May 5, 2011 JoeG reviewed Gyro Cafe.
Serves gyros, falafel, shish bebob, shawarma, salads and sides.

I've been there twice (it's only been open less than two weeks.) I ordered the classic (American, at least) beef/lamb gyro, no onions, tzaziki on the side the first week. I know almost all gyro meat is mass produced some place in Chicago, so that is pretty much what you'd get anywhere. The veggies were OK, but limp. I believe they added hummus to the pita before stuffing, which was nice. Tiny little container of sauce on the side was OK. But, unlike many other pita joints, no feta. The meat ended up tasting dry and crispy. Best part was hummus and the pita.

Second time, got the Greek Salad with chicken, no onions, sauces on the side. After clarifying "No onions" three times to the order-taker, she reiterated the same to the cook, three times. The third time was when he was closing the lid on the order; he had an embarrassed look, and gingerly used tongs to remove most of the onions. For the (again limp) salad, he had coated it with oil and a very weak vinegar that was barely noticeable. Lots of lettuce and sliced apples (?), but no tomatoes or cucumber. It did have about a teaspoon of feta on it. The chicken (all six half-a-mcnugget-sized pieces) was dry and tasted of nothing. The dish did come with rice and hummus (not listed on the menu for this dish), which was nice, and a pita.

I'll probably try again in a few months, but these two signature plates left me literally with a bad taste in my mouth. I really hope they get better, since I live so close. For now, (and I know it's hard to compare,) I'll stick to Vios.
Apr 28, 2011 JoeG commented on Seattle Schools Students Steal Teacher Passwords, Alter Grades.
Whatever reporting you do, don't refer to this as "hacking" or "hackers". This is about as simplistic as it gets. (And the fact that the schools were unprepared for something like this should be a big, if not biggest part of the story.)
Mar 13, 2011 JoeG commented on Every Time I Check the News It's Worse.
By your timestamp, I think your DST software is a little premature.
Mar 7, 2011 JoeG commented on Even Fox Thinks Beck Is Nuts.
@3 beat me to it, but:

Haven't we seen this movie before?
Feb 25, 2011 JoeG commented on Please Pick Up the Phone and Call Frank Chopp: (360) 786-7920.
The email link at the end is broken. Fortunately, Chopp's actual email address is in the URL, so you can copy it from there.
Feb 18, 2011 JoeG commented on Here Is a Thing That Exists (Farrelly Brothers Preview Edition).
"Please enter your birthdate" and submit in order to view?

Nope, marketers. My demographics are mine.
Jan 17, 2011 JoeG commented on ...A Good Idea at the Time.
I have no problem engaging cogent ideologies with which I disagree; in fact I encourage it.

But this just makes no sense.
Jan 16, 2011 JoeG commented on What Are These Friggin' Annoying Things Doing Outside My House Even Though I Opted Out Like 6 Months Ago?.
These "books" are printed and delivered for a reason. Why else would these various companies spend a ton of money doing so?

Advertising revenue. They can sell ads in them and claim that the ad will be delivered to almost 100% of users. Better yet, it's highly targeted advertising: when you look up "plumbers", you see Joe the Plumber's big old ad front and foremost.

So, the pages folks have a big incentive to do this pointless thing, whether people use them or not; whether they destroy the environment or not.

I propose a good old-fashioned boycott. Next time you get one, look up all your favorite categories of businesses; call them; tell them that you will no longer be using their business/service because they are helping to perpetuate this blight.

This'll take concerted effort, and time to work. But we can do it if there're enough of us doing so.
Jan 3, 2011 JoeG commented on Annoying Youtube Indie Fuxxors/Car Shills Also Evangelical Christians?!.
We have Apple to thank for this marketing trend (e.g. the 1, 2, 3, 4... iPod commercials.) Those worked fantastically for Apple and its marketing agency.

So expect to see more cloying music that annoys you on the teevee. Or get a TiVo™.