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  • Jesus or Santa (sexually)?
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Apr 10 Rujax! commented on Don't Save Metro! Tax the Rich!.
@16, 19...

What the hell is this asshole talking about?

"The Misanthrope" is possibly the most selfish fuck in these comments. He cares for no one but himself, without a trace of altruism or regard for his fellows. This clown is a classic concern troll hypocrite.
Apr 6 Rujax! commented on Grab Your Ballot! Save Bus Service! DO IT NOW!.
Almost ALL these commenters are trolls.

Fuck you assholes. We need Metro.

Vote YES!!
Mar 14 Rujax! commented on Seahawks Cut Bigot Chris Clemons.
The Gay Mafia strikes again!!

Be afraid, be very afraid.

(posted by "I'm From The American Family Association and I'm here to help."
Mar 13 Rujax! commented on Hey, I Finally Heard From the NAACP!.
Jesus...fuck him!
Mar 5 Rujax! commented on Has Putin Lost His Mind?.
We had a Preznit like that once. Actually elected him once...for his second term.
Mar 4 Rujax! commented on Man Second Amendments 12-Year-Old Girl.
The Second Amendment was ratified to preserve slave patrols, kids.

More souls taken to sate the appetite of the Gun Fetish Death Cult.
Mar 2 Rujax! commented on Obama Lets Putin Know That We're Not Okay With This Invading Ukraine Business.
Supreme Fuckhead of the Universe conveniently forgets that just eleven years ago the United States invaded a sovereign nation on an equally flimsy rationale. Not a lot of moral high ground to stand on here, sir.
Mar 2 Rujax! commented on Russia Is Invading Ukraine and Nobody Seems Able or Willing to Do Anything About It.
Somebody could tell Lindsay Graham (R-Asshole) to shut the fuck up.

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