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Jul 23 captain underpants commented on My Fears and Hopes for Capitol Hill Block Party This Weekend.
i very much appreciate this slog post. while your assertion that a rendition of Fuckin' Problems sans Drake and Kendrick Lamar is an inferior rendition is correct, your willingness to sacrifice the 2 Chainz chorus is reprehensible. an amazing song, no doubt, but 2 Chainz' chorus is far and away the best thing about the song. there is no Fuckin' Problems without that chorus. this post is also not a joke.
Feb 13 captain underpants commented on I Can't Masturbate To Rolling Stone Magazine Anymore.
one of the better pieces on line out in a while, and i generally love line out.
Feb 10 captain underpants commented on Slog Poll: Will You Read Lena Dunham's Book?.
regardless of what time it looks to be from or not (and i think the 70s is fairly right on), i think that typeface is horrendous and don't think it will help her sell any copies.
Oct 27, 2013 captain underpants commented on Wrap Your Dreams in Trouble: Lou Reed, 1942-2013.
great list dave. what goes on is probably my #1 for him too and i love that you have foggy notion in your top 10 (probably makes mine too, easily the best tune on VU, which is great is its own right). heres to taking as much joy as you can while revisiting his work in the coming days/years. and, of course, best to laurie & his family.
Oct 1, 2013 captain underpants commented on Seattle City Light: A Celebration of Government That Works.
haven't read the discsussion here yet (looking forward to, just swamped at the moment), but need to chime in to big up city light. great great great organization/business/model for the rest of the damn world. keep on kickin' ass city light.
Sep 18, 2013 captain underpants commented on Sally J. Clark to Gay Russian Teenagers: Drop Dead.
terrific piece, thanks for writing dan. kudos to godden, murray and our mayor for doing the right thing. fuck our POS city council (except you mr obrien).
Aug 28, 2013 captain underpants commented on You Never Should (See) My Bloody Valentine and Lumerians at Showbox Sodo.
i've been sitting on commenting for this post for a week and just now feel compelled to do so, after listening to MBV on headphones for the first time since last weeks show.

a). man, MBV are a terrific headphones band.

b). i largely agree w/ the review above, save for the fact that i was sadly not at the 2009 wamu theater show.

c). aesthetic & size wise, i really like the showbox sodo. the wooden beams and iron brackets are lovely, as is the brick exterior/warehouse/industrial feel of the venue. however, the problems with the venue aren't purely sound based. the stage is way too low for the size of the room, making lines of site very difficult for even a 6'0" person not standing closer to the stage than the soundboard. if you're in the bar to the north or drinking area behind the soundboard and the show's crowded, forget about seeing whoever you intended to see. those lovely beams are particularly low hung and when orientied vertically as posts as in the bar section, you have the same issues with the venue that The Croc v1.0 suffered from.

d) re: the sound: i've seen shows there that have sounded great (hold steady/drive-by truckers, guided by voices), decent (big boi), and now really awful (MBV). it pains me to hear that this may not be an issue with just the showbox sodo and with the 2013 tour in general, but either way, i was skeptical about the downgrade from the wamu theater from the 2013 show the moment it was announced. despite its rep as a room without character, it's a big, high ceilinged room with lots of space for sound to breathe and reverberate, which is exactly what MBV needs and didn't get in the claustrophobic confines of showbox sodo. im not a sound engineer, but i imagine this is akin to the difference between wearing open-air grado headphones and noise canceling earbuds. MBV deserves the former.

e). my frustrations throughout the show with the poor vocals / lack of showmanship / shitty sound / lines of sight / relatively high price of the ticket / etc. legitimately had me questioning if MBV were in fact a great band. a week's later and playing them again on headphones and in a car stereo confirms that they in fact are, but it was easy to doubt last week. what's most fascinating about them to me is that despite the undeniable simplicity of their base ingredients (saccharine melody plus crushing guitar electronics), still no one in music sounds quite like them, and i suspect ever will.

f). i left the show and am still feeling a week later that this is a band that's been complacent with themselves and with forever unattainable "perfection" for far too long. while folks may disagree with this and subscribe to more of a "going out on top" theory, MBV would be a far better band and have a stronger legacy if they in fact followed up loveless quickly, continued to tour, incorporated b-sides & new songs into their setlists more regularly, etc. i can't help but see somewhat of a lack of creative drive in mr shields, or at least a lack of willingness to take real risks or develop a vision for his band. to me, this is what art is always about and what really makes it great. luckily for him, deb, belinda & colm, the records they have to fall back on are sublime and more than make up for their many other shortfalls.
Aug 26, 2013 captain underpants commented on Why All the Skyler Hate?.
i've always been kinda so-so on skyler myself. she has her admirable moments and non-admirable moments, but is generally well acted and plays a necessary/important role on the show. i don't totally buy the "bb has poor roles for women" argument either, both skyler and marie get pretty damn compelling by season 3. i'll agree they both drove me the most nuts (which, in the grand scheme of things, wasn't nuts at all, ie i didn't ever think about it outside of while watching the show), in BBs first two seasons.

gunn's article points out similar reactions to carmela soprano & betty draper, which adds interesteing depth and accuracy to the article. the betty point is particularly close to me as i've long maintained (and still do) that in seasons 1+2 (or at least up until she divorces don) betty was the show's most interesting, well written and well acted character; an opinion shared by few if any. sure she wasn't "unique" or "complex" like say a walter white is, but for a documentary-style character study of the plight of the early 60s suburban housewife, january jones and the mad men writers did a terrific job, and the crap she got for it always bugged me. perhaps my inclination towards betty isn't surprising in that i find shows like "the wire" the most compelling of any/all on tv (the documentarian/voyeuristic approach rather than the narrative driven morality play approach of BB), but anyhow, yes: more skyler/better/carmela love.
Aug 21, 2013 captain underpants commented on Spoiler Alert! Probable My Bloody Valentine Setlist.
sweet! thanks for sharing dave. i've been listening to a playlist from the 2009 show (that i stupidly did not attend), but am partially glad about as i prefer mbv to isn't anything. could definitely use a lose my breath or when you wake youre still in a dream though ;). also more tunes from mbv.

can. not. freaking. wait.
Aug 7, 2013 captain underpants commented on Ed Murray: "I Am Not Running to Be a Progressive Mayor of Seattle".
1000% on the money, nice work paul.

and #16, i agree.

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