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Mar 18 tacomagirl commented on Police Beat: Dog Owner Blames Attack On Victim.
If these dogs were pitbulls everyone would be crying for thier heads on a platter.
Mar 17 tacomagirl commented on Tales from Behind the Espresso Machine.
Mandatory lunch breaks and incremental raises!? The horror!
Snotty little hipster.
Mar 1 tacomagirl commented on Question of the Day.
It actually doesn't.
Feb 25 tacomagirl commented on Russell Wilson Would Welcome a Gay Seahawk.
@9. Are Mark Driscoll and Russell Wilson actually friends or do you think all Christians know eachother?
I take it you aren't Christian so you probably know what Woody Allen and Kim Jong-Un think about stuff.
Feb 25 tacomagirl commented on Photo Subject Reinflames New York Public Library Debate.
Well, he may not work for the library but he sure is cute.
Feb 9 tacomagirl commented on The Sunday Morning News: SNOWWWW!!!.
@14. Well, aren't you special?
I do the same as you actually. Except the part where you judge people who, in your uninformed estimation, aren't doing enough.
Feb 9 tacomagirl commented on The Sunday Morning News: SNOWWWW!!!.
And Treehugger, what have you done lately?
Feb 5 tacomagirl commented on Seattle Public Schools Evicts Northwest Center Kids.
Seattle Schools have a high school in the old Center House. Maybe the seattle center should end their lease and give them 6 months to find a new location. I wonder how well that would go over?
Jan 23 tacomagirl commented on Oh Shit—Cronuts!.
Smart move, Tully's. I'm already planning my Friday morning trip to Tully's for a crodelle.
I bet I'm not the only one.
Jan 23 tacomagirl commented on "I Need Some Pretty Things".
Take a drive along the upper deck of the 99 viaduct (north bound) on a clear day like today. It's the most beautiful view of the City and it's surroundings.

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