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May 7 captain underpants commented on Transit Is a Social Justice Issue.
i said this in the last comment thread, but on top of advocating for mass transit and affordable housing and all these other good things (and continuing to poster in protest = also good), we need to ensure that the neighborhoods and communities that develop around rapid transit stops are compelling and exciting places to live (ie Operation: Make the 1/2 mile radius around Tukwila Station awesome). the connectivity to the urban and job centers is not enough, though it is definitely a part of the equation. people need to want to spend time there when not working. this can manifest physically variety of ways (generous sidewalk widths, narrow & slow streets, street trees, ground floor retail, great parks), but the point is the areas around the stops that get developed around the Lynnwoods, Tukwilas, Federal Ways, Mukilteos, need to be addressed with the same level of design and planning thinking that Roosevelt or Broadway are getting. that these interstitial communities are never addressed as thoroughly as those in the inner city is the too often untold social justice issue in my eyes.
Apr 17 captain underpants commented on Blabbermouth! A Stranger Podcast About What the Hell Happened This Week.
another question about iTunes functionality. below from the comments thread concerning Holy Smokes!

Are you putting this on itunes and other podcasting services? I can't find it in my app. The best part of podcasts is being able to listen to them on the go. Soundcloud doesn't seem as useful for that.

Where are your tech savvy at-risk youth?
Apr 8 captain underpants commented on Guest Editorial: Allow Non-Citizens to Vote in Seattle Elections.
very compelling idea and and a notion i'm personally all for. i wish this article laid out a more clear path for changing standards rather than looking at racist language from the late 1800s. thanks to @6 for providing one in-road. i imagine there may be others (voter initiative, recall, special sessions, etc.) and i'd love to see the published discourse address those points in particular.
Apr 2 captain underpants commented on UW Refuses to Comply with City's Minimum Wage Law for Student Employees.
@18, i'm not an expert on the issue but from what i know this is flat out wrong...

"...part of the reason they're having a hard time adjusting to the minimum wage is that student jobs are partially subsidized by the federal work study program, which operates in fixed dollars, not hours."

Work study jobs (part of a students respective financial aid award and thus only eligible to certain qualifying student) are a fraction of the jobs available to students on campus. I can say for sure that the student jobs in my program are not subsidized federally, nor are any of the other student jobs that are offered through my office.
Apr 1 captain underpants commented on UW Refuses to Comply with City's Minimum Wage Law for Student Employees.
i manage (student) personnel paid by student fees. upon creating & eventually hiring 2 new positions this past budget cycle, i was was actively discouraged from budgeting the new positions at $15/hr, despite my operating budget (also paid by student fees) being in complete position to afford this increase, and student fees only increased by $1/quarter between FY14 & FY15. its bullshit, the university can absolutely afford to comply with the city's standards for all its employees, students and otherwise.
Apr 1 captain underpants commented on Vulcan to Redevelop Cal Anderson Park.
as someone who also (partially) grew up in rogers park, bravo for this post. i can't say i agree 100% with each and every sentiment in the piece, (ie, i think fighting to stop gentrification is not inherently a bad fight, as long as its also coupled with advocacy for building more & affordable housing, mass transit, making places like Tukwila also compelling places to live, etc.) but as echoed by the other comments in the thread thus far, the thinking in this piece is right on. apostasy be damned. postering against the bros & audi drivers is great, but don't let your work stop there.
Mar 9 captain underpants commented on Tenants Union Director Jon Grant Will Run Against Tim Burgess.
i hope to god the capitol hill housing endorsement of burgess is from prior to this announcement. they are a seriously troubled organization if that endorsement still stands following this announcement (this coming from someone who admires their work a lot and has had multiple friends work for them).
Feb 2 captain underpants commented on Seattle Seahawks Lose the Super Bowl. WHY? WHY WHY WHY?.
spike, echoing a lot of posts here but your coverage of the hawks lately has been terrific and this post is especially right on. i really appreciate your balance of unabashed fanboy bill simmons style perspective (of frustration, unfortunately, in this case) with intelligent, balanced football analysis. the vitriol being spewed at carroll and bevell by fans right now is straight up embarrassing and reeks of fairweather idiocy that unfortunately plagues so much of this city's appreciation of sport, and in my mind, contributes in major ways to things like the sonics leaving and the m's historic collapse from 2001 on. thank you for calling that call exactly what it was/is: not the best call ever, but not even close to the worst call ever. they gambled and drew a red card. we should be extremely proud of what this team achieved this year and how close we came to doing something truly historic.

but of course, you know all this. thanks again for your coverage, i look forward to seeing more of it on slog, and, preferably, in print (weekly column perhaps? i've long felt the stranger could use a recurring column for sports coverage...)
Jul 23, 2014 captain underpants commented on My Fears and Hopes for Capitol Hill Block Party This Weekend.
i very much appreciate this slog post. while your assertion that a rendition of Fuckin' Problems sans Drake and Kendrick Lamar is an inferior rendition is correct, your willingness to sacrifice the 2 Chainz chorus is reprehensible. an amazing song, no doubt, but 2 Chainz' chorus is far and away the best thing about the song. there is no Fuckin' Problems without that chorus. this post is also not a joke.
Feb 13, 2014 captain underpants commented on I Can't Masturbate To Rolling Stone Magazine Anymore.
one of the better pieces on line out in a while, and i generally love line out.

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