Nov 16 gnossos commented on Caryn Mathes, President and General Manager of KUOW, Talks About Her Plans for KPLU.
If she thinks that KUOW has been producing valuable content, then she's part of the problem over there.

I gave up on KUOW a couple of years when some idjit decided they could "improve" on All Things Considered by slicing and dicing it and adding in snippets of local news, PRI's The World, and god knows what else. It's utterly infuriating to listen too.
Nov 10 gnossos commented on In Latest Ballot Count, West Seattle Council Candidates are Separated by Just Six Votes!.
@12: because it was still at the signature verification stage is how.
Nov 10 gnossos commented on In Latest Ballot Count, West Seattle Council Candidates are Separated by Just Six Votes!.
@9 it's not just late mailers. I dropped my ballot off in a drop-box on Monday. As of yesterday it had still not been counted.
Nov 9 gnossos commented on Is the Right-Wing Media Killing White Americans?.
Thank you HW3 @11: I find it utterly fascinating/bizarre/telling that all of the media attention that I've seen on this focuses on the fact that the death rate for middle aged white males is going up, while either ignoring or glossing over the fact that it is still lower than the rate for similarly aged black males.

It resembles the sudden calls for a public health approach to drugs now that white suburban kids are dying of overdoses.
Nov 3 gnossos commented on Election Night 2015: We Crash All the Parties as All Nine City Council Seats (and More) Go Up for Grabs at Once!.
@8: you really are that dumb, aren't you?

Right fact, wrong lesson. Over and over again the trend is that late voters are younger and more progressive. So what cite actually favored Sawant last time, it pretty much dooms Banks.
Oct 7 gnossos commented on Accused "Slumlord" Carl Haglund Promises to Improve Building Where Tenants Are Living with Roaches and Rats.
@4: fucking Valdez. I really can't tell if he's sort of living out Poe's law and is just doing a parody routine of what a thoroughly venal development hack would be or if he actually believes the shit he says.
Oct 6 gnossos commented on Guest Editorial: We Should Be Funding the "Career Bridge" Reentry Program for Felons in the New City Budget.
Fuck, the level of ignorance here is beyond sad.

Seattle really screwed the pooch when it opted for Murray over McGinn. This is just one example.
Oct 5 gnossos commented on Orcas in Puget Sound Yesterday, as Seen from a Washington State Ferry.
@2: cool story. Thanks for the link.
Oct 2 gnossos commented on Obama: “Our Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Enough”.
@14 "This site is getting as corny and slavishly P.C. as Jezebel". Um, I know you're new here, but do you have any idea of where you are? Slog/Stranger has been a thing since before Jezebel, and we've thought people like you were mouth breathing idiots since inception. Go crawl back under that rock.