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Mar 21 Bhamjason commented on Seattle Needs to Start Behaving Like a Big City.
Stand to the right.
Mar 17 Bhamjason commented on Did the Missing Malaysia Airliner Fly in the Shadow of Another Plane, Thereby Avoiding Radar Detection?.
I'll throw something out there. What if the plane never came back to ground but instead kept climbing, to the point it left earth's atmosphere? I know that a space shuttle has insane amounts of thrust/force/speed to get off the ground and into space, but could a plane, already traveling at 40,000 feet doing 500+mph pull the nose up and just keep going? What if that plane was so fucking high that it just left the gravitational pull of the earth???!?
Mar 7 Bhamjason commented on The Morning News! Hey Everyone! It's Morning! Get Your Monocle On.
Maybe the lady in Ballard shouldn't have built her house as close to the setback as possible. Can't do it and then complain when the neighbors want to do the same thing.
Jan 30 Bhamjason commented on Cavity Search: Skittles Forever.
Excellent job linking to the Breitbart. Comments are hilarious.

"Treyvon tested. Treyvon approved."
Jan 11 Bhamjason commented on OMG! OMG! Seahawks! (Open Thread).
Oct 2, 2013 Bhamjason commented on Can You Watch Porn in Seattle's Libraries?.
Could we get some booths for the people who want to view porn?
Aug 18, 2013 Bhamjason commented on Hempfest Kicks Out Man Trying to Roll World's Largest Joint.
He should have pressed assault charges for her placing her hands on him. What a bitch.

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