Achieve the Four Modernizations.

Jun 14 Estey commented on Lindy West, "Lindy East," and the Local Comedian Who Brought a Knife and Gun to an Open Mic Night.
Wow, I never thought I could respect and appreciate Lindy West, Ahamefule J. Oluo, and Brett Hamill more than I already do. Now I absolutely adore them for fighting the good fight against these petulant little shitbirds.
Jun 12 Estey commented on The Seeds: Pushing Too Hard.
FUCK YEAH! Thanks, Mike!
Jun 11 Estey commented on Never Heard of 'Em.
This is some of the very best writing on Patti I've ever read, Anna and Dave! Big thanks to both of you! This will send me back to her complete box set from the 90s to play while I work today. I love both the bright and open beginner's view and the music master's discerning historical placement. Spot on!
May 13 Estey commented on Norton Records: Adventures in Record Collecting.
Kicks was an absolutely awesome zine. So into this. Thanks, Mike! Man, Norton just keeps kicking my ass again and again -- love everything they put out, music, books, etc.
May 12 Estey commented on Ciccone Youth - Sonic Youth Takin' the Piss.
Great post, Mike! And these works are brilliantly subversive and caustically inspiring, artistically far beyond the sugary, fast-paced covers of Top 40 and commercial rock songs pop punk bands would make a boring trend of through the 90s. A whole world of difference.
May 10 Estey commented on The New Comedy Show in the Colbert Report Time Slot Will Be....
Wow, what an excellent choice. The guy can be devastatingly hilarious. Really makes me respect Comedy Central more.
May 10 Estey commented on Prog Fans Should Make a Pilgrimage to See Wishbone Ash Sunday at Triple Door.
This is an extraordinary event. Thanks for plugging this and to the Triple Door for letting me hear the adventurous sounds of my youth. And those LPs hold up. One' of prog's strangely successful yet best kept secrets. Glad you're on it, Dave!
May 6 Estey commented on Factual Death, Fictional Life, and the Associations That Result When the Two Intersect.
Love this, Kathy. It's sad but it's how we experience the art we care about. In not always ideal, but certainly fascinating and thought-provoking ways. (Your writing is always fiercely clear and heart-provoking too.)
May 2 Estey commented on What Was the Last Piece of Music that Gave You the Chills?.
Curtis Mayfield, "Move On Up" played in its entirety by Jessica Hopper at the Pop Con. Something about the vocals set against the tempo of the syncopation in the first five minutes of the song.
Apr 22 Estey commented on Seattle Rapper Dave B Scores with "He Got Game".
Wow, this is great, Todd. Loved his set at the Block Party and really appreciate the tip on this one.

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