basins (to be used for Olympic Events) remain dangerously polluted. And don't forget, there are the favelas and shantytowns where residents must share veritable cesspools for water resources. Fuel/oil/gas pipelines in Lagos are routinely pillaged with ghastly consequences. Isn't a New Yorker healthier and safer than a resident of any those cities?

I get it. New Yorkers consume more. But, the standards in NYC are entirely different vis-à-vis underdeveloped megacities. I am not from NYC but the Big Apple remains a great megacity. It functions and is getting greener.

I disagree strongly.

May 12 lark commented on I’m a Server and I Think We Should Keep Tips.
Kudos to Camille for mentioning that she works for a "team". Glad to hear she shares her gratuities. For the record, I DO tip. And like Camille I, too remain wary about the forthcoming mandatory $15 wage. Tips matter.

May 11 lark commented on What Lefties in the US Can Learn from the Conservative Party's Big Win in the UK Election.
Good Afternoon Charles,
Gonna part with what you posted. First of all as has been mentioned, British Conservatives are indeed more centrist/Left than their American counterparts. Britain no longer has an Oswald Mosley. I can't think of any strong Far-Right leader, a la Marine Le Pen in France. Simply put, there isn't any.

I don't think "hardening" of the Left will work. Bipartisanship and finding common ground are the keys to effective "politics" whether in Britain, America or elsewhere. One may not like the way the system "works" but it works nonetheless. It's the nature of the beast. Effectively not communicating with your elected opponent or worse, demonizing him/her simply isn't practical.

I agree it was a disaster for Labour just like it was for the Democrats in 2014. And it doesn't auger well for the latter in the upcoming Presidential election of 16'. I don't believe Bernie Sanders has a chance. He may "shoot from the hip" or even be honest. But, I'm reminded of something Michael Kinsley once said, "A gaffe in Washington is when a politician accidentally tells the truth." That cynicism extends to "Loose Cannons". I think Sen, Sanders a "Loose Cannon" which is very problematic for the Dems.

May 8 lark commented on Guys, Go To This Ballard Rock Show Tonight!.
Great promotional poster art.

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