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May 9, 2013 SwizzleStick commented on Lead Singer of Christian Metal Band Arrested For Attempting to Hire a Hit Man.
Christian metal is just fucking retar....leotarded anyway....here is a glimpse of the morality of real metal heads for those of you who dare...
we hate christian bullshit too!
Nov 27, 2012 SwizzleStick commented on Savage Love.
sorry for double post i didnt think my first one went through :P
Nov 27, 2012 SwizzleStick commented on Savage Love.
The debate over poly being an orientation is getting pretty stale, and I totally agree with Dan. I think an orientation is like a compass that determines which direction you want to aim your "gun" and being mono/poly decides how many targets you want to shoot bullets at. Absolutely no disrespect intended to the polyamorous amongst us ....it's just not a sexual orientation
Nov 27, 2012 SwizzleStick commented on Savage Love.
omg the whole poly being an orientation debate is getting old ....to use metaphor, I see orientation(gay/straight/bi) like a compass which tells you which way to point your gun, and mono/poly is the number of bullets you choose to shoot in that direction :)

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