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Mar 23 nullbull commented on What Seattle Voters Can Learn From the Racism of Washington's Pro-Trump Rural Voters.
The central delusion of the modern conservative voter is that the urban elites are spending all THEIR hard earned money, when in fact the exact opposite is true.

Remember this? Still applies. As it has every single year for decades:…
Mar 6 nullbull commented on Logan Isn't Just a Great Superhero Movie, It's a Great Movie.
Saw it, loved it. So many superhero movies are all about "how do I cope with being so awesome?" This one is about aging and dying and legacies and relationships you don't understand but still fight to maintain. It's still a superhero movie, so don't go in expecting expecting all art and no pure spectacle. But it does very well to blend the 2.
Nov 8, 2016 nullbull commented on $200,000 Bail Set for Man Accused of Killing Neighbor While Shooting at a Car Thief.
If she was a gun owner, then she would have been able to wake up from a dead sleep and slow motion roll off her bed, grabbing her gun in one move, firing a 2nd bullet at the one coming at her, like in the Matrix. That's how a good guy with a gun coulda fixed this problem.
Oct 27, 2016 nullbull commented on Guest Editorial: To Fight Climate Change and Poverty, Vote YES on Initiative 732.
@1, and @8 would like us all to just give up and cry while the world burns. Or we could finally actually do something in the real, actual world, actually right now and not some undefined "later" when their undefined alternative is some indefinite level of "better."

Because trading definitely now for maybe in the future maybe is awesome.
Sep 7, 2016 nullbull commented on The Cost of Light Rail Will Be Cheap in the Long Run.
d.p. thinks that Fife today and Fife 20 years or 50 years from now, when the train is still paying off, will be essentially the same thing, even with transit. Same with Issaquah.

There was a time when we built 50-year infrastructure by considering the demand for that infrastructure OVER 50 YEARS rather than RIGHT NOW. As if the development and economic landscape over the life of the transit system will be static, rendering the investment "a waste" over the life of the infrastructure. Which, of course, it won't.

The "AVs are just like smartphones" is a silly comparison. The complexity, infrastructure, and stakes are way higher. We still accept dropped calls as a feature of smart phones - the equivalent in an AV is BEST CASE getting abandoned somewhere and WORST CASE fire, carnage, and death. The stakes and requirements are radically different - no comparison. And even if you do believe they will change everything, then they'll do so by assuring that a huge portion of the population doesn't own a car at all. And unless you'd like to shine that crystal ball of yours to such a degree to guarantee that the per-trip cost of AVs will undercut mass transit for all consumers making choices about how to travel, you'll see that there is a place of ST3 far into the future.
Sep 5, 2016 nullbull commented on Phyllis Schlafly.
This will happen to more and more conservative leaders. Nothing but kooks and buffoons waiting to take their places.
Aug 3, 2016 nullbull commented on Seattle Beats Atlanta in Cars Per Household.
This car ownership rate is more a reflection of personal financial and logistical choices than city design. People FEEL like it's worth the money it costs to own an AWD car 365 days a year for the < 10 times a year they go into the mountains and "require" AWD. Or, they have that AWD car, and another, separate "city" car which might be smaller but probably isn't. Americans feel this is worth the money. That the logistics of their lives demand the expenditure of all those payments and insurance and gas and maintenance. For most, it's an illusion. But they're obsessed by it.
Jul 7, 2016 nullbull commented on Baker Refuses to Make a Cake for a Same-Sex Couple.
I just thought it was all cakes and gays. She could've just ordered a bunch of birthday cookies and it would have been fine. Or carrot cake... Because... I mean... Does it really even count as cake. According to Jesus anyway?
Jul 7, 2016 nullbull commented on Morning News: Black Man Hunting Season Opened This Week, Median Home Value in Seattle Now $666,000.
2nd Amendment Rights people will jump to that poor man's aid, I'm sure... any second now... they'll be all over this... police state they've always worried about is here... just hang on... any second now... ... ...
Jul 5, 2016 nullbull commented on Noted Economist Predicts Brexit Will Have an Impact on Seattle's Property Market.
Rent Control, Residency requirements, extra fees on corporate apartments and vacant real estate. Chase them away with a different kind of the same government socialism they've been benefiting from. Global money don't give a shit. @3 used to sound like a tinfoil hat, but that's not the case anymore - She or he is exactly right. The global blob of capital that needs to be or at least appear illiquid to avoid taxes and other bothers of those with absurd amounts of money is huge, it is coming for your whatever, and it will sit on your chest until you die.