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Feb 7, 2014 Mittens Schrodinger commented on Creole Food in Seattle: Is Restaurant Roux Better Than Marcela's?.
It's not a restaurant (yet!), but the "Jamil's Big Easy" food truck is pretty darn great, y'all! It can often be found in South Lake Union during lunchtime.
Feb 4, 2014 Mittens Schrodinger commented on What's the Best Bad Thing You Watched on TV as a Kid?.
Wonder woman with Lynda Carter, definitely the best of the worst. I spent so many afternoons twirling in a towel turban, hoping my wonder suit would magically appear and I could jump super high. And Steve Trevor (Lyle Waggoner) was just the DREAMIEST!
Feb 4, 2014 Mittens Schrodinger commented on Currently Hanging: This Beach Doll.
Has no one seen Insidious? Seriously, do not pick up random spooky shit unless you're looking to be possessed by some random demon thing. This is just common sense, people!!
Feb 4, 2014 Mittens Schrodinger commented on What The State Can Do Today to Help Renters.
I feel lucky that I own a home. I've been thinking about selling, and was worried about home value appreciation and what I can afford, but then I noticed what rents are in this city and I was floored! It's SO much cheaper for me to pay a mortgage than a rental on the same type of property. Wow. I feel really sorry for the renters in this city these days...
Feb 4, 2014 Mittens Schrodinger commented on Tomorrow Morning, The Stranger Goes to Court to Fight for Government Transparency.
Good luck, Brendan! I wish I didn't think you would need it so badly.
Jan 24, 2014 Mittens Schrodinger commented on Who Is This?.
How could you NOT guess correctly? Assuming you were alive and sentient in the 80's, of course.
Jan 17, 2014 Mittens Schrodinger commented on The Answer to the 99 Tunnel Problem: It's Totally Obvious, and Involves the Word "Plex".
Why must we be forced to read Trent Moorman's robo-fueled fever dreams?
Jan 10, 2014 Mittens Schrodinger commented on I Almost Died While Listening to Coldplay.
Oh Jesus people. How can no one have listed the Spice Girls on here yet?
Jan 10, 2014 Mittens Schrodinger commented on Beleaguered Corporate America Needs Your Help to Fight the Growing Power of Big Labor!.
@31 I see your point here, but shouldn't we be trying to actively make wind and solar work better, rather than trying to stop investment in these technologies--technologies that must develop if we're going to be able to mitigate any of the damage we're doing to the planet. Even if you don't believe global warming is happening due to oil and coal consumption, at some point oil and coal are gonna run out. Business is addicted to oil and coal because it is unrealistically cheap (who pays for the externalities of oil and coal? Not the businesses using them), and all modern business cares about is profit in the short-term. If business put any stock in long-term sustainability, there would be investment in clean energy programs to rival the investment in oil and coal and definite plans to reduce and eliminate reliance on oil and coal in the mid and long-term.

To say that business isn't greedy and short-sighted and reliant on short-term profit and ROI to the detriment of all else (environment, employee well-being, local communities and economies, etc.) is to ignore the lessons of the last 5 years. Thank god there are unions to at least look out for the rights of workers.
Dec 20, 2013 Mittens Schrodinger commented on Tim Eyman Has a Birthday Request!!.
As always, Morrissey says it best:…