Not enough like Twitter.

8:58 PM yesterday gnossos commented on Facebook Fails on Ferguson.
Re: FBs "most recent" setting. And fucking FB keeps resetting it to "Top Stories", so that I have to go back and reset it to most recent. Does this on multiple platforms/browsers. If someone has a permanent override, do tell.

And even then, it doesn't feed the most recent: it's shitty fucking algorithm is still filtering. Until FB totally lets the user specify what/when/how they want to see they are a platform that sucks and (hopefully) something else will come along that does that and bury them.
8:29 PM yesterday gnossos commented on Officer Responsible for 80 Percent of Seattle's Pot Tickets Resumes Downtown Patrol.
Hate to admit I've never noticed this before, and I'm currently out of town so can't check myself: are SPD standard issue bikes Volcanic, or is Joker once again freelancing?
1:44 PM yesterday gnossos commented on Former SPD Interim Chief Hired as King County Sheriff's No. 2.
Awesome news. Hooray for Pugel and for Urquhart.
Aug 13 gnossos commented on Reporters Say They Were Just Arrested in Ferguson, Missouri for Not "Leaving McDonald's Quickly Enough".
per St Louis Post Dispatch:

"St. Louis City Alderman Antonio French was among about 10 people arrested Wednesday night."


"Late Wednesday night, Brian Fallon, director of the public affairs office for the U.S. Department of Justice, tweeted his support for the two detained reporters. "DOJ is lucky to have a gutsy reporter like (Ryan Reilly) on our beat. We knew that even before tonight. Glad he and (Wesley Lowery) are okay." Fallon's Twitter profile announces: "Opinions are my own.""

Fnarf is right, this is a department (Ferguson) and an area (St. Louis) that is in totally over their head. They don't have a clue about what they're doing and as long as they're in control the situation will only get worse.

Time for Obama/DOJ to remove local law enforcement from the job.
Aug 13 gnossos commented on Reporters Say They Were Just Arrested in Ferguson, Missouri for Not "Leaving McDonald's Quickly Enough".
@24 I think I've seen maybe one or two black officers in any of the photos so far. And by all accounts Ferguson is a place where blacks are highly disenfranchised.

@28: NPR had an interview earlier with the lone black county council member and she was asked about the Chief's refusal to name the officer. She said it was no secret to those in the community and that he had a reputation as an asshole who jacked people up. No mention of race, but I think you're right.
Aug 12 gnossos commented on Anna, This Is Lauren Bacall.
To put it a different way for all of you harping all over Charles: say his post was about Bogart and had a b&w photo w/smoke wafting over his forehead and a squint. Would you have an issue? I bet not. And if you did, then you truly know nothing, and care less, about cinema.
Aug 12 gnossos commented on Anna, This Is Lauren Bacall.
@23 Oh fucking bullshit. What misogyny? What sexist bullshit? Charles said it had to be a b&w photo, it had to be noir, and it had to feature those amazing eyes. He's recalling the era and type of film that Bacall utterly ruled...a genre she practically defined. If you want to remember Bacall that's what you want to recall.

Of course he wouldn't have posted anything like that for Williams. For fuck's sake: he wasn't b&w, wasn't noir, and his eyes conveyed entirely different messages.

Are you even familiar with the movies she was in?
Aug 12 gnossos commented on Westlake Mall Cop Ignores Agitator, Maces African-American Bystander at Israel Protest.
@42: spot on. Mr Wilford behaved much better than I would have in that situation. If that security guard had dealt with me that way, I would be in jail for assault and he'd be in the hospital. But, of course, he wouldn't have done that to me because I'm white.

Anyone trying to deny that this is a clear example of both racial profiling and a gross abuse of job as a security guard is either being willfully obtuse or just plain dumb.
Aug 12 gnossos commented on Will the Events in Ferguson Inspire a New Round of Police Reform?.
@4: first of all it's Eric Garner. Get your blacks-killed-by-cops straight. Second, he was a "huge asshole"? To whom? The police? This is one of the major problems with urban policing around the country and which is why so many cities are going under consent decrees: taking utterly trivial offenses and escalating them beyond any sense of reason. Fuckity-fuck, who the fuck cares if Eric Garner was selling loose cigarettes on the street? Seriously? You just tell him: "okay Eric pack em up, go home". Or write him a ticket.
Aug 11 gnossos commented on Christian Mingle: The Movie.
@24: wow, you weren't kidding. She apparently takes the Lacey part seriously.

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