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Feb 23, 2015 minderbender commented on I, Anonymous.
What would be funny would be to add "von" before this person's last name, as a way of mocking his/her pretensions ("von" being an indicator of nobility).
Jan 13, 2015 minderbender commented on SL Letter of the Day: New Dad's Urge Surge.
Yeah, as I think Dan has mentioned before, new dads shouldn't really be expecting much of anything (beyond maybe the occasional handjob) for the first several months of parenthood anyway, even in the best of circumstances. So cock epiphany or no cock epiphany, NFOH should have suppressed his sexual desires in recognition of the new reality. It's what should be expected from all new fathers.
Dec 24, 2014 minderbender commented on What Are You Allowed to Say While Exercising Your Right to Freely Assemble on Santa's Lap? (And the Meaning of Stock Photography).
As happens from time to time, a software malfunction has led to this post being filed under "Jen Graves" instead of "Charles Mudede."
Dec 17, 2014 minderbender commented on Innovation Is Perverted: A Talk With Seattle Artist Clyde Petersen, Winner of $25,000 Arts Innovator Grant.
Oh man, the "invisible toothbrush" gag is classic. He's brushing his teeth, but where's the toothbrush? I can't see it!
Dec 17, 2014 minderbender commented on Obama to Normalize Relations with Cuba.
No tourism. No trade, either, come to think of it.
Dec 15, 2014 minderbender commented on Two Numbers That Point to a Healthy Future for Books.
Actually, here is maybe the most telling statistic (although it is also one that I have trouble wrapping my head around): NYC has retail sales per capita of $9,411. Seattle has retail sales per capita of $26,945. In other words, retail sales per capita in general are 286% higher in Seattle than in New York. So it's no wonder that book sales (like the sales of all other retail products, one assumes) are higher.

You might think NYC's numbers are depressed (or Seattle's inflated) because of car sales, considering that New Yorkers are far more likely to use mass transit. But that can't explain much of it: New York State's per capita retail sales are $11,879, while Washington's are $14,380. People just spend a ridiculous amount of money in Seattle.
Dec 15, 2014 minderbender commented on Two Numbers That Point to a Healthy Future for Books.
I think the point is that this is good news for booksellers, or at least booksellers in Seattle, which is a fair point. It's just silly to mock New York for spending less on books, given the vast wealth gap between the cities. It's like an affluent suburbanite chiding a struggling blue-collar worker for buying non-organic. Except it's even sillier, because the library is in many ways a more socially responsible way to consume books than buying them from a store.
Dec 15, 2014 minderbender commented on Two Numbers That Point to a Healthy Future for Books.
Or to put it another way, if you gave everyone in NYC a 35% raise (which would make New Yorkers as rich as Seattlites), I bet they would buy a lot more books.
Dec 15, 2014 minderbender commented on Two Numbers That Point to a Healthy Future for Books.
It's worth noting that New York City is much, much poorer than Seattle, while also having an excellent library system. This probably goes a long way toward explaining the discrepancy.

According to the Census:

Population below poverty level:

NYC: 20.3%

Seattle: 13.5%

Median household income:

NYC: $52,259

Seattle: $65,277

Per capita money income:

NYC: $32,010

Seattle: $43,237

So it's not hard to understand why someone in Seattle, who on average earns over $11,000 more than someone in NYC, would spend more on books instead of checking them out of the library.
Dec 8, 2014 minderbender commented on Seahawks Beat Eagles, Inspiring Levels of Insufferability That Can Only Be Described As "Nelly-Esque".
I'm not so sure the Seahawks control their own destiny. The only constant in our mutable world is change - we cannot afford the illusion of control.

(Joke stolen from here.)