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1. A conservative who has just been arrested.


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Jul 9 Eric Arrr commented on Video of Oscar Perez Giron's Fatal Confrontation With Police at Sodo Light Rail Station.
This one goes to show why audio video recordings of police contacts are so important. With something as senseless as an unpaid fare escalating to an officer-involved shooting, being able to review the evidence oneself goes a long way towards making sense of what happened.
Jun 3 Eric Arrr commented on How an SPD Diaperbaby Threw a Giant Baby Tantrum When Asked to Give Doritos to Stoners.
I thought the article was hilarious. Then again, I've spent a lot of time reading heavily-yet-pointlessly redacted records generated by SPD. The literary hallmark of SPD recordkeeping is a method of pouring a thick lacquer of formality over heaps of hilariously phony bullshit, run it up the chain of command for signing, and then stick it in a drawer, hopefully never to be seen outside the agency.

Which is why I find Seattleish's article so damn hilarious. But it's probably just me.
Jun 2 Eric Arrr commented on Community Police Commission Politely Tells Media, US Attorney to Shove It.
Just to de-obfuscate the language of this conversation, "proactive policing" is cop code for "opportunistic street harassment."

e.g., rolling up on a mother & her son who are waiting in their car for shore work? That's proactive policing! (Never mind that we tasered the kid and arrested them both for obstructing.)

e.g., detaining and questioning a guy over the fact his key ring had a suspicious number of keys on it? That's proactive policing! (Never mind that we beat the guy up and arrested him for assaulting an officer.)

e.g., detaining a guy using a legally-sized carving knife the carve a piece of wood? That's proactive policing! (Never mind that we fatally shot him in the back for not putting the knife down fast enough.)

Prompt response to 911 service calls? Awesome, keep it up.

Providing calm, detached supervision when the anarchist kids roll in to make smashy-smashy on my ancient 1992 BMW? Awesome, keep it up.

Opportunistically stopping vulnerable-looking pedestrians on the thinnest of pretenses to shake them down for ID, run warrant checks, and conduct terry frisks? Thank you, SPD, for cutting down -- we didn't need it anyway.
May 12 Eric Arrr commented on HAHAHAHA! Who Convinced Us the Deep-Bore Tunnel Was Only Way to "Move Forward"?.
Former Mayor, did you say? Surely you don't intend for readers to think you meant McGinn?
Apr 18 Eric Arrr commented on Montana Politician Shoots Down Drone in Political Ad.
Isn't that's the guy who runs against Louis Laffer in Alpha House?
Apr 10 Eric Arrr commented on How Deep Is the Spot Where the Malaysian Jet's Black Boxes May Be Sitting?.
The real kicker is going to be when they get their hands on the cockpit voice recorder, which only records the final 30-45 minutes or so, and therefore will probably be dead silent except maybe for a few alarms,

The solving of the mystery of MH370 will have been an amazing thing: take a jetliner, in the dead of night, and hide it in the deepest depths of the remotest patch of ocean with barely a trace, other than a half dozen vague whispers to a satellite somewhere...
Apr 2 Eric Arrr commented on Your Favorite Indie Shop Is Out of Business if $15-an-Hour Happens.
Somebody tell me again why a business that can only survive on the willingness of its employees to suffer poverty even deserves to exist.

Somebody tell me again why a business that can only survive on the willingness of the community to absorb the social costs of its poverty wages even deserves to exist.
Mar 3 Eric Arrr commented on Today's Dinosaur News.
Actually, it was a Unix system:…
Feb 22 Eric Arrr commented on Police Chief Misled Mayor and Council on Misconduct Decision.

I can help. How can you be contacted?
Feb 21 Eric Arrr commented on Hey Slog, How Much Do You Think Microsoft Spends on Its Payroll Each Year?.
Median salary is not median total compensation. At the upper echelons of that company, the annual compensation is mind-boggling, but it isn't reflected in salaries.

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