It's not very popular.

Oct 3 Estey commented on We Asked 12 People at the Twiztid Concert: What's Your Definition of Shangri-La?.
Absolutely brilliant work, Kelly O! I cannot wait to own your $500 coffee table book of photos of music freaks, milieus, fandoms, and anything else! Please keep shooting the weird sweetness, it's so aces.
Sep 21 Estey commented on English Punks the Vibrators Play Studio Seven Tonight!.
I love Pure Mania but I confess that I have never owned V2. Thanks for the hook up my brother! Why the hell have I put this off for so long? Now I wanna physical copy. Awesome, Mike.
Sep 19 Estey commented on New Movie Memphis Is a Fantastic Journey to a Self-Made Void.
Fantastic review. Thanks, Mike. Statement that needed to be made about the reality of being (and working as) an artist vs. narcissistic, romantically despairing self-mythology. But also a keen review of both the movie's pleasures and weaknesses.
Sep 12 Estey commented on Gimme Your F*cking Fair Hair: The Fashion of the Washington State Fair in Puyallup.
Really, really wonderful, awe-inspiring work, Kelly O! So much art and heart in each one. Thank you.
Sep 5 Estey commented on Taking Stock of Bumbershoot 2014—and What Goes on Behind the Scenes After It’s Over.
Fantastic article, Dave. Great to know all the info on how it all works, what's a problem, what's considered successful. Can't get enough of these inside views. Thanks, man!
Sep 5 Estey commented on Another Seattle Restaurant Oldie Is Gone.
This one really, really hurts. Loved that joint. It reminds me of living downtown for decades, and until recently, were you really going to pre-func at Wild Ginger before a show at the Triple Door? That's this city losing its dirty ass sweetness in a nutshell, right here.
Sep 3 Estey commented on Oh, The Medium Is The Massage On LP?.
Hey Mike -- Noah Uman at WFMU did a deluxe CD reissue of it I deeply enjoy. Has artwork by Winston Smith, liners by DJ Spooky and Michael Vazquez, and photos from the original sessions. The label is Five Day Weekend/Sony. Highly recommended.
Sep 3 Estey commented on A Stranger Genius of Literature, Back When He Used Words.
Great review and interview, Paul. Just got my copy of JIM and it's gorgeous. Thrilled to read the material I didn't have -- I only had the third pamphlet from Fantagraphics, the previous two long out of print -- and what a dazzling book altogether to behold. Thank you for hipping people to something so extraordinary!
Aug 15 Estey commented on I Spent Last Night Stuck In a YouTube™ Spiral Watching Charles Manson/Manson Family Clips.
I like On The Beach better than Lie, but I still think Lie is a great addition to any perfectly fucked up record collection. I was just thinking it needed a proper defense as an actually rewarding listening experience. Thanks Mr. Nipper!
Aug 14 Estey commented on I'm Still Coming To Terms With The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.
This is one of those bands I always wanna like more too. It's frustrating because you understand their value objectively but the tunes usually just don't capture you. No matter how much you understand about their uniqueness, historical significance, etc. Maybe seeing 'em live back in the day would have created that connection which would make it worth replaying the records for pleasure.

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