Sep 29, 2016 Timrrr commented on The Mystery of Life Revealed in B Movie The Quiet Earth.
Aaaah... SPOILER ALERT maybe!
May 14, 2016 Timrrr commented on UPDATE: Red Mill Burgers Owner John Shepherd Apologizes for Sexist, Transphobic Online Comments and Resigns.
BTW: Even if he's "stepped down" and is "turning over control and operations" over to his siblings, unless he's selling his share of the company to them, he's still the owner and he's still collecting the profits from the business and taking them to the bank.

This shows he's smart enough to make a PR move. It does not mean eating at Red Mill isn't still putting money in his transphobic pocket just like before.
May 14, 2016 Timrrr commented on UPDATE: Bellevue Schools Lead Test Results Are Ten Years Old.
10 parts per billion = 1 microgram per deciliter, FYI.
Feb 11, 2016 Timrrr commented on Morning News: Seattle Is a City of Bad Drivers, Man Slashed in University District Starbucks.
"The next Clinton/Sanders debate" takes place tonight. The next after is at Flint
Sep 8, 2015 Timrrr commented on The Morning News: Seattle Teachers Still Don't Have a Contract, But Seattle Kids Sent Their Cat to Space.
Probably should not that the "$3,200 in relocation money" Hamlin Robinson School is paying the low rent tenants they're forcing out isn't out of the goodness of their heart -- it's absolute legal minimum they're required to pay under Seattle's Tenant-Landlord Act for displacing any renter from their home/apt for new construction.

A pesky little detail Hamlin Robinson is probably perfectly okay that you forgot to include, but important nevertheless.
Aug 31, 2015 Timrrr commented on The Morning News: Strange and Upsetting August Weather Continues, Wildfires Calm Down Slightly, Obama Visits Alaska.
Er,... If you check, that should be "expanded to eight lanes" on I-5 near Lewis-McChord, not eight lanes added. (Already 4 or 6 lanes there at present; adding 2-4 more.)
Aug 30, 2015 Timrrr commented on Mayor Seems to Think If Hookah Lounges Switch to “Steam Stones,” They’ll No Longer Be a Public Nuisance.
Pete Holmes hasn't done his research correctly if he thinks this will work or is any more legal of a business model for the lounges to employ.

Under state law County Health Depts are empowered with enforcement of the No Smoking ban (RCW 70.160) and King County Health Code treats vaporizers exactly the same as cigarettes!

The use of neither is allowed in a public place or within any place of employment.
King County Board of Health

At the December 16, 2010 meeting, the King County Board of Health passed the following regulations in regards to electronic cigarettes:
1. Prohibits selling electronic cigarettes to minors.
2. Prohibits offering free or nominal cost electronic cigarettes.
3. Prohibits electronic cigarette use in all areas where smoking is prohibited by law.…
(This is why you can't vape in bars in Seattle, btw.)

So tisk-tisk Heidi --and Stranger editorial staff!-- for not checking-up on that little fact. But I guess it does give you something to call the mayor's office about on Monday, though!
Aug 25, 2015 Timrrr commented on Lawrence Lessig Wants to Hack the Presidency.
Such pure unadulterated asshattery!

The president doesn't pass bills, Congress does. Unless he could get 51 Senators & 218 Representatives to go along with him, his presidential pen is nothing but a flaccid, inkless prop.

And that "mandate" bullshit? Since when have congressional opponents ever given two fucks about the opposition's supposed "mandate"???

(That's why Health Care reform just sailed through Congress unopposed in 2009, right?!? Asshats!)
Jun 29, 2015 Timrrr commented on Climate Change Advisory Panel Recommends Changing Parts of South Park and Georgetown to Prepare for Sea-Level Rise.
In Georgetown (and, to a lesser extent, South Park) the Upzoning idea isn't really feasible.

To start with, the residential, single family homes aren't along the waterfront -- there's a significant existing buffer of industral & manufactuing along the Duwamish River already. The few blocks of residential is back further from that, closer to the base of Beacon Hill.

The proximity of King County Airport (aka Boeing Field) -- literally across the street from half of Georgetown's already very few blocks of residential area -- imposes high restrictions (re: airplane approaches & takeoffs) which, when combined with the pervasive airport/jet engine noise, makes the idea of building larger mixed-use commercial/residential buildings --like those seen on Capitol Hill-- simply a fiscally non-vialbe option. (Can't go high enough to make them affordablable or quiet enough to charge high-end rents)

And the lack of any acknowledgement of the coming Georgetown Wet Weather Water Treatment Station makes me feel like this group didn't really do a very good job of researching the specifics of the area they've attempted to make recommendations for.