Mar 22 gnossos commented on Texas Teacher Smiles For Mugshot.
Oh lord, the NYPost identifies her as an anatomy and physiology teacher! Some jokes write themselves.
Mar 22 gnossos commented on What Seattle Voters Can Learn From the Racism of Washington's Pro-Trump Rural Voters.
Rational people: when they see someone earning more than they do for the same work, think "hey, I should earn what they do". The aggrieved white masses think: "they should earn what I earn". This view was recently articulated by workers at the Boeing plant when they voted to reject unionizatioin. They argued that the union workers made too much.

These people have been so brainwashed they work against their own self-interest.
Feb 25 gnossos commented on American Muslim Empowerment Network Director Aneelah Afzali Will Accompany Rep. Jayapal to Trump's State of the Union Address.
This is technically not a State of the Union address. He was invited to address a joint session of Congress.
Feb 21 gnossos commented on UPDATED: In State of the City Address, Mayor Promises New Tax for Homelessness, Threatens to Sue Trump.
@16 and 17: Really? And you can't figure this out for yourself: cities are magnets. People flock to cities for a wide variety of reasons. Go to any city of any size from Vancouver to San Diego (and I'm including Oly, Salem, and Eugene) and you'll find concentrations of homeless folks and a chunk of them from somewhere else.

As the late Bill Hobson used to say "there is no goddamned Conde Nast for the homeless. Homeless people come to Seattle for the same reasons other folks do." And a lot of folks become homeless after they migrate here.
Feb 14 gnossos commented on So You Want to Counter-Protest Abortion Clinic Protesters. Here's How to Do it Without Making Things Worse..
@9: what the fuck are you jabbering about? There is no governmental restriction about where kids can go to school (hell, with a small amount of fuss, you can even not send them to school and home school the little monsters). The argument is over whether public dollars should be used for private school.

So, no, one thing like the other. You should have paid more attention in school.
Jan 4 gnossos commented on We Still Get Great Comments (From Great Commenters) Here On Slog.
Thank you for not turning comments off on your posts Dan.
Jan 3 gnossos commented on Lindy West Quits Twitter: "It Is Unusable for Anyone But Trolls, Robots and Dictators".
re closing comments on Slog posts. There have always been assholes on Slog saying horrendous things (especially of women writers). But, two things: once upon a time the signal to noise ratio here was much better because there was a large and devoted community of Sloggers who would call that shit out and make sane comments. There's like maybe 10 of those folks left. Second, many of those departed Sloggers were also the most vocal about banning the homophobic, racist, sexist, mouth breathing trolls. Slog very belatedly went to a registered comment system and does an awful job of shutting down the shit. You guys kinda created the disaster area of the comments section. And rather than do something to improve it you just complain and/or close commenting.
Dec 20, 2016 gnossos commented on One Way to Protect Washington State's Legal Weed Market from Trump: Burn It to the Ground.
@4: You seem to have some serious problems in the reading comprehension arena. Far from wanting "to go back to locking the kids up again just to avoid having to battle the DEA in court". the point here is that by simply removing any mention of cannabis at all from Washington laws and regulations you actually go further than 502. That is the nuclear option against the feds. If there are no laws about it, cannabis becomes just another commodity like socks: anyone can sell it to anyone they want. Anyone can possess. 502 and other legal cannabis states have all sorts if regulations and restrictions regarding sales, possession, and use. Some of which I find crazy (such as only for over 21 year olds), but are part of the compromise. Removing any reference to cannabis at all undoes all of those compromises
Dec 15, 2016 gnossos commented on Momentum Is Growing for Safe Consumption Sites in Seattle, but Still No Answers about When They'll Open.
@4: oh batcrap. There is no goddamn Conde Nast for drug users or the homeless. People do not relocate for services. Downtown Eastside is the poorest postal code in Canada; nobody in their right mind is moving there. We hear the same crap in Seattle "oh people come here because we have great services" while studiously ignoring the fact that cities all over are seeing an explosion in homelessness and drug use. And west coast cities in particular.

If you're measuring the success of Insite by how many people enter and complete drug treatment, you're using probably the least relevant measure I can think of. How about just start with money saved? I'm guessing most tax payers care a lot more about that than lives saved. Or injections now taking place indoors and out of sight rather than in doorways and loading docks of apartment buildings and businesses?