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1. A conservative who has just been arrested.

May 18 Eric Arrr commented on Update: Chris Cornell Death Ruled a Suicide.

From a clinical perspective, auto asphyxiation is suicide. Accidental, but still suicide.

If the coroner's report concluded suicide, intentional or otherwise, then they strangulation by another was ruled out by the absence of other injuries, which one would expect to occur in a struggle to prevent oneself from being strangled.
May 16 Eric Arrr commented on The Case Against Impeaching Trump.
President Hatch, and sooner than you think. Nostradamus out.
Apr 26 Eric Arrr commented on Formerly Homeless Man Sues Seattle Police Officer Who Punched Him in the Face.
One day without pay? Somebody tell me how that punch is anything less than plain criminal assault.
Apr 24 Eric Arrr commented on Married Couple Who Shot and Pepper Sprayed Milo Yiannopoulos Protestors Charged With Assault.

She'll be taken into custody following her arraignment, unless she makes bail, which at only $50k, she almost certainly will.

It's hard to argue that she needs to be taken into custody sooner. Since they originally turned themselves in and they have strong ties to the area and no priors, they are relatively low risks in terms of flight or further danger to the community.
Apr 24 Eric Arrr commented on Married Couple Who Shot and Pepper Sprayed Milo Yiannopoulos Protestors Charged With Assault.
@1, minimum sentence for Liz Hokoana if convicted would be 153 months (12.5 years), mostly because of the severity of the firearms modification. Sentence for Marc Hokoana if convicted ranges from 1-3 months. I don't think Marc is a good candidate for getting any breaks from the prosecution, given the bellicose shit he was saying in advance of the protest.

@9, the reason it's not attempted murder is, the premeditative comments were made by the shooter's spouse, and not by the shooter herself. You can be sure that if the prosecutors found any record of her expressing similar sentiments, they'd be charging her with attempted murder instead.
Apr 10 Eric Arrr commented on The Morning News: Uncle Ike's Owner Appears to Be Insensitive to the Racial History of the CD, What's Worse than Finding Bits of Rat in Your Salad?.
Uncle Ike's stands where it stands because the original language of I-502 prohibited MJ businesses from operating within a 1000' radius of schools, parks, and other places where children gather.

And - what a coincidence - the corner of 23rd & Union is one of the few high-traffic crossroads in this city which, for some straaaaange reason, family-oriented public works and investment never got within 1000 feet of.

Go figure, eh?
Apr 5 Eric Arrr commented on Why the Activist Shot While Protesting Milo Yiannopoulos Doesn't Want His Attacker to Go to Jail.

Sure, quote the Hokoana's attorneys' versions of events as if it's neutral.

What actually happened, if you were to actually watch the footage, is Marc Hokoana blasted an unidentified protester in the face with pepper spray, even though the guy was not engaging Marc in any way. Hex saw this, grabbed Marc's can of pepper spray, and tried to wrest it away from him. Liz Hokoana freaked out, and shot Hex.

The claim of "self defense" only works when 1. you weren't escalating other people's fights by wading in to pepper spray them, and 2. you're not resorting to deadly force against an unarmed person who's done nothing but tug at your precious can of pepper spray.
Apr 4 Eric Arrr commented on Let's All Watch Bertha Birth Together.

Technologically, I've always been a fan - Giant tunnel! Neat!

But as a transit solution, it just sucks. (Even if I do look enthusiastically forward to driving through it for the first time.) Costly, with a toll that's going to divert a lot of traffic onto city streets and I-5 anyway, and zero access to downtown. I mean, they couldn't even be bothered to put a bump-out somewhere under downtown for a bus stop.
Mar 31 Eric Arrr commented on Yesterday, Michael Flynn Asked For Immunity. Today the Question Is, Why?.

I'm mystified what Yates could possibly know about the Trump/Russia affair. She was a holdover from the Obama admin, whom I can't imagine the new administration trusting to read her in on anything hinky they might have been getting up to...

...excepting, of course, the front row seat she must have had for administration attempts to obstruct and/or shut down the DOJ investigation.
Mar 31 Eric Arrr commented on Yesterday, Michael Flynn Asked For Immunity. Today the Question Is, Why?.
Here is an extremely incisive explanation of the dynamics of Flynn's request for immunity:…