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1. A conservative who has just been arrested.


  • Why are people so afraid to learn the truth about building 7?: Insurance doesn't cover demolitions.
  • What song do you want played at your funeral?: Never Gonna Give You Up, Rick Astley
  • Where's your hairiest square inch?: Georgetown
  • What piece of art would you steal?: Lisa Dank's dog.
  • What's your biggest grammatical pet peeve?: 'Dominate' is not an adjective.

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Jan 21 Eric Arrr commented on Video of Seattle Police Pepper-Spraying MLK Day Protesters.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
Jan 20 Eric Arrr commented on Video of Seattle Police Pepper-Spraying MLK Day Protesters.
This kind of shabby policing makes me do a slow burn every time I see it, so I thought I'd do something about it this time.

OPA complaint: filed

Let's see how they handle it.
Jan 15 Eric Arrr commented on Seattle Police Assistant Chief Nick Metz Is Leaving for Colorado.
Dear Colorado,

Sorry about Tom Carr. Here's Nick Metz to make up for him.

Sincerest regrets,

- Seattle
Dec 23, 2014 Eric Arrr commented on Gas Is Cheap Again Because Saudi Arabia Is Trying to Hurt Iran?.
Nah, the cause of this energy crash is much cooler than people suspect.

There's a limit to how fast oil reserves can be depleted. When demand for oil is predictable, and meaningful substitutes don't exist, this is just fine for the cartel that sets the pace of oil extraction.

The problem on the supply side is, solar energy production and battery-based energy storage are making exponential gains, and are on track to overtake fossil fuels within the next ten years.

The problem on the demand side is Tesla. They've proven that EV's can outperform the absolute best that internal combustion has to offer, and the major automakers, starting with Porsche, BMW, and Audi are following suit. Porsche and BMW each have supercars actually on the street today getting 67-76mpg/equiv. Baron Financial reports that BMW is looking to phase out internal combustion completely within the next ten years.

OPEC was planning to clear out their unextracted inventory over the next 75 years or so. But suddenly it's apparent that OPEC is no longer setting the schedule for the energy transition. All that oil in the ground is no longer an appreciating asset. It's now seen as a depreciating asset by everyone who has major reserves, and the race is on for them to get rid of it while it's still worth something.

OPEC is dead. Cheap energy is here to stay. The fact that it fucks Iran and Russia (just when Russia really deserves to get fucked) is just a happy bonus.

The bad news? Whatever comes out of the ground is just going to get burned that much sooner.
Dec 8, 2014 Eric Arrr commented on Every Part of Paseo (Except for the Delicious Recipes) Was Sold at Auction.
If that $91,000 included the password for their Yelp! merchant page, it was a total steal.
Nov 24, 2014 Eric Arrr commented on No Charges Against Officer Darren Wilson in the Death of Mike Brown; Seattle Protesters on the Move.
@18 in re. "All the evidence is public."

Really? Cite me a source that states the total number of shots Wilson fired at Brown. It wasn't 6, 10, or 11. I bet you can't find me one single source that reports what they claim to be the total number of shots fired.
Nov 19, 2014 Eric Arrr commented on Council Member Kshama Sawant and Three Others Arrested in SeaTac While Protesting Minimum Wage Lawsuit.

Although it's true that the minimum wage would affect all airlines operating out of Sea-Tac, the major airlines will not be affected equally.

Alaska is worried it will be put at an operational disadvantage relative to its major competitors, because Seattle is the hub through which most of Alaska's traffic flows.

Sure, Delta, United, American, and Virgin have flights to and from Seattle... but the bulk of their traffic flows through hubs in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco, respectively, so they're not going to take as big an operational hit.
Nov 17, 2014 Eric Arrr commented on SL Letter of the Day: Ex-Primary Screwing Up Next Primary.
Dan, I think you blew this one.

Deferring to EG's abusive ex, especially after she herself left EG, amounts to granting her continuing control over the EG's love and sex life. That's just the same old abuse, in a new, indirect form.

EG's new prospect can do what she wants, in terms of honoring her friendship with EG's ex. But somebody ought to point out, anybody who's truly worried about the ethics of dating the ex of a friend needs to look at the other side of the coin and ask whether they are denying the autonomy of a prospective partner, or enabling further abuse, by making their interest contingent upon the approval of an estranged ex-partner.

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