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Aug 6 loganlorelai commented on Seattle Repertory Theatre Hires Marya Sea Kaminski as Associate Artistic Director.
Best news for Seattle theater in years - and for years to come. Congratulations to Marya and the Rep!!
Jul 22 loganlorelai commented on My Fears and Hopes for Capitol Hill Block Party This Weekend.
Catching Natasha Kmeto & The Budos Band in the same 9-10pm hour on Saturday is worth the price of admission
Jul 14 loganlorelai commented on No Dive Bar is Safe: Bye Bye 2 Bit Saloon.
I go to the Streamline every week and the rumor is true - I believe New Years Eve is their last night.
May 27 loganlorelai commented on Sasquatch: Last of the War Bonnets?.
@2 - if you can't make the connection that the bad choice of this headdress is racist, you too are racist. And definitely not "lovely". Chalking it up to a "good time" also makes you clueless and doubly racist.
May 27 loganlorelai commented on Seattle Musician and Wife Lose Everything After Their Moving Truck Is Stolen.
Absolutely frustrating - there is a special place in hell for these type of people. I sincerely hope they get caught and serve most of their wasteful lives in prison. They look so f-in cavalier in the video. Really sorry Raf has to deal with this - he and his wife are amazing and kind people and don't deserve this.
Apr 26 loganlorelai commented on Kshama Sawant to Ed Murray: Just WTF Is Up with the Advisory Committee Now?.
Good for her...for reaping $50K of her alimony off her separation from her Microsoft husband. Oh the hyprocrisy
Apr 26 loganlorelai commented on 15 Now's National Conference Is Today.
This whole debate can be properly explained if you listen to Dori Monson 12-3 on KIRO-FM - he will tell you that you should pull yourself up by your bootstraps and make your own $15. Don't let the man dictate your wage - do it yourself, people! Easier than you think...kshama sNOT!

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