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Nov 14 Lose-Lose commented on Lebanon Is Mourning 43 People Killed by Terrorist Bombings.
How many people do you know who've been to Paris?
And how many people do you know you've been to Beirut.

Yes, there's plenty of racism and bigotry in the US and US media, but this isn't it.
Nov 5 Lose-Lose commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Not a Rescue.
Dude, I admire your ability to recognize someone in trouble and your intent in helping her out (that's yes, be a homewrecker... actually you won't be wrecking homes at all so don't worry about it) but be aware what you're getting into. There are lots of services out there for young adults (huge caveat: Depending on where you are) but knowing them, contacting them, and navigating them aren't always easy. Best of luck and hope you keep us updated.
Sep 5 Lose-Lose commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: This Guy Says He Slept With Marco Rubio.
with #31 here: SHUT UP FOLKS ABOUT YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE FLYING. Rubio's going commercial (business class at least) and not seated next to an aide, campaign manager, wife, ANYONE. I find this is very, very odd. I'm going to have to update my blog.

Sep 2 Lose-Lose commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Arms and the Man (Who Treated You Like Shit).
How does that quote go? "How you respond to adversity defines you as a character".

For the record, follow Dan's advice 100%.
Aug 6 Lose-Lose commented on Where to Watch the Republican Debate in Seattle.
More importantly: where can we watch Jon Stewart's last show (for those of us without cable/don't want to wait until it's online tomorrow)?

Aug 4 Lose-Lose commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Advising On a Tight Deadline.
Well, she hasnt replied yet so things either went really, really well or really really bad.
I've finished all my popcorn and now have to go to work.
Good luck LW -and everyone else for that matter- you need it.
May 15 Lose-Lose commented on Mad Max: Fury Road Is the Greatest Film of Its Kind Ever Made.
Just saw it. OhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOoOhmygodOhmyygodOhmygodOOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodOhmygodDdOhmygodOhmygodOhmygod
Yeah. Good movie.
May 6 Lose-Lose commented on Florida Couple Faces Jail Time, Lifetime on Sex-Offender Registry, for Having Sex on a Beach.
This can't be real. Can it? I mean, really, it can't. I mean, these are the same folks pressing to ban Sharia Law, yet they're the ones enforcing Sharia Law. Can't we get some right-wing nutso to defend them on those grounds? I mean, where's Rand Paul on the issue? I can't wait until he's asked.

"Seriously" though, I saw this late, and hope there's an uproar. Dan, any chance you can post the contact information of the people to whom we'd like to vent our rage? Thanks.
Apr 28 Lose-Lose commented on SL Letter of the Day: Sail Away.
When I was in my 20s I was a basket-case. Ok, not a certifiable basket-case, but I had lots of emotional baggage that I didn't even realize needing unpacking. So though I could get women into bed with me, sex -or the prospects of sex, the post sex- left me in all sorts of emotional wreck . I'm going out on a limb here, but for a significant part of the American population, childhood and adolescence results in substantial emotional baggage, and not nearly enough people get the counseling that they need.
Or you could take #3 scientific angel.

Regardless, one thing that kills a boner in the long-term is panicking about no boner in the immediate term. As Dan said, don't fret it, take a break, give a boy time to breathe, and that boner will probably appear. And if it doesn't, it was never meant to be...
Jan 28 Lose-Lose commented on SL Letter of the Day: She Had Her First Threesome And....
Agreed. Not enough detail. Sounds fake. Give more detail. Please. Thank you.