Aug 19 butterw commented on SPD Chief Kathleen O'Toole Meets With Hillary Clinton in New York.
In case you don't feel like taking Ansel's word about Hillary's position on police reform:…
May 23 butterw commented on Game of Thrones Recap: Holding "The Door" Is Such Sweet Sorrow.
Re: the Kingsmoot, elective democracy was actually a thing, e.g. in Anglo-Saxon England.…
May 10 butterw commented on Um, Budweiser Is Changing Its Name to "America" This Summer.
It's really a beautiful can. Shame it's such shitty beer.
May 9 butterw commented on How to Fight Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills, According to Dan Savage.
This will not win the battle for hearts and minds.
May 4 butterw commented on Hillary's New Ad Targets Donald.
I really like the upbeat way this is presented. So tired of the ominous music, dismal color palette and apocalyptic bass voices portending doom.
May 3 butterw commented on Appetite for Destruction.
Nicely written and researched, Eli. Thanks!
Feb 22 butterw commented on Hillary Clinton Used to Be Terrible On Marriage Equality.
"Bitankual" will be the Oxford Dictionary's 2016 word of the year.
Feb 22 butterw commented on Why Even Some Washington State Republicans Are Scared of Donald Trump.
> Another Washington State Republican told the Republicans that Trump is "the closest thing to a fascist we’ve had in years.” It was not meant as a compliment.

That last sentence is hilarious!
Feb 17 butterw commented on Frank Bruni and the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Trump.
> Meanwhile, in a separate New York Times piece today, Obama criticizes Trump directly...

This is not well stated. Obama criticized Trump at press conference yesterday which got reported in the NYT and elsewhere. The wording above implies Obama wrote an opinion piece for the NYT.
Feb 17 butterw commented on Jeb Bush, Ladies and Gentlemen.
Suicide is not the answer, Jeb!