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1. A conservative who has just been arrested.

Oct 18 Eric Arrr commented on Labor Leader to Seattle Police Union: Don't Isolate Yourselves, Show Solidarity With Other Workers.
And while I'm on the subject, I implore Ms. Grant and anybody else who cares about organized labor to recognize this:

Collectively or otherwise, the city and the guild have no right to sit down and bargain away the civil rights safeguards of a public that is not at that table.
Oct 18 Eric Arrr commented on Labor Leader to Seattle Police Union: Don't Isolate Yourselves, Show Solidarity With Other Workers.
Stuckey can "push back" against the "false narrative" about SPOG bargaining against the public's civil rights all he wants, but the record is clear.

In the July 2007 issue of The Guardian, SPOG prez Rich O'Neill wrote:

The members of the OPA Review Board obviously do not like their limited role. Ms. Secrest was even quoted as saying , "We are a toothless dog with no bark." If that is the way they feel, then I have some suggestions.

[snipped for brevity]

#4 Lastly, have your ideas for a "Tooth Filled Barking OPA Review Board" brought to the bargaining table. Everything is negotiable and it just depends on how much "kibbles and bits" that you will offer us. But here is another tip. You better go to COSTCO and get the really big bags!

There it is folks, from the guild president's own mouth. The same former guild president, by the way, who reportedly led the opposition to the recent contract that was voted down.
Oct 13 Eric Arrr commented on Matt Hickey Charged with Multiple Counts of Rape.
@5, @10,

From the looks of the criminal complaint, he is not yet in custody. The state has requested that bail be set at $200k, and is seeking to have a warrant or summons issued for his arrest, after which time he'll either make bail or be held in custody pending trial.

If he has family with $200k or more of equity in a home, they could put it up as collateral to secure a bail bond for a reasonable amount of money. Things are not looking good for him, though. I predict a plea bargain, fines, maaaaybe a couple months in jail (possibly suspended) and a lifetime enrollment on the sex offender registry.
Sep 7 Eric Arrr commented on A Marxist Walks into a Fancy Cocktail Bar....
Charles: the absence of any mention of their Campfire in Georgia tells me that you haven't tried it.

It's as gimmicky as anything they serve, and eighteen bucks last time I looked, but it plays a certain trick with one's sense memory recall that transcends its status as a mere cocktail. No kidding.
Aug 29 Eric Arrr commented on Anthony Weiner Caught Doing What Weiner Does.
Speaking of reckless self-destructive behavior, did anybody at NY Post notice what just happened to Gawker for publishing revenge porn? Just sayin'...
Aug 16 Eric Arrr commented on Federal Judge Threatens to Steamroll Over Seattle Police Union If It Blocks Reforms, Because "Black Lives Matter".
The whole entire problem here is that the city government has historically been willing to negotiate away its power to safeguard civil rights.

To wit, here's some text taken verbatim (emphasis added) from an internal OPA memo written a few years back:

"The OPA process, governed by stringent procedural processes prescribed by the collective bargaining agreement, is particularly unsuited to conducting fact gathering relating to potential civil claims against officers individually or against the city in general..."

(And in case anyone wonders about the context in which those words were written, the purpose of the memo was to justify letting two SPD officers off the hook for a clear-cut civil rights violation.)

So, yeah -- police chiefs can come and go, OPA directors can come and go, but the legal handicaps imposed on the accountability process are enshrined in the policy and the law of the city of Seattle because the Seattle Police Officers Guild sees to it, and our city government lets them.

Wouldn't it be just amazing if some hero, operating outside of our city government, beyond the reach of local political opposition, could somehow put an end to the city's habit of bargaining away the safeguards that protect our civil rights?
Aug 15 Eric Arrr commented on Federal Judge Making a Murderer's Brendan Dassey Murder Conviction Thrown Out by Federal Judge.

Dassey's "confession" was never introduced as evidence in Avery's trial, but it screwed Avery in two ways:

First, Dassey was supposed to be an alibi witness for Avery, since he was together with Avery at the time the murder was thought to have taken place. The prosecutors neutralized him as a witness by turning him into an accomplice.

Second, the prosecutors used the Dassey confession to make a series of huge PR splashes, tainting the pool of potential jurors.

If Avery's new attorney Kathleen Zellner actually delivers on her promise to exonerate Steven Avery, those press conferences by lead prosecutor Ken Kratz may prove to be Kratz' undoing in a civil suit by Avery. This is because a prosecutor's immunity from civil liability only extends to prosecutorial acts - whether or not to charge, or dismiss, etc. Holding press conferences is not recognized as part of a prosecutor's duty. It ruined Mike Nifong; hopefully it ruins Kratz as well.
Jun 15 Eric Arrr commented on A House Track I Discovered Yesterday: Bob Moses' "All I Want".
Thanks for this, Charles. Discovering these albums has been the delight of my evening.
May 14 Eric Arrr commented on Seattle Police Union Goes to Court to Block Release of Officer Photos.

Nah, he's not trying to be anonymous. His name really is Jack Clyde.

May 13 Eric Arrr commented on Seattle Police Union Goes to Court to Block Release of Officer Photos.
The claim that these photos could be used to replicate access cards is ridiculous on its face.

When making fake access cards -- something one actually does in my line of work, no kidding -- you use photos of *yourself* so the picture on the fake badge matches you. The last thing you want or need with a fake badge is a picture of somebody else on it.