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Sep 10 apres_moi commented on Rallying to Help a Homeschooled Christian Kid Who Got Thrown Out After He Came Out.
I'm not surprised. This almost happened to me at 17/18 before I graduated HS and came to Seattle for UW. My late dad found my porn that I accidentally left on the screen in 1997 and over the course of 7 months tried to make my life hell only to get put in his place by my mom who threatened to kick him out b/c he cheated on her two years prior. So she had the upper hand and made sure that I didn't get kicked out before heading to college. My dad eventually came around a couple of years later and surprised me later by supporting marriage equality thanks to Six Feet Under.
Sep 10 apres_moi commented on Inside the Seattle Clinic That Survived the Darkest Days of AIDS.
This piece is great. Thanks for writing it.
Sep 10 apres_moi commented on Inside the Seattle Clinic That Survived the Darkest Days of AIDS.
My mom's a semi-retired-RN-nurse-now HS teacher ( I don't know why...), but she did hospice home health for around 10 years in SC, spanning from around 93 until 2004. Over the past 10 years, she's opened up about caring for hospice patients dying of AIDS and the stories of how families' inability/ability to deal and cope (or )with the deterioration and death of their loved ones. If you want to do another feature on the history of AIDS deaths, seek and talk to the almost/completely retired hospice nurses from that era.
Aug 19 apres_moi commented on SL Letter of the Day: Cover Your Tracks.
he could've been on chaturbate just watching others get off. it's not really cheating.
Apr 21 apres_moi commented on There Is a Newly Discovered Frog in Costa Rica with Skin Like See-Through Glass.
@3 I was about to comment on that as well. It's like it's saying 'fuck you world'
Apr 10 apres_moi commented on What Is the Best Phrase in This Piece That Already Has "Vatican Orgies" in Its Headline?.
@dan savage:

The following needs to be themes or bonus points for 2015 Hump:

"His fantasy was that I was Judas Iscariot and, since I had betrayed Jesus, I had to pay the price by becoming his slave"

Baldon orgies with Swiss Guards and Roman priests

"a little black book for anyone who might be interested in gay sex with priests"
Mar 13 apres_moi commented on The Morning News: City to Build Park on Slumlord Land, UW Investigating Frat for Yelling Racial Slurs at Protesters.
Clearly SAE's overall culture has a bit of historically racist culture that's being passed down from "elders"/alumni to the younger members, including fathers who are alumni teaching their sons the "ways" of SAE. I'm sure there have been times when this was quashed when there happens to be a black SAE member in the local chapter living in the house. I'd like to see a team of investigative reporters conduct research on this and expose some major shit with regards to SAE.
Dec 29, 2014 apres_moi commented on Cavity Search: X'treme S'toner S'mores™.
Years ago, a friend and I discovered to ditch the milk chocolate and go with dark chocolate for Smores. Do yourself a favor and stock up on the pack of 3 dark chocolate bars from trader joe's that's either $1 or $2.