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2:33 PM yesterday Doctor Memory commented on Stand Your Ground Laws Prevent Gun Deaths in Upside-Down World.
What @7 said -- when I saw this, I thought they were trying to make some sort of cutesy visual analogy to dripping blood, and had failed to realize that they'd completely blown up the graph's ability to actually convey information in the process.
Apr 14 Doctor Memory commented on Florida Bill Prepares for Zombie Apocalypse by Lifting Gun Permit Requirements in Emergencies.
Christ. Why not just call it the "in case of emergency shoot the nearest black dude" bill?
Apr 13 Doctor Memory commented on Jesus Fucking Christ! The NSA Knew About Heartbleed for TWO YEARS?!??.
@17: C is, to be sure, a useful language. If you want to write a weak clone of multics to run on a PDP-11, there's really nothing better suited to the task. :)
Apr 11 Doctor Memory commented on Jesus Fucking Christ! The NSA Knew About Heartbleed for TWO YEARS?!??.
@11 is correct. The error was committed by a volunteer coder for the OpenSSL project (a german, I believe-- the press is being impressively circumspect about naming him, but it's easily findable), and was exactly the sort of error that programmers tend to make when writing networked programs in C. It sailed through code review because OpenSSL is mantained by a bunch of seriously underpaid volunteers, and is a legendarily awful spaghetti snarl of amateur-hour code in the first place. Never attribute to malice what can easily be explained by stupidity.

The real question is why, in C.E. 2014, we still continue to allow people to write any code at all that exists between the kernel and a network socket in a language without bounds checking, garbage collection, and native exception handling. Apparently we are slow learners.
Apr 11 Doctor Memory commented on Jesus Fucking Christ! The NSA Knew About Heartbleed for TWO YEARS?!??.
If the NSA doesn't have at least a dozen full-time employees who's job it is to subscribe to and carefully review the commit notifications of every major open source crypto project (openssl, gnutls, etc) and to regularly do top-to-bottom code audits, then I would say that they're not doing their jobs terribly well.
Apr 11 Doctor Memory commented on Drivers Decry "Predatory" Uber.
@10: the stories of landlords en masse turning their units into AirBNB hotels in SF/NYC are seriously overblown and dubiously sourced. The best estimate of the number of full-time AirBNB units in SF right now is just shy of 2000 -- and that's in a city with ~800,000 people and ~215,000 rental units in the market. It's a drop in the bucket.

Hotel owners, of course, hate it -- but I'm not sure why we should feel any particular sympathy for them.
Apr 4 Doctor Memory commented on Microsoft Has a Big Hit on Its Hands.
whoa, really stranger comments you don't auto-close tags? Well then: maybe this will work?
Apr 4 Doctor Memory commented on Microsoft Has a Big Hit on Its Hands.
ugh, apparently dropped a tag there :(
Apr 4 Doctor Memory commented on Microsoft Has a Big Hit on Its Hands.
I'm not sure I'd call it a fail so much as an interesting first version with a few rough edges.

If you're already an Office 365 subscriber this is such a no-brainer it's not even funny. The value of your $99/year just doubled at a minimum. If you're a corporate customer, you're probably jumping for joy: skydrive + office iOS is yet another set of nails in the coffin of your VPN.

For an end-user not yet invested in any of microsoft's new ecosystem, yeah, it's much less of a gimme. But Microsoft is, for once, not trying to be all things to all people here and I actually think that's kind of interesting. They're not trying to displace iWork or OpenOffice, but there's a value proposition here that's not necessarily a bad one: miss Word? (Some people do, seriously.) Need better document management than Pages or Evernote can provide? Well, for $99/year you get it on your laptop and your tablets, with automatic backups.

Printing needs to get fixed, but printing from iOS in general is still vestigial at best. A Word-only license plan is also an obvious need and I'm a little shocked they didn't launch with it.

SkyDrive: this is a gamble to be sure, but I don't blame Microsoft for not immediately ceding the ground to Dropbox. Dropbox, Box, Google, Apple and Microsoft all have (more or less) credible products in this space, and it's very very very far from a foregone conclusion that Dropbox is gonna run the table. Maybe they won't win this one, but I can't blame them for taking a shot.
Apr 4 Doctor Memory commented on Here's One Way To Deal With Landlords.
It's like the 20th century never happened and the 100 million people killed to perpetuate the lie that socialism works, meant nothing.

Please stop conflating socialism and communism, unless looking like an idiot is your goal in which case by all means continue. A strong plurality of the western world other than the USA over the last 100 years has been on and off run by socialist parties, democratically elected into governments. Some have been better and some of them have been worse, but state-engineered famines and work camps have been a hallmark of exactly none of them.

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