Aug 31 gnossos commented on Here Are 6 Reasons Why Trigger Warnings Aren't Bullshit..
@15 & 16: Maybe I'm missing your point, but: 19.7 % = 20% = 1 in 5
Jul 28 gnossos commented on Last Night at the DNC: Live-Slogging Hillary Clinton's Speech.
So I do wonder what the live Slog was like, but damned if I'm going to wade through twitter comments to find out. Why you guys even bother with anything election related anymore is befuddling, clearly any institutional commitment to good political coverage is long gone.
Jul 11 gnossos commented on The Queen Protester of Baton Rouge: An Art Review.
Great post Jen. Really well done.
Jul 8 gnossos commented on Mayor on the Police Union and Reform: "It's a Struggle.".
@6: I am no fan of SPOG, but that same argument could be used against any public sector unions. The problem is not with unions in general, it is that SPOG (like many other police guilds) is run by the most in-your-face, aggro folks in the department. The kind of folks who get into gunfights in biker bars.
Jul 8 gnossos commented on Mayor on the Police Union and Reform: "It's a Struggle.".
@2: She's in uniform. SPD rules are that if you're in uniform, you're armed.
Jul 8 gnossos commented on Seattle Police Union Blames "Minority Movement" After Dallas Shootings.
Smith should stick to gunfights in biker bars at Sturgis.…
Jun 15 gnossos commented on What We Find in Gay Bars and Queer Clubs.
Wonderful piece. Thank you Dan. (a straight guy, whose mind was blown the first time I set foot in a gay club [hello I-Beam, Haight St]...and who found a sanctuary and a respite from hetero culture)
Jun 7 gnossos commented on 79 Percent Increase in Link's Boardings.
Agreed w/everyone about opening the 45th St station earlier. Their schedule is nuts and just adds to the perception that the ST planning folks either don't understand or don't like rail. They need to fast track (pun intended) the U-dist and Roosevelt stations. Not 5 yr or soon after. Work 24/7 if needbe. Get this system up and running.
May 25 gnossos commented on After Criticism, Mayor Backpedals on Timeline for Clearing the Jungle.
@10: then you don't know shit about either the folks living in the Jungle or UGM. Believe it or not, as bad as the Jungle may be: it more closely replicates "housing" than what the shelters offer.

Have a partner? Want to have sex once in a while? The Jungle.

Have a pet? The Jungle.

Have more possessions than you want to/can cart around? The Jungle.

Want to be guaranteed a place to stay each night? The Jungle.

Like to drink, smoke tobacco, consume cannabis (all legal)? The Jungle.

Use illicit drugs? The Jungle.

Don't want to hear about sky fairies? The Jungle.

Until the options we offer are actually better than living there, it is an entirely rational decision for folks to remain there.