Sep 23, 2014 alight commented on Hey, Slog, Where Do You Get Your Fresh Vegetables in the Winter?.
U District, Broadway and West Seattle farmers markets are year-round if you don't mind the drizzle; certainly the crowds die down. Variety is great until early December then it tapers off to European pears, winter greens and squash, taters, onions and a few other root veg until somewhere around April.
Apr 7, 2014 alight commented on Here's the First Episode of Silicon Valley: What Do You Think?.
The actor who played the dude giving the TED talk (who wanted the protagonist to keep ownership of his little idea/company) was Chris Welch; he lived in Seattle during the '90s, was the lead singer for the Ottoman Bigwigs and did some acting around town, too. He died while filming the show, apparently from something related to lung cancer. So I enjoyed the show, but it was weird/sad to see his last work, and I'm not sure how the creators will end up replacing him. Poof, new actor like Daario in GoT? Who knows.
Mar 1, 2014 alight commented on The American Scone Crisis, Plus: Renee Erickson's Boat Street Cafe Scone Recipe.
Bethany is correct; Renee's scones are excellent and possibly capable of reforming scone haters. (There is a lot to hate about American scones.)
Re: all the clotted cream comments. It's true you can't get the raw/fresh clotted cream in the US, but the Devon Cream Company makes a jarred clotted cream. Green label, says English Luxury Clotted Cream. The same company sells a completely different product with a blue label called Devon Double Cream. You don't want that on your scone. Amazon has the green label stuff; I've never seen it in a local grocery store.
I'm waiting for this morning's viennoise au chocolat to rise, and kind of wishing I'd made these scones instead. Baking powder is a thing worth celebrating.
Feb 13, 2014 alight commented on The Bravest Flower.
I've always felt a little bad for snowdrops, since their name implies that meh, of course they bloom in the snow. They should rebrand, because crocuses and narcissus do seem tougher.
Oct 23, 2013 alight commented on Hillman City Is a Place (in Seattle), and Union Bar Is Now Open There (as of Tonight!).
@Jackie know Afrikando Afrikando is now just up the street as Afrikando Banadir? Rainier Ave &...Dawson, maybe? Same lovely chef/owner.
Oct 5, 2013 alight commented on New I-522 Ads on the Air.
It isn't necessary for either side to talk about science, because this initiative has nothing to do with science. Our food is labeled with all sorts of things--salt, sugar and fat content, a few minerals and vitamins, a full list of ingredients, and frequently a lot of cross-promotional stuff along with whatever marketable health claims the manufacturer can get away with. Labeling GE food is just that: a law about labeling. Not an examination of the possible pros or cons of using them, or developing new ones.
Aug 22, 2013 alight commented on Did You Know It's the Season When Giant House Spiders Walk Around Seattle Homes?.
Merciful heavens. I have seen kittens smaller than that thing. I don't object to giant garden spiders, but I do object to Giant House Spiders. And I most especially object to giant Slog spiders. Those are the worst.
Aug 14, 2013 alight commented on To All Those Who Say Fast-Food Workers Should Just Get Better Jobs.
Something that gets me every time I read articles about part-time work: I was a retail manager for about a decade, and when I worked for chains, I was consistently told to keep people's hours under 32/week, because we might have to provide benefits if the person worked full-time. Keep the hours low even for my best employees. Even if those best employees had said they were available for full-time hours and I knew they could use the money. It was apparently a better choice to hire two or three less-than-wonderful people for 13 hours a week than one great full-time worker.
Anyway. The bottom tier of wages should be higher. And CEOs should think about the human cost of their bonuses.
Aug 13, 2013 alight commented on Drive-By Shooting at Medical Pot Dispensary in South Seattle.
I live a couple blocks north of CCHH--it was quite a number of shots yesterday, and just on the volume alone it was pretty startling. The corner of Rainier/Pearl/39th Ave has its share of gun/knife/car prowl/mugging issues aside from the pot shops. It also has its share of lovely human beings.
Aug 13, 2013 alight commented on Mad Max, Lenny Bruce, and 'the harvest-gold appliances of nineteen-seventies kitchens'.
Pratfalls were funny in silent movies, and they're still funny today.