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  • What piece of art would you steal?: Modigliani's Reclining Nude
  • No legs and a million dollars or A million legs and no dollars
  • What is your sweetest taboo?: she knows who she is

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Jun 11 Rujax! commented on Why Washington State Needs to Follow Colorado's Example and Enact Common-Sense Gun Law Reform This Fall.
@9...and the rest of the Gun Fetish Death Cult

It's NOT fear of guns asshole, it's fear of the shitheads who absolutely INSIST on belligerently flaunting their shaky masculinity by waving their fucking guns in my face.

You and your Gun Fetish Death Cult can go fuck yourselves. Your precious Second Amendment was a sop to slave owing states who needed to control the slave populations who had an overwhelming numerical advantage. The twisted version of that today is a complete fiction.

Oh, and there have been SEVENTY-FOUR school shooting since Sandy Hook. Now that's really something to be proud of.
Jun 9 Rujax! commented on The Walmart Man Who Would Be Alive Today If He Didn't Have a Concealed Weapon.

The guy was an idiot vigilante.
Jun 9 Rujax! commented on The Walmart Man Who Would Be Alive Today If He Didn't Have a Concealed Weapon.
The delusions of the Gun Fetish Death Cult shattered.

Shame, that.
Jun 7 Rujax! commented on By Passing Initiative 594, We Have a Chance to Stand Up and Say: "Not One More.".
Fuck the Gun Fetish Death Cult.

Support I-594.
Apr 10 Rujax! commented on Don't Save Metro! Tax the Rich!.
@16, 19...

What the hell is this asshole talking about?

"The Misanthrope" is possibly the most selfish fuck in these comments. He cares for no one but himself, without a trace of altruism or regard for his fellows. This clown is a classic concern troll hypocrite.
Apr 6 Rujax! commented on Grab Your Ballot! Save Bus Service! DO IT NOW!.
Almost ALL these commenters are trolls.

Fuck you assholes. We need Metro.

Vote YES!!
Mar 14 Rujax! commented on Seahawks Cut Bigot Chris Clemons.
The Gay Mafia strikes again!!

Be afraid, be very afraid.

(posted by "I'm From The American Family Association and I'm here to help."

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