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Apr 14 captain underpants commented on Marshawn Lynch is Unretiring and Becoming a Raider.
lynch is my 2nd favorite pro athlete ever, and i am zero percent sad about this news. he's happy and like #1 said, he would likely not have been all that productive of a player for the hawks in 2017, (or 2016 for that matter).
Apr 5 captain underpants commented on The Seahawks Have No Chill, Openly Talking About Trading Richard Sherman.
i agree with the bleach in eyes sentiment re seeing sherm on the pats, but really, 2+ years later i cant believe there are any serious hawks fans that really think they should have done something else on the 1 in sb49. pass plays worked approx 50% of the time in equivalent scenarios for the hawks and all nfl teams that season. butler made a great play. end of story. we put up a great fight. time to move on, not be bitter about what we "should" have done, and most importantly, build to hopefully hold a candle to NEs 2000s legacy.
Mar 14 captain underpants commented on Ex-Green Bay Packer Running Back Eddie Lacy is a Seattle Seahawk, But Offensive Line Still a Question Mark.
dougs strategy is decently solid. carroll has come out with a few quotes along the lines of "i want him big," so maybe it's a realistic option. this is also my first time seeing the china food tweets; i can only hope it's a sign that his personality is as charming and eccentric as marshawn's. 20+ uses of china food proves its not an auto-correct issue and he's gotta be doing it for effect at this point. it's definitely making my dumb ass laugh.
Mar 3 captain underpants commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Gets Hit With A Bat, Has No Clue Why.
what #1 said. this column hits a similar nerve as last days did for me. since that's gone maybe this should be run weekly at the front of the paper.
Feb 15 captain underpants commented on UPDATED: In Seattle, Feds Arrest 23-Year-Old Mexican Immigrant Who's Part of Obama's "Dreamer" Program.
sydney, thanks for your great reporting on this story thus far. please keep the updates coming, they are extremely helpful.
Feb 2 captain underpants commented on Two Concrete Things You Can Ask Your Senators to Do About the Muslim Ban.
any reason as to why we shouldn't contact our congressmember with the same requests (aka why only senators and why not also pramilla, adam, denny, etc?)
Jan 31 captain underpants commented on Republican Dave Reichert and Democrat Pramila Jayapal Cosponsor Legislation to Protect Dreamers.
i just called reicherts office to thank him for this move and offer additional encouragement for him to exhibit resistance to trump policies. in general i'm not a fan of the guy (nor am i a constituent of his, nor pramillas) but this is a commendable move no regardless of how results shake out.
Jan 20 captain underpants commented on Watching Trump's Inauguration from Inside Red Hat Territory.
heidi, this is a stunning piece. thank you for writing and sharing. and cosign to @1s sentiments.
Jan 15 captain underpants commented on Seattle Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal Won't Be Attending the Inauguration.
i've admired jayapal's public service these past few years but have never had a chance to vote for her (lived in the 43rd when she won the 37th seat, now live in the 9th rather than the 7th...). throughout the past election, i prefered her over walkinshaw, but would not have been crushed if the results worked out the other way. watching her today and these past two weeks, however, has been galvanizing in a way i was not anticipating. she knocked it out of the park at the #OurFirstStand rally today, and seems to strike an incredible balance between the fire of 2015-2016 bernie and the universal appeal of 04/08/12/16 barack. she's going to be thrilling to watch these next few years. i look forward to supporting her policy efforts as best i can and selfishly am excited to see how her energy affects my congress member, adam smith.