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Sep 8 MinnySota commented on Working Mom Going to Prison for Getting Her Teen Daughter an Abortion.
I wonder if she would have been jailed for as long of a time if she'd given her daughter some Vicodin or Valium? Controlled substance, not prescribed to her, potential to be abused, potential for harm to the fetus (maybe less with the Valium; I seem to recall that being given in specific circumstances on OB units).
Jun 23 MinnySota commented on Savage Love.
One of the men I know who did the right thing is the one I married. I was pretty smashed at a party, and he liked me and I liked him. It would have been so easy for him to take advantage of me. But he later told me he wouldn't because he wanted to make 100% sure I was able to consent and actually wanted to be with him, not just when I had beer goggles on.
May 9 MinnySota commented on GOP Lawmaker: Gay Sex Is Like Eight Men Taking a Dump In Your Bed....
So when will he be coming out? Straight dudes don't think about gay buttsex this much.
May 2 MinnySota commented on SL Letter of the Day: He's Single, Ladies.
Aw shit, I meant delay our deaths. Fucking double shift.
May 2 MinnySota commented on SL Letter of the Day: He's Single, Ladies.
LW doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. I'm in a great marriage, and my husband gives zero fucks about who I fucked before we got together. What he cares about is who I fuck now, which is him. There isn't a "natural" leader. We each have areas of expertise and passion that we bring to the relationship. The engineer should deal with rewiring and all that it entails. The nurse deals with getting food in the house that will hasten our deaths. We both care a hell of a lot about what the other thinks, and we each have a veto card. If he told me not to do something, i wouldn't do it, and I could tell him the same.

LW should just go ahead and join up with some conservative christian circle now where all the women expect this kind of behavior.
Feb 28 MinnySota commented on A Baker Refused to Make Your Wedding Cake?.
As a straight person who has gay friends and a gay brother in law, I want that registry. Believe you me, I would want to know if some business is routinely refusing service to gay people and stop giving them my money PROMPTLY. I wouldn't care if it was the most amazing bed and breakfast, or if it was right next door or any of that. Not one more dollar of mine would support it. It would be tricky to set up, as I assume even gay people can be asshole customers some times, and businesses can just say 'we're booked,' or people can even just lie and say that it happened when they didn't (competitors?). But if there were some kind of checks and balances, like if there are three incidents where service was refused to a gay person/couple, or even say that on several occasions, we called x baker and said we wanted a cake for a gay wedding, and they said no. Then we had a friend call and say they were having a hetero marriage, and all the sudden they weren't booked. It could even be what those douches did to ACORN. In any case, I think there needs to be some way to be SURE that the business IS actually homophobic, and not say, shitty business people or having a bad day or is genuinely booked.

Sure, some might have that month or two of all the hatemongers eating there incessantly, or only staying there, but they'd eventually give up/forget/move on, and guess what? The rest of us would still know, and we still wouldn't eat/shop/stay there. I bet you after a few businesses started closing, FIRST they'd hit the Fox News victim cycle about "teh mean gays" but then you'd see VERY few businesses citing religious reasons for refusing service. In my opinion, that's as it should be. If you open a business, you're signing on to do a job. If you can't do that job because of your faith, you need to find a different line of work, not make the world conform to you.
Feb 12 MinnySota commented on Frank Bruni on Straight Guys, NFL Officials, Anonymous Players, and Others Freaking Out About Michael Sam Because—OMFG—Gay Dude In the Locker Room!.
I hope he does play for Green Bay. They have a significant defensive need, and it would be likely the only thing to change the minds of some Packer fans. Though we do need to give credit where it's due.... they did send Tammy Baldwin to the Senate. And distraction? You had a player change his name to his JERSEY NUMBER! NFL LOVES distractions because it IS a distraction! Tim Tebow isn't on a team on account of his "distraction" factor. He's not on a team because he can't play quarterback at a professional level. Jeez, even Michael Vick got another shot, because he was worth the risk. How many times did Brett Favre unretire? Distraction my ass.
Feb 5 MinnySota commented on In Ireland Only Straight People Are the Victims of Homophobia.
The right's diatribes work best when they can assume the role of victim and bully at the very same time.
Jan 31 MinnySota commented on Wait—I Thought Obama Was the Anti-Christ?.
Also, this whole antichrist thing is getting tired. Way back when, Clinton himself was the Antichrist. I think probably Al Gore was the Anti Christ for awhile. Probably Wendy Davis is also the Anti Christ. If there is an Anti Christ, don't you think s/he'd be damned well smart enough to fool a whole hell of a lot of people smarter than the GOP base? I do.
Jan 31 MinnySota commented on Wait—I Thought Obama Was the Anti-Christ?.
These days, Christians are the Anti-Christ.

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