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Nov 17 Doctor Memory commented on Man Shoots and Kills Woman During "Freaky Sex" Gone Wrong.
Holy shit no no no no no. I am a bleeding-heart cosmopolitan coast-dwelling Jewish liberal who hasn't touched a firearm since boy scout camp and even I know that you always clear the chamber and you fucking never point even a gun you think is "definitely" unloaded at the head of someone you don't intend to kill.
Oct 17 Doctor Memory commented on Surprise! Fox News Uses Fake "Terrorist Analyst".
@7 the federal hiring/contracting apparatus is just as dim, slow and bureaucratic as any other HR department if not moreso, and inter-agency communications and record sharing are a notoriously bad joke. Very likely he was hired for a not-particularly-important position and everyone in the chain of vetting him took the fact that he'd been on the news as a former CIA operative as a perfectly good reason not to dive into the tar pit of trying to actually verify that claim.

Claiming to have been a former special ops / SEAL / CIA operative is such a popular pasttime that there are multiple youtube channels dedicated to exposing them. The fact that so few of them end up facing charges is a good indication of how high it ranks on the FBI's list of priorities in most cases.
Oct 17 Doctor Memory commented on Astronomers Think They Have Found a Star System With a Civilization.
I would like to propose Doctor Memory's Corollary to Betteridge's Law of Headlines: if a headline starts with the phrase "scientists believe" or "scientists think", it is axiomatically true that not a single actual scientist living or dead in all of human history thinks or believes such goddamned nonsense.
Sep 11 Doctor Memory commented on Rick Perry Drops Out of 2016 Presidential Race.
The Perry campaign was so weird. By all rights, he should have been a shoo-in: a popular conservative governor of the most populous conservative state, with an excellent story to tell about jobs, since Texas came out of the recession faster and better than just about any state. Hell, if he'd really wanted to fuck some shit up, he could have started talking housing policy: there's a huge, un-tapped pool of anger about housing prices in deep blue states and cities, and again Texas (especially Houston) is doing far better in that regard than SF, NYC or (ahem) Seattle.

But the man is, basically, a moron. Instead of playing to his strengths, he alternated between culture warrior (which he was never going to be as good at as Carson or Huckabee) and occasionally playing footsie with white nationalists, who dropped him like a rock for Trump.

Plus, the fucking glasses. Which he really seemed to believe made him look smarter.
Sep 7 Doctor Memory commented on Q&A With the Person Behind the Brilliant @KimDavis917 Account on Twitter.
In addition to being charming, @2 has a surprising amount of difficulty understanding the contextual purpose served by the word "our" in that sentence.
Sep 1 Doctor Memory commented on And Now I Have to Say Something About Kim Davis.
So now we know where seattleblues moved to.
Aug 21 Doctor Memory commented on About Josh Duggar's Ashley Madison Account.
@14: effectively every male AM user was there for the titillation, whether he realized it or not. The m/f ratio of the users was something like 10/1 and that's before you even start hypothesizing about how many of the female accounts were fakes or inactive.

The media is being weirdly reticent about this part of the story, but it's worth repeating: whatever you think of their motives and justifications, the hackers' factual claims about Ashley Madison's business practices are completely borne out by the data. The whole thing was a scam from beginning to end, and there is no reason to believe that more than a fractional percentage of their users actually had any sort of affair other than with AM's accounts receivable department.
Aug 13 Doctor Memory commented on Paris Is Still Burning.
In addition to being an amazingly good movie, showings of Paris is Burning are excellent for learning about the very strange ideas that contemporary activists have about how much money moderately famous documentary movies make.
Aug 10 Doctor Memory commented on This Two-Part This American Life Is A Must-Listen. School Integration Fixes Inequity, But We Gave It Up..
Hey, you know what a good long-term fix for this might be?

Overturn exclusionary zoning laws that create de-facto whites-only school zones by making it impossible for less-wealthy families to afford housing in certain areas.

*sad trombone plays*
Jul 29 Doctor Memory commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Magical Beasts.
Thank you notes after sex/kink parties are highly underrated. Everyone should send them, especially to the hosts. Putting together such an event is surprisingly hard work, attending is even in this day and age an emotional stretch for a lot of people (even gay dudes), and it's just generally nice. It's a pity Hallmark doesn't have a line for this occasion.