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Apr 3 nullbull commented on Vulcan to Redevelop Cal Anderson Park.
I can count the number of people in my neighborhood that grew up here on one hand. ONE. HAND. 90% of the people bitching about "these new people" were themselves new people in the not-so-distant past. There was a gateway-to-Alaska boom, a lumber boom, a fishing boom, MANY Boeing booms, a tech boom, and internet boom, etc. On top of being a city, as Dan says, Seattle is a boomtown - even by "normal city" standards.

I grew up here. My GREAT GRANDMOTHER came here so she could work the lunch counter downtown. I'm as mossy-backed as they come, and I think the current boom is TOTALLY NORMAL for Seattle, entirely consistent with its history, and frankly, kinda mostly awesome (provided we add transit, housing, etc as suggested here). I'm sick of listening to lectures from hand-wringers, about what the "Seattle used to be like..." and "losing our character," and how "you don't understand..." Mostly from a bunch of people who showed up in the 90s or the 80s, or whose parents moved here during a Boeing boom. It's a crock.

Change is the only constant in cities and chaotic, out-of-control, scary BOOMS as the driver of change have been a constant for Seattle. Deal, advocate for the change you want, but spare us the lecture about the essential character of the city being ruined. Bullshit. If it is being ruined, people like you or your parents or grandparents were the ruiners once too.
Mar 27 nullbull commented on House Democrats Come Up with Budget Proposal That Does Not Include a Carbon Tax.
Everyone including many conservatives know that the carbon tax is the exact right solution, but they're too fucking craven to do it.
Mar 27 nullbull commented on Capitol Hill Street Drummer Joe Buckets Wants His Drums Back From Police.
Meh. If they can ticket a dude playing buckets, can they ticket people for the deafening levels of douche that can be heard deep into the night on Pike?
Feb 18 nullbull commented on Oklahoma Republicans Move to Ban AP History from Public Schools.
I was ok until I read @33. These people are in our courts now, arguing law. With licenses to do so. Painful.
Jan 28 nullbull commented on Eight Easy Steps to Help You Break Through the Dreaded "Seattle Freeze".
I grew up here and so did my friends and friends-friends. We have new people coming through our social circles on the regular - not-from-seattle, nice people who we meet and include because they're nice. Nice people being nice to nice people, all from Seattle. Honestly, this meme is more about people who think the world should come to them having some "phenomenon" to blame instead of blaming themselves... than it is about Seattle's essential character.
Jan 17 nullbull commented on Google Glass Dead?.
Those glasses are creepy and anti-social. Whereas the way we use our phones, staring at screens, getting distracted mid-sentence, half paying attention, and living life stooped over a tiny screen? Totally fine...
Jan 12 nullbull commented on New Year Brings New Bike Lane (And Now, Cycletrack!) Blockages.
Remember - its the CYCLISTS who have a scofflaw problem. Because drivers are just doing what the road should have done for them, but didn't.
Jan 7 nullbull commented on The Stink-Fog That Coated Seattle Last Night.
What are you smelling? Us. All of us and our shit and our trash and our exhaust. I swear if you made the average person live with their own foul byproduct for a week, we'd all be enviro-nazis by day 3.
Jan 6 nullbull commented on SL Letter of the Day: Basic Bastards.
As a guy who considers himself a feminist and is considered by women I know to be a feminist, I have to mention that men are NOT feminists the way women are feminists. I know many women who are self-avowed feminists. They don't even agree with each other about what exactly this means in each case. And some have contradictory desires out of love, life, and relationships that they have to navigate carefully with their partners.

There are agreements made between doms and subs that should be explicit and recognize reasonable boundaries for everyone involved. That means each owning the fact that they may have arbitrary boundaries that they can't realistically expect the other to completely mesh with just.. on instinct. This is how we got safe-words for chrissakes. So maybe apply a similar approach to your feminism and your potential partner's feminism. If he's generally progressive, smart, and part-way to your way of thinking, then find the equivalent of a safe-word when discussing your opinions about college sex, college rape, dom-sub relationships and where they extend to, feminism in general, etc. "Whoa, you went too far there..." is fine conversation starter. It says "you and I have different lines and we need to learn where those are. You may need to change your mind to fit my boundaries and vice-versa. This is me saying you hit a boundary."

You're going to disagree with your potential mate. The good couples find a way to navigate disagreement - not preemptively avoid it or give up when they encounter it.

But also, small towns are hard for people like you. I'm sure it's hard. Ask yourself if you're making it harder than it needs to be. If not, consider moving to a more target-rich environment?
Jan 6 nullbull commented on I, Anonymous.
I keep hearing "when guys do it they're studs but when women do it they're whores." This is bullshit. If a guy did this they would be called an asshole by everyone I know and plenty of sluggers. If a woman wrote this exact thing about a guy, there would be a line forming for finding creative ways to call him an asshole. And anyone who disagreed would be called misogynist. This dude comes off naive and butthurt - THE END. If you're throwing a word like "misogyny" at him then you must be on a campaign to strip that word of all its meaning and impact.

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