Kathy Fennessy
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Music and film writer. Coffee drinker. Cat owner.

Kathy Fennessy is working on DVD reviews.
Sep 16 Kathy Fennessy commented on When The Bough Breaks Is a Very Bad Movie for Blacks Who Are Desperate to See Black Faces on Screen.
Selma, Dear White People, Fruitvale Station, Creed, the upcoming Moonlight, the re-release of To Sleep With Anger--there are so many fine films out there featuring (and made by) people of color. Maybe just bypass the Screen Gems stuff.
Sep 16 Kathy Fennessy commented on The Hollars Is Another Dysfunctional Family Dramedy.
@1 She's the best thing about it. More Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Mary Kay Place would've been nice, too.
Aug 27 Kathy Fennessy commented on The Intervention Shows the Director Has Got the Right Stuff.
@1 That isn't hard to understand. I also really liked her on Carnivàle. I haven't seen her arc on Veep yet (she seems to be doing more TV acting these days).
Aug 11 Kathy Fennessy commented on You Really Must See Our Little Sister .
@1 Agreed. It encouraged me to catch up with Still Walking which has a few parallels, like close-knit community, parent-child tension, and meal-prep bonding.
Jul 3 Kathy Fennessy commented on The Neon Demon Has Scenes That Are Horrifyingly Violent, Pornographic, and Too Long.
I'm not proud of this, but I kinda loved it.
Jun 29 Kathy Fennessy commented on How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Bernie-Or-Busters and Love the Polls*.
@20 Thank you. The scolding, belittling, and mocking got old months ago. I'm voting for HRC, because it's the right thing to do (pun intended). Not because I want to. Still looking forward to the day I can cast my vote for an anti-death penalty candidate...
May 25 Kathy Fennessy commented on Better Get Married! Or Else You'll Turn Into The Lobster.
Also Sundance Cinemas.
Apr 4 Kathy Fennessy commented on Homosexual Sympathizers Infiltrate GOP Platform Committee; Republicans & Queers Equally Aghast.
Her son, John, is delightful: "A son of conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly has publicly revealed that he is homosexual, while at the same time defending his mother's political views and the Republican Party's 'family values' campaign theme." [LA Times, 9/19/92]