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Music and film writer. Coffee drinker. Cat owner.

Kathy Fennessy is working on DVD reviews.
Aug 15 Kathy Fennessy commented on Ron Paul Is the Best Actor in the Atlas Shrugged: Part III Trailer.
Before Atlas Shrugged, Schilling starred in her own NBC series, Mercy. They cancelled it after one season, but it was actually pretty good. Costarred James Le Gros and Michelle Trachtenberg.
Aug 8 Kathy Fennessy commented on Spanish Award-Winner Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed Opens Today.
@1 Thanks, Chris! I forgot it played as part of Face the Music, but I agree. There's music in it, but it isn't a music film in the conventional sense (musical, biopic, etc.). Since it's mostly about the relationship between the three characters, I think it would work almost as well without the John Lennon/Beatles stuff. Not mentioned in my review: Joe Strummer was another big Almería fan.
Aug 7 Kathy Fennessy commented on Let's Talk About the X-Files!.
@17 Hell yes. Rarely aired in syndication.
Aug 6 Kathy Fennessy commented on SL Letter of the Day: Truly, Madly, Fairly.
It sounds to me like the wife is afraid of losing her husband, and that's a valid fear. If he has sex with men, and finds that he enjoys it more than sex with women, it could lead to the end of their marriage. And that would be painful, but maybe it's for the best. As it is, I can't tell if he still enjoys having sex with her. I don't doubt their affection for each other, but if he would prefer to be having sex with men, and she won't allow him to explore that side of his sexuality, they'll never be happy.


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