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Sep 20 apres_moi commented on I Have Nothing to Add to This Skittles Nonsense, Except That Nazis Would Have Been So Good at Twitter.
wtf. that's so fucking racist. I'm black and you can easily replace those words with "black", "gay", "jew", "latino", "native american", "poor white America"and etc...
Jun 29 apres_moi commented on Gay Man Takes to Reddit to Complain About Pride.
What I find interesting about this guy are the other posts on Reddit that he's written. He claims to be asexual and is now complaining about the group of guys that he finds himself sexually attracted and desiring guys of certain types?

If the original Redditor is reading this, you might want to get some counseling and if you have the insurance and disposable income, visit a dietician, natural path, acupuncturist, and personal trainer. Hell, find a spin class to shed off some of the weight while you're seeing a trainer to focus and develop on proper technique as well as the motivational support.
Jun 28 apres_moi commented on More Good News From the Supreme Court: WA State Law Banning Douche Moves by Asshole Pharmacists Goes Into Effect.
There's a reason why Clarence Thomas is called "Uncle Tom" in the black community among other names he gets called.
Jun 28 apres_moi commented on Gay Man Takes to Reddit to Complain About Pride.
Can someone send this man a $150 gift card to Babeland or Castle and a free subscription to some porn site?

I mean my only two gripes about gay pride is how the leadership in the gay community fails to truly address the blatant racism in the community, be it via how the image of beauty is always portrayed in gay ads,porn, and tv shows as being "white is better/perfect" or how it ignores the significance and importance of diversity in the community and how POC members of the GLBTQ community have contributed in many ways to the movement, including by giving their own lives (ex. Orlando), and how the leadership in the GLBTQ community fails to push and promote higher education in STEM fields so that more folks can become the doctors, scientists, and engineers that earn the income needed to invest heavily in the community to continue keeping "gay neighborhoods" affordable for GLBTQ business owners and residents.
Apr 20 apres_moi commented on Mayor Signs On to Kshama Sawant's "Carl Haglund Law" Banning Rent Increases at Substandard Apartment Buildings.
I wonder if that law urges landlords to go through HUD to get their tenants to get housing vouchers that can be used to offset the cost of rent.
Mar 7 apres_moi commented on Doesn't Hillary Have Any Bros?.
Those bros could be Sean Cody (nsfw, unless you're the Stranger) models. Yes I went there.. :)
Mar 4 apres_moi commented on I, Anonymous.
I'll say that this is real. A friend of mine that I've known since my freshman year at UW told me that his 15 year old son is gay and I came out to him as well. He said he was fine with his son dating but only other teens his age. We had the 2013 conversation of the "state of things" and he already was on the look out for the "apps" since I personally told him to keep his son off of them since he would technically be jailbait to most guys until he's 18. But he's been a great dad to his kid. When he came out, he just hugged him and said he still loved him.
Feb 10 apres_moi commented on Ugh. The Seattle Times Said Marshawn Lynch's Retirement Announcement "Wasn't Classy" On Its Homepage..
Oh the Seattle Times and their passive-aggressive NYMBYism towards the black community.