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Jul 22 diminished commented on To Kill a Mockingbird Will Never Be the Same.
so much vitriol, what is this the third scathing review from you? we get it. you hated it. it ruined your childhood. let it go, move on.
Jul 9 diminished commented on The Top 10 Songs of Summer.
nice list, but wheres the party jammers?! summer isnt all laying around looking at clouds, its full on thrash season lady!
Apr 23 diminished commented on The Morning News: Fight Over Crows in Portage Bay, Shooting in Columbia City.
ah man, thats some weak ass photography king 5. shoulda linked to local photographer extraordinaire kyle johnsons awesome piece on the smith tower apartment for kinfolk: http://www.kinfolk.com/smith-tower/
Feb 6 diminished commented on All We're Asking Is for Katy Perry to Apologize to Tacocat in Every Language, Then Take Us on a World Tour.
haha...i love tacocat so hard! keep on tacoing cats forever!
Feb 4 diminished commented on The Morning News: UW President Leaves for Texas, a State That Actually Focuses on Higher Ed.
we got our insurance through washingtonhealthplanfinder last year and it was hands down the worst experience ive had in the insurance marketplace. there was an extraneous bureaucracy layer that constantly fucked up. i canceled my plan with them when i got a new job with insurance and they kept billing me. then they accidentally canceled my wifes insurance with the carrier but kept billing us and it took two months to sort out. my wife needed treatment and when we called to sort it out they got real huffy and acted like it was our fault somehow. i asked them since my wife was delaying treatment until she had the insurance we had paid for was there anything they could do for us and they told us no, repeatedly. im sure theyre overworked and understaffed but that was a huge fuck up. we ended up getting the exact same plan through the same insurance company for the same price, just cut out the extra garbage.
Jan 10 diminished commented on New Column!.
Yr trying too hard.
Jan 7 diminished commented on Eater's Digest: Openings and Closings, Plus Tom Douglas Venture Makes Downtown Residents Live Inside a Campfire.
i hear Philadelphia Fevre closed down too. bought out by the bottleneck lounge guys for a burger joint? so sad.
Dec 31, 2014 diminished commented on The Song of the Day is "Joe Joe (Boys Are Dogs)" by Frankie Cosmos.
i like it! reminds me of early casiotones for the painfully alone!
Aug 8, 2014 diminished commented on Attention: There is Apparently a Sweet Circus Happening Right Now in Burien.
whoa. any idea of a more specific location? cause i want to party on down mexican circus style!
Aug 1, 2014 diminished commented on Sub Pop Signs Seattle MC Porter Ray.
ah man. its like your just rubbing it in that the shabazz show is sold out.