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Apr 27 Callie commented on New Development on 16th.
One of the owners of Neumos posted on FB today that he and his wife are moving there, so I'm assuming it is super expensive.
Apr 14 Callie commented on Seattle’s New Minimum Wage Highlights the Income Disparity Among Restaurant Staff.
Oh yes, I mis-spoke. So, for the restaurant in Belltown that I won't name so that I don't accidentally doxx my friend, the FOH current pay BOH, who already make $15/hr, 1% of their sales (not tips). Because of the new law, the restaurant is making FOH give BOH 2% of their individual sales, which essentially just takes the extra money they would be making due to the new law and gives it to BOH, according to the math my friend did.
Apr 14 Callie commented on Seattle’s New Minimum Wage Highlights the Income Disparity Among Restaurant Staff.
@2 is absolutely right. I have a friend who serves at a restaurant in Belltown. Because the BOH already makes $15/hr, they weren't going to see a pay raise. So, the restaurant restructured the amount that servers tip out BOH so that BOH will end up making more money now, and the servers' additional money is being siphoned directly to BOH, leaving the servers making pretty much what they made to begin with. This is the opposite of what is happening in the original post. It is ALL ABOUT how individual businesses implement the law. Not the law itself.
Apr 1 Callie commented on On Fleek of the Week.
Oh god Nipper.
Mar 5 Callie commented on The Bachelor Heats Up on Sex Island + the Group Argument Episode!.
I have (purposefully) never seen an episode of this show or the Bachelorette, but I effing LOVE these recaps.
Mar 2 Callie commented on Bartender Crush: Aaron at Redwood.
Yah, that's the point.
Feb 20 Callie commented on What Makes Randy's, the 24-Hour Diner South of Boeing Field, Worth the Trip.
Square Knot hasn't been 24 hrs for a while now.
Feb 18 Callie commented on Driving on the Viaduct While Imagining It Collapsing.
I've only ever lived in WA but I have been terrified or our "big one" for the last 20 years (since I was a kid). I have the same reaction every time I'm under and overpass or on the viaduct. Even sometimes when I'm ON an overpass. Have you ever noticed when waiting for the light at Pine and Boren going toward downtown that the overpass shakes when a big truck drives on it? Scary. I try to avoid the viaduct as much as possible.
Feb 13 Callie commented on Nice Try, Steely Dan.
Ooooooooooh. :D
No one likes a Steely Dance party anymore.

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