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1. A conservative who has just been arrested.

in the past few hours Eric Arrr commented on FBI: Trump "Associates" Communicated With Russian Operatives.
@8 If the full unraveling of this affair were to take, say, two years, who knows who the Speaker of the House might be. can dream, no? (sigh)
Mar 7 Eric Arrr commented on New CIA Leak Reveals that Wikileaks Could Be a Department of the KGB.
Regarding Wikileaks and its loyalties, I find this quote by Humbert Wolfe apposite:

You cannot hope to bribe or twist
- thank God! -
the British journalist.

But, seeing what the man will do,
there's no occasion to.
Feb 17 Eric Arrr commented on Detained Dreamer's Lawyers Say Government Doctored Document to Justify False Gang Affiliation.

Spoken like somebody who has never seen the business end of our law enforcement apparatus, am I right?
Feb 4 Eric Arrr commented on SPD Officer Gives First Public Account of Shooting Che Taylor, Never Personally Saw A Gun on Taylor.

The police had an abundance of legal grounds to recover the gun at the scene.

1. Plain view. It's a firearm within arm's reach of a felon.

2. Search incident to arrest. Taylor was under arrest, and search incident to arrest permits searching a vehicle interior within the subject's immediate reach for evidence relating to the crime for which they are arrested. That fits the facts of this case perfectly.

3. Consent. The car belonged to someone other than Taylor who did consent to a search of the vehicle.

So, no, they did not need a warrant to secure that weapon, given at least three solid legal grounds available to them at the time.

It also strikes me as poor firearms safety to tow a car with an unsecured firearm just lying around the interior in an unknown position and condition.
Jan 18 Eric Arrr commented on New To Town: Advice to Seattle Newcomers from Seattle Newcomers, Part 1.
Wait, what BBQ place next to Garfield Community Center?

BBQ Pit (RIP) was about 5 blocks down the street from it, across from Twilight Exit, but they closed months ago. :(

Is there something new?
Nov 21, 2016 Eric Arrr commented on Police in Trump's America.
It gets bettermore fucked-up --

Here's a super-close-up of Kris Kobach's proposed first-year agenda for DHS under Trump.

Notice the bit about "______ Record Number of Criminal Aliens in the First Year" where that invisible first word is probably "Deport." Also notice the bit about defining "criminal alien" as any alien who has been arrested -- not convicted -- for a crime.

So, yeah -- local policing is where the Trumpian xenophobic rubber is gonna meet the civil rights road. No doubt there's a lot of cops in Seattle who will be more than happy to make a questionable arrest if the subject is sufficiently brown.
Nov 3, 2016 Eric Arrr commented on In Trial of Cynthia Whitlatch, William Wingate Breaks Down As He Testifies About His Arrest: "I Felt Helpless".

She's been fired, but she's appealing her termination to the disciplinary review board, which has the power to overturn the chief's decision and reinstate her as a police officer.

This disciplinary review board, by the way, is a 3-person panel stacked 2:1 with Seattle cops, and it only exists because the Seattle Police Officers Guild persuaded the city to create it as part of their collective bargaining agreement. All the more reason to abolish the DRB and tell the mayor (and city council, and city attorney's office) to quit making these types of concessions to the police guild.
Nov 3, 2016 Eric Arrr commented on In Trial of Cynthia Whitlatch, William Wingate Breaks Down As He Testifies About His Arrest: "I Felt Helpless".

An officer does not need probable cause to initiate an investigative stop. This type of pedestrian stop can be based on a very weak standard called "reasonable suspicion." Courts have defined reasonable suspicion as requiring an individualized (meaning specific as to whom), particularized (meaning specific as to what), articulable (meaning "just a hunch" doesn't cut it) suspicion that a person may be involved in, or about to be involved in, criminal activity of some kind.

In this case, if Wingate really was aggressively waving his golf club around, banging it on stop signs, and making the sort of threatening gestures that Whitlatch claims he was, she would have had reasonable suspicion to initiate a stop based on the belief that he might be up to various kinds of no good (reckless endangerment, harassment, property damage, etc.)

Practically speaking, the question of whether Wingate was really doing these things all comes down to the credibility of her word vs. his. Given that nobody else was reacting in alarm to Wingate, given that Whitlatch has contradicted herself - she thought he was threatening, but didn't initiate the stop right away and instead drove slowly around the block - and given that Whitlatch said he locked eyes with her in a menacing way while he was wearing large dark sunglasses, given Whitlatch's contemporaneous history of racially-charged cultural disparagement... All of this weighed against Wingate's apparently clear mind, harmless disposition, and consistent claims that he was minding his own business, looks very bad for Whitlatch and the constitutionality of the stop.
Oct 31, 2016 Eric Arrr commented on Homelessness Is a Growing Problem For People, Not For Cars.
Speaking as a guy who owns three cars, plus an unbuilt kit car, a note on climate impact: aspiring automobile hoarders like myself can still only drive one car at a time.