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Feb 24, 2016 pat L commented on So Now Ben Carson Is Going to Eat an Eagle or Something?.
As personally nice and honorable as Mr Carson may be, I can't wrap my mind around a person with advanced degrees in science who - presumably - believes the earth is some 6,000 years old
Feb 24, 2016 pat L commented on The Morning News: Trump Wins Nevada, Seattle NAACP President Calls Police Shooting "Cold-Blooded Murder".
"removing barriers and hinges" - Seattle Times building, sounds like a giant glory hole!
Feb 20, 2016 pat L commented on Hillary Wins Nevada, Donald Wins South Carolina.
The Guardian has reported that John Ellis Bush has dropped out of the Presidential race. Thank god.
Feb 19, 2016 pat L commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Another Weirdo Waving Around a Knife, This Time in Ballard.
Thank you Callan! This is the perfect way to start a weekend!
Feb 18, 2016 pat L commented on Donald Trump Is Currently In a Flame War With Pope Francis.
Best.Pope Ever!! Too bad he can't run with Bernie!the ultimate ecumenical ticket!
Feb 17, 2016 pat L commented on Another Beloved Capitol Hill Parking Lot Threatened by Development.
It's the continuing "war on cars". Of course, the real war is the "war on anyone making less than $120,000 per year who wants to live in Seattle ".
Feb 13, 2016 pat L commented on Seattle Aquarium: No Octopus Sex on Valentine's Day.
Best Slog post ever! Eight arms of octopus love! Mmmmmmm
Feb 11, 2016 pat L commented on Paris Is Building the "Most Ambitious New Subway Project in the Western World".
So the Parisian tunnel C'est La Bertha?
Feb 9, 2016 pat L commented on Ugh. The Seattle Times Said Marshawn Lynch's Retirement Announcement "Wasn't Classy" On Its Homepage..
They're the Times after all, so you can expect tacky and worthless op-ed columns, opposition to any popular movements, and shilling for big business
Feb 9, 2016 pat L commented on Portland to Lose a Bunch of Popular Food Cart Lots to a $1.5 billion Development.
Oh No!!!! The food carts are also successful because they are open AT NIGHT after midnight when you are leaving the bar, and want cheap food. They are well-lit and safe.